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  1. GPP folks - the Bills just lost their entire TE room (including practice squad) to covid with the exception of Tyler Kroft who is priced @ minimum. Same game, if you want to punt on defense, the Jets are only $3k and as much as I love my Bills, they will cough up a few points to the opposing D.
  2. Has the name Mr Wizard been suggested for Justin Herbert? Old people should get it, young people probably not. Either way, I’m starting if it hasn’t been.
  3. I’ve got Brady, Michel, Burkhead, Edelman, Hogan, Patterson and Dorsett. Unfortunately for me, I went all in on the Saints being the NFC representative. 7 Pats for me, could be a respectable finish but nothing to jump up and down about.
  4. I see the reactions but no one said the name - who got hurt???
  5. I played in 9 bestballs at ffpc and won 4. A big key was finding situations with backup RBs who could go big. Le’veon Bell’s situation, for one - I made sure to grab Conner when it was all just rumor and threats. But also guys like Elijah McGuire and Tarik Cohen... both had explosive potentials but Cohen was (allegedly) blocked and McGuire was out for half the season. Also guys like Ingram and Aaron Jones who were somewhat devalued by suspension. Getting several of these players later in the draft allowed me to bulk up at other positions, and while they weren’t necessarily consistent, in t
  6. Playing Anderson over Mike Evans... obviously not apples to apples but Anderson tore it up down the stretch last year
  7. Jene Bramel just tweeted that he’s looking closer to doubtful about 10 minutes ago
  8. Anyone running Reynolds out against a beat up Philly pass D? Given injuries, craptastic matchups and the need to hit one out of the park, I'm thinking about starting Reynolds over Lockett who is likely to draw Sherman and Mike Evans who is likely to shrink on the road against a good pass D. Anyone else pressing Reynolds into action?
  9. Andy, you gotta watch the alternate view, she absolutely goes face first into the wall.
  10. What does that have to do with anything? The point remains that she went face first into the wall and then was staggered when she tried to get up after.
  11. I'm not sure how everyone is missing the injury to the woman. When he pushes the man into the woman, she goes face first into the corner of the hallway/doorway and when she tries to get up, she is clearly staggered and then goes back down, where he then adds in his little kick. The woman appears to me to take a significant blow when you watch the "alternative view".
  12. I know my Bills, they're in full turtle mode
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