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  1. Yea I mean it’s not breaking bad and it’s not meant to be.
  2. I told somebody reading comp wasn’t their highest SAT category. Blistering stuff.
  3. No, it’s in the East. You can win that division once every 8-10 years. I doubt Arkansas wins their division in any of our lifetimes again.
  4. I mean making fun of a guy for having to hustle to make ends meet while he was being underpaid in the minors is pretty lame, yea. Especially considering 95% of their fan base is probably in the same financial position.
  5. I loved Yankees fans chanting/making fun of the twins pitcher for driving an Uber...as he pitched in the game they were watching....in the playoffs. Total morons.
  6. I don’t disagree. It was a misstep for sure. edit: Lebron speaking out about politics could certainly hurt his bank account here too. Look at all the people saying they won’t buy his shoes etc. So I’m not defending him but it isn’t black and white either.
  7. I agree. Not the best, I wouldn’t say that. Also, sorry for being a tool. I’ve tried to be nicer but sometimes it still comes out. I’ve been around here too long (deep sigh) and am too old to be getting in arguments. I have a kid for god’s sake, have to make sure he never finds this place before the diabetes gets me. /group hug
  8. let’s just chalk all this up to us all being people who like to argue too much. Lol. I think it is reasonable for everybody to have a different opinion on what he really does without any of us really knowing what he does.
  9. What were they worried about? As somebody who has now been to the big house multiple times, it’s not uhhh...hostile. I had a joke here to add but I guess we can’t do that.
  10. Definitely agree. Having to go Toronto/Boston in rd 1 and 2 is a tough march. I still think they’ll win the division but it will come down to the final games. They also played 6/7 on the road to start the year so pretty good start all things considered I guess.
  11. If LeBron just came out and said I agree with Morey’s comments but I wish he would have saved it for when all the teams were out of the country I doubt there would have been any blowback.
  12. I think I jumped in on the he wasn’t an entrepreneur part, which is an extremely dumb sentence to write out. I definitely did not agree with his comments about Morey. Although after reading the ESPN article I can see how being over there ended up making everybody involved nervous.
  13. I know. What he said back here was probably a low for him. I don’t think anybody had defended the text of his actual comments. I thought we were just talking his business skills lol
  14. The players were in China because they had to be. It wasn’t a summer tour where individuals go to peddle their sneakers. I don’t know what your point is here. The CBA mandates the teams and players follow the schedule outlined for them.
  15. Lol no. His comments when back in the states were wrong. I can see why he was annoyed because of the situation it put everybody in, but he still didn’t handle that well.
  16. I don’t disagree. I probably wouldn’t expect that while being potentially held up in China but he could have when he returned to the states.
  17. It is LeBron’s fault he didn’t know that Morey was going to send that tweet out and therefore he didn’t pay attention to the consequences of playing in NBA-mandated games in China? Wut
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