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  1. Man, I've seen some bad accidents over the years (mostly on video, but one in particular in person), but that may be the worst I've seen. Just the worst combination of circumstances. Bad weather, an area that typically doesn't see said weather regularly, and agencies involved that were already stretched thin due to Covid. It is amazing that they got everyone out of there as quickly as they did. Unfortunately, I also read that it's possible that the road wasn't treated properly (for the incoming weather) due to the agency that would normally do so being short-staffed. Salted, sanded, or wh
  2. I'm probably nothing more than a weekend golfer myself, but I've played more golf since Covid hit than any other time in the past 20 years. In the last year, I've played about a dozen courses in CA, and another half-dozen in MN/WI, and I've noticed two trends across the board.... One, there are definitely far fewer yardage markers on most courses than there were 3-5 years ago. I grew up playing courses that, at the very least, had the 150 marked on both sides of the fairway... with a post, painted rock, etc. And, a lot of the courses, particularly the nicer ones, would have sprinklers with
  3. Exactly. All these people bashing Stafford are either clueless or haven't been paying attention. As a lifelong MIN fan, I'm glad to see him gone. Detroit will undoubtedly be worse without him, and the Rams will no doubt be better. There isn't a tougher QB (maybe not a tougher player period) in the NFL. I'm happy that he'll finally get a chance to play somewhere where he can actually stand a chance at winning something.
  4. Bizarre play. Can you sustain a concussion without any blow to the head? The way his head was bent forward, with the defender's arm pressed against his neck/throat area, it almost looked like he lost consciousness due to loss of bloodflow to his head (like a fighter getting choked out). And, if that was the case, does that warrant the concussion protocol? Not saying he should be allowed to play. Just thinking out loud. Either way, things just got super interesting.
  5. Yes you did. Not the MSU I’m used to seeing. Usually, they are the team finding a way to win, even when they maybe don’t shoot it well, or play that well. Tonight was the other way around. Not sure if MIN is good, or they’re that bad.... probably a combination of both. It’s still relatively early.... As for MIN, I’m encouraged by the improvements I’ve seen so far this year. They are significantly better than they were a month ago, barely beating the likes of BC and LMU. This conference stretch is going to be fun to watch. Probably agonizing at times, as well, but a lot of fun.
  6. Well, #21 it is. We'll see what happens.... hopefully, it doesn't lessen the chip on their shoulder, so to speak. Should be an interesting next couple of weeks, and rest of the B10 season, for that matter. One thing is for sure.... Michigan State is going to be ready to go this evening, coming off a couple of losses.
  7. I'm cautiously optomistic that the missing guys at WR will have a positive effect on Hunt's usage. That said, I agree that it's highly unlikely that Hunt splits out as a WR for a good chunk of this game. The NFL is "next man up" in these situations, and most of the time, next man up doesn't involve playing players out of position. When SF was missing basically their entire offense earlier this year, Richie James went for 9/184/1 out of nowhere. The guy has caught 11 passes the rest of the season in total. Somebody else will step up at WR for CLE today, assuming they even need that to happ
  8. I went with Gesicki over Fant. Went back and forth, and eventually came to the conclusion that Gesicki's last three games played have been very good (at least a TD in each), while Fant's best games have been more spread out/sporadic. Hoping that means Gesicki and Tua have something special that will extend into tonight. Also hoping that it doesn't matter, at the end of the day, since I had Kamara get me a pretty big lead (but, I also had Brees). Ugh.... I have a love/hate relationship with Week 16.
  9. Wasn’t disagreeing necessarily. I’d just rather not see them ranked (yet). I think being ranked at this point in the season could do them more harm than good.
  10. I hope not. Don’t want to see it get to their heads. It was a nice win. Let’s see them win another couple of these next five against ranked opponents. If they can do that, then a national ranking MIGHT be warranted. As it stands now, they’ve got one good win, and a bunch of others that were expected wins.
  11. I've got Fant, Gronk, and Gesicki. Gronk is the most likely of the three to disappear, in my opinion. If Gesicki plays, I'll have a tough choice between him and Fant. Still leaning Fant I think. If Gesicki is out, it's going to be an easy decision, obviously.
  12. That was ridiculous. Neither guy “threw a punch.” 😂
  13. I think it's an unusual week in that there are two extremes, but not much in the middle. In other words, there are guys that are "must add's" but probably already rostered, and then there are deep reach type of adds (fliers or speculative adds, basically). But, there really aren't any "must add's" that have revealed themselves this week (or the past couple of weeks, for that matter). My list was admittedly mostly the former.... either deep stash guys (or guys to grab if you're desperate), or guys who are probably gone in most formats, but grab them if they are not.
  14. My bad. Wrong Allen. And, you may be right. I guess it depends on what size league. They both ended up with better stat lines than I expected, but it's also just one week.
  15. I'll give it a shot (obviously these are dependent on league size, scoring, etc.)..... RB Obvious adds - Ekeler, Mostert, Gallman Latavius Murray - In leagues where I own both Kamara and Murray, I'm actually debating who is the better play with Hill under center. That might be a bit of an overreaction, but the numbers don't lie. With Hill starting the past two weeks, Murray has not only outcarred Kamara (31 to 24), he's got just as many targets in the passing game (3 each). This is a concerning trend, to say the least, for Kamara owners. That said, this is not the time of ye
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