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  1. Two questions.... One, is Cruikshank a safe play this week? Two, any insight on the LB situation going into Monday night? I'm assuming Long is a must start (or at least safe start), but haven't seen any update on Evans since Sunday. What's the likelihood that he plays this week, and/or is the Williamson signing an indicator that he's going to be out? My LB's are a complete mess this week, and I have a large share of Brown/Evans/Long (and even Landry in a couple of leagues), so the fact that they play on MNF this week is making things dicey, to say the least. Between byes and other guys going to IR, I've gone from 6-7 solid options to trying to scrap together three viable starters. If Evans is unlikely to play, I may have to resort to extreme measures. If he's likely to suit up, however, I may just take my chances.
  2. True. That said, the Jags may have more fans in London than in Jacksonville. 🤣
  3. I spent $607 ($1000 annual budget) on Toney, and the next highest bid was $77. Oof. Needless to say, a little disappointed that I overbid by more than half of my budget. On the other hand, other than C. Patterson, I think Toney is the most dynamic WR waiver add this year, with tons of upside. And, my $$ wasn't doing any good not being spent. I'm actually pretty surprised that nobody else bid more, considering some of the other bids in previous weeks.... Week 2 - Elijah Mitchell $437 Week 3 - C Patterson $509 Week 4 - C Hubbard $491 Week 5 - Dawson Knox $175 and Randy Bullock $200... That has to have been some sort of fat-finger mistake. 😲🤣
  4. Yeah, I believe you would take a short (short of dropping Kittle, obviously). It makes it tricky with players playing on MNF, or even just in the late(r) games on Sunday. If I have a player who is legitimately questionable playing in a late game, I'm most likely not putting that player in my lineup unless I have another late player as a backup plan. If it's a TE or QB, though, that's pretty tough to do.
  5. On top of that, I seem to remember that the London fans (not all, but a lot) tend to pull for Jacksonville because they have seen them a bunch. I don't have the numbers, but doesn't JAC play in London basically every year? If there is any team that has an "almost homefield advantage" in London, it's them. I'm actually going the other way, and considering the JAC defense. My only other viable option is LVR @ DEN.
  6. I think most sites are that way, with the rationale being that you shouldn't be able to drop a player who has played for the week because it gives you the advantage of having seen them play. It's not so much whether or not they were in your lineup, it's that they had the opportunity to be in your lineup. Being able to drop that player and pick up another is almost like having an additional roster spot. That said, I have heard of leagues where you can do such drops, but I think they're in the minority, so to speak. It might be a thing on Yahoo.... not sure.
  7. In most of my leagues, I've survived so far with some combination of NE, MIA, IND, etc. However, in one, I only have NE rostered, and my other options are not necessarily appealing.... JAC vs MIA (London) DET vs CIN WAS vs KC SEA @ PIT LVR @ DEN I'm actually liking Jacksonville in London, but by a narrow margin. The London games are usually surprising, in the sense that one team comes out on fire. Last week, it was ATL. Of the two this week, I honestly see the Jaguars being the more likely of the two to shock the world. And, I'm not so sure Trevor Lawrence is any more likely to make a bad mistake (pick six, etc.) than Brissett is. My other thought is to simply pick the team I think might get the most sacks, since none of the above are necessarily dominating defenses, and I'm in a position where I'll gladly take whatever points I can get. Am I crazy for thinking that the Raiders might come out highly motivated, and Crosby and company wreaks total havoc on Teddy B and the Broncos? Do any of those five stand out as being the clear choice to anybody?
  8. Yep. I've got him stashed on a couple of taxi squads for that exact reason.
  9. I would definitely temper expectations beyond this year, as he's certainly no lock to do anything long-term. That said, it doesn't seem like TEN is thrilled with their LB situation, particularly Evans (it seems like he's as good as gone after this year). Combine that with Brown's injuries, and Long COULD be more than just a short-term fantasy fix. Worst case, you get a few games out of him. Best case, he ends up playing more than the others because one or the other is out.
  10. Agreed. He's not taking Campbell's snaps. I'm not even sure he's taking Barnes' snaps.
  11. A couple of updates on the guys I mentioned above.... Darious Williams suffered a significant ankle injury, and is out indefinitely (may go to IR). Trevathan is back, but Ogletree still managed a decent game this week. Just be cautious with him going forward. Also, in WAS, Jamin Davis does not appear to be the benefactor of Jon Bostic's injury. WAS played a lot of 3CB/3S snaps with Holcomb being the only real 3-down LB.
  12. Anybody have any insight as to what happened to Eric Wilson in PHI? His snap count dropped by more than 50% this week, but I don't see any mention of injury.
  13. Same here. Feels like one of those short windows of opportunity missed. But, who knows... maybe he'll be relevant for a few more weeks. To make matters worse, I benched Kevin Byard (and his 30+ points) in two leagues. 😫
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