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  1. Finally got a proper butt kicking after losing three games in a row by a combined 2.5 points.
  2. Need one flex in PPR league. I'm leaning towards Mark Andrews at this point. My options are: Marlon Mack, RB, IND Robby Anderson, WR, NYJ Darius Slayton, WR, NYG Mark Andrews, TE, BAL Sammy Watkins, WR, KCC. Current starting line-up (This is a dynasty league): Lamarr Jackson (QB), Saquon Barkley (RB), Chris Carson (RB), Deandre Hopkins (WR), Michael Thomas (WR), George Kittle (TE).
  3. Any news on why Sternberger has been a healthy scratch?
  4. My best team and best teams I see have one thing in common. They are all very active with weekly (and sometimes daily) ww pick-ups and multiple trade offers. Not necessarily successful trades, but constantly assessing the market for their guys and the guys they want as well as draft picks. I rarely see a successful team that lets all the trade offers come to them or makes very few ww moves.
  5. There has been talk for years about Portland having two guards 6'3" as a serious limitation. No better series to illustrate that than this one. If they roll into the next regular season with both those guys starting, it will be more disappointment in the playoffs.
  6. This is from a ppr dynasty that's going on 11 years. Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker, Chris Johnson led me to early success but had a lull as I had traded into 1.01 for several drafts in a row that ended up busting then sat at the middle of the pack and had to rebuild last year. Only one player from last years squad (Thomas) was a key contributor this year, which ended in championship when the best team laid an egg in week 15. I included how I got the guys. QB: Jackson (BAL)(D)/Stafford (D)/Darnold (FA) RB: Barkley (D), Mack, (D) Johnson (DET) (D), Carson (FA), Breida (FA) WR: Hopkins (T), Michael Thomas (D), Watkins (D), R. Anderson (T), Sterling Shephard (D), Moncreif (FA), James Washington (D) TE: Kittle (FA), Andrews (D), Herndon (FA) I sold quite a bit to get Hopkins mid year to make a run despite some weak QBs (Mixon, DJ Moore, 2019 1st rounder) which took me from middle of pack to contender. Jackson's top 10 numbers at the end of the season saved my bacon. I'm looking to strengthen QB, but QB deals are really hard in this league because people value them like it's 6pt/TD when we only award 4.
  7. I'd have bought Dany's heel turn a lot better without the bells chiming. That's the part that really galls me. I'm fine, creatively, with her getting lost in a power vortex as she flambes a city, but the conscious decision to press on despite surrender is where I have an issue. Like, maybe have one of the city defenders head to the bell to ring it but Grey Worm or someone with a huge ax to grind impales him first. Though having John Snow mistake the would be bell ringers intentions before killing him that feels more on brand than anything.
  8. I've seen a lot of buzz that both Martin and HBO wanted 10 full seasons but that the showrunners want to move on to other projects so are jamming everything into this season. I haven't seen a link to support this but everything I've seen points to the showrunners wanting to wrap this up, not the network.
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