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  1. Right, like Georgia. Sorry, couldn't resist. Put me down for shrinking the DC footprint and including as many people as possible into neighboring states. Those blue votes would still add up and the people would participate in true representative democracy more than they do now.
  2. I'm never super satisfied by politicians at the national level but there is improvement happening re: COVID and that's a good thing. Good for all of us. I think I'll crack a beer. Please join me.
  3. 1. Insurrection 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. Profit!
  4. Yes, but we have not seen the final scene just yet. The series finale is next week. I'd say "stand by" but that phrase has been wrecked forever.
  5. U.S. says Capitol rioters meant to 'capture and assassinate' officials Wild.
  6. Possibly, if the narrative is clearly communicated that the intent is to disallow DJT's ability to hold office again. If only we had a narrator around here.
  7. The We're unified against sedition express is now boarding.
  8. Still, I welcome it if it leads to DJT being unable to hold office again. Anything that can ensure we avoid reliving the last 4 years and especially that last few months is welcome to me. Impeach, convict, and then put 2016-2020 in rear view with a foot pressed firmly on the gas pedal.
  9. I'm on the side of moving forward through the Senate with the result being disallowing Trump from serving ever again. My reasoning is equal parts inciting the behavior last week and also presenting the inflammatory lie of the stolen election for months/years in advance. I'd like the Senate trial to occur at a later date to give the new administration time to fill positions and begin policy implementation. Just letting him walk is dangerous. We must be unified in never allowing this behavior again by completing impeachment and Senate trial. There is real power in this approach. It checks
  10. Nothing is as bad as the big lie. The disgusting stolen election narrative and the non-stop falsehoods purposefully sowing doubt in our democracy (with deadly results) is about as low as an American President can go. Beyond sickening.
  11. Maybe if that snowball was given a thick coat of asbestos. I guess we might find out tomorrow.
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