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  1. 20 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    But it's too late, damage done. 

    If I'm coaching Philly I start figuring out how many we can take out with our worst roster players...ENFORCERS like the NHL. There is no recourse or anything after this game that will make things better, you either enforce some vigilante justice here or you go home with your tail between your leagues. 

    Jesus Christ, this fan bas hit Santa Clause with D-Cell Batteries back in the day. Storm the field, don't allow the game to continue, do something PHILLY!!! Attack Attack Attack 


    Execute Order 66?

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    On to Week 6

    I'm taking the Patriots.

    However, I'm trying to help someone that I help every week and we've already used the Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys, Chargers, & Eagles.  I can't find a team I like for them to pick that's left.

    Maybe Chiefs.  Maybe Saints.


  3. This quote in the SI article (https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/09/16/antonio-brown-new-england-patriots-lawsuits-accusations-sexual-midconduct-assault) perfectly describes Antonio Brown: 


    Says James W. Smith III, Tedeschi’s attorney: “You’ll start to see a pattern where Antonio lures people in initially, and at first he appears to be very gregarious and appreciative of whatever service he’s seeking, and then at some point when the bill is due he creates division or confrontation in an effort to avoid having to meet his financial obligation. . . . It’s an unfortunate pattern of entitlement and narcissism.”

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  4. Told you all take Dalvin Cook at 1.05.  If you didn't you may have missed him in round 2.  Not worth that risk.  All you had to do was know the new Minnesota system/offensive-philosophy, Dalvin Cook's ability and the fact he's healthy this year.  Boom!  He's on my team.  Auction draft, paid up to get him and it was close to what Zeke goes for.  (Zeke was kept).  I kept Saquon who I paid a lot for in last year's auction draft and people questioned me on that. 

  5. On 8/25/2019 at 9:34 PM, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    WR3 in the mid-6th with a huge run of WEs before him? I don’t mind the gamble. 

    I got Lockett one pick before & like that way more, and Mike Williams went 2 picks after & I like him better too. 

    But overall not a terrible pick. :shrug:

    I agree with you there, I'm looking for Lockett, if not him Mike Williams and if not him it's between DJ Moore and Josh Gordon and might just go with Gordon if that's the case.

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  6. 9 hours ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

    You putting more emphasis on RBs doesn’t mean ADP is wrong. 

    ADP is neither right nor wrong. It is ADP. It is...what it is. 😳

    players are drafted in 10s, 100s, or 1000s of leagues for a given timeframe. 

    The average place those players are taken = ADP.

    how can it be “wrong”?  It’s the average. 


    I didn't mean it like that.  I mean you can draft a better team if you don't get overly influenced on ADP on a few handful of players.  Trust me, I understand it and how to draft a great team year after year, you just dissect my words more than is necessary, or I'm not conveying it as I mean to.

  7. 11 hours ago, Tanner9919 said:

    Cook at 1.05 is a 'reach'. figuring that the top 4 of Barkley, McCaffery, Kamara, Zeke go 1-4, you're in the drivers seat to pick the best WR available. you go D. Hopkins. Cook might be the guy this season who finally puts it all together and wows everyone , posting the 2nd best rushing numbers behind Barkley, etc. but Cook is a mid 2nd round pick, I don't think people view him as rock-solid as you do. you'll get him in the 2nd round. after pick 5, there's a flurry or WRs flying off  board. for maybe 10 picks it'll be WRs and Joe Mixon splashed in there.and Nick Chubb.

    I get where you're going with Cook thee's a chance he's incredibly good this season but a 1.05 pick on that 'potential' doesn't make sense. Hopkins is a steady performer year in year out.  

    ADP and the consensus is wrong.  I'd argue that Cook, Chubb, Mixon, Gurley, Fournette should all go first round.  Carson and Kerryon should go early 2nd round.  Freeman should go in the 2nd round.  I guess I put more emphasis on running backs.

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  8. I'm not surprised and that's why Josh Gordon is on my fantasy football roster.  This has been done before, Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, and Ricky Williams all had year or years off and came back and played at elite levels.  Keenan Allen missed over a year and came back strong this year too.  Josh Gordon did put up stats in limited pre-season action in 2016.

  9. A QB that they traded for, Cassel, a few weeks after Michael is about to start after the bye week. Just a few short weeks after being traded for, at QB. The most important position and hardest position to learn the playbook.

    At some point, Michael fans need to realize something is wrong. Immaturity, can't remember a playbook, something. He is definitely talented, but something else is missing. Plenty of talented guys that whiff out in the NFL.

    Cassel isn't taking over for Weeden. Not yet anyway.

    Yes he is. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/13881009/matt-cassel-start-qb-dallas-cowboys-bye-week

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