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  1. I think this is the right thread for this comment. If we can argue opening the country up, even though lives will be lost, then we can apply the same concept when determining any gun bans. If the economics out way the deaths, then it should be simple. Guns, ammo, hunting accessories, licenses, etc is a roughly a $50-100 billion industry.
  2. I had a response typed out 40 days ago, but when I went to post, it was delayed due to suspension. Yep, 40 days for posting the comparison between life and economy. Like Moses, I've returned from the desert (or my garden) after wandering for 40 days and 40 nights. My response was that you haven't been reading my comments. I'm retired. I can live comfortably the rest of my life on a 4% return. Which means that my goal is to preserve what I have, not hit home runs. I posted early on that I moved to cash at the end of January. The goal was/is to DCA back in very slowly. I don't care if the market goes up or down. I care about the bottom line. Other posters have said the same thing in the last 40 days. Even @Todem was thinking we could retest March lows. I didn't see anyone questioning his motives. It took very little risk to achieve 4% YTD. TL:DR. Not everyone has the same investment strategy or need.
  3. I'm happy with the balance I've struck. There were probably more conversations that you didn't even get to see.
  4. I hope all of you keep this in mind when there is a mass shooting. Saving a few lives at the cost of gun sales, hunting licenses, and other economic factors is not worth it. A life is a life. BTW. Still sitting at 85% cash/bonds. My gut says we find a new bottom in the next year. Without a vaccine, we will just see number fluctuate. China is starting to see a pockets of outbreaks. Seeing that one region of 600k was put under lock down today. How anyone expects a place like NY to keep this under control without a vaccine is delusional. There is no alternative to subways and the vertical lifestyle there. And they are just 1 example.
  5. You posted this in the PSF and the FFA, why not the Shark Pool? FYI, title of the Bears thread today - ***Chicago Bears Thread*** GM is an idiot. Stupid is as stupid does If someone created a thread in the PSF - ***Current Administration Thread***. Trump is an idiot. Stupid is as stupid does. The thread would be altered, locked or removed. And the poster possibly banned. Have a Good Friday.
  6. I am chilled out. Not angry at all. You have an issue with what I'm posting. Not the other way around. This actually made me chuckle. Have things really changed here with all that is going on in the world? The PSF is still the same. As to trashing mods? I'm just pointing out things that I saw coming years ago. It's all truths. Sometimes that hurts. As to the rest. People shouldn't ask questions they don't want answers to. I haven't posted much in the last few months. As soon as I do, people immediately post "I thought you left, why are you posting?" What are their priorities? Maybe they are looking for a fight. This is another one of those hypocritical things I like to point out. Best of luck to you too.
  7. 1 - Does everyone that posts here feel welcome? Do posters and moderators make everyone feel welcome? 2 - It's not my job to help you understand. 3 - If you have an issue, perhaps you should find another board. As I mentioned, I'm here to follow up on previous conversations. Think of it as saying "I told you so". It has nothing to do with feeling welcome. Again, 17k posts in 10 years. If people can take jabs at me in my absence, then I can stop in once in a while to point out inaccuracies.
  8. Three months ago, I would have said that 300 rounds per gun was an acceptable amount. Today, I think that number is much, much higher. perhaps 1000 rounds per gun. That also would depend on the gun. A single shot or revolver would go through less rounds. Where a semi automatic would go through more. The same way Vietnam soldiers fired more rounds than WWI soldiers. We don't know what the next 6 months hold. Remember the conversations a few years ago about the impossible task of standing up against our mighty military? That same military could get decimated by an invisible virus. Could that weakness leave us susceptible to attacks from other countries? Maybe. If that happened, how much ammo would you want? The other scenario is the deterioration of police forces across the country. We are starting to see it in NY. We could see pockets of civil unrest as things progressively get worse. If there is no police to protect you, and a percent of the population is without basic necessities because their $1200 stimulus check didn't go far enough, how much ammo would you want?
  9. Not at all. I've just adjusted my posting style as asked. Does everyone who posts on FBG's do so in a helpful manner? I doubt it. I'll leave you with another of my wonderful analogies. FBG's and I have had a divorce. Previously we lived in the same house. I now live in a different house, so I no longer do maintenance on the house that FBG's lives in. That was a result of the divorce. Some of you and other posters are shared friends. We still see each other on occasion, but some of you have chosen to take FBG's side. So, why would I help you with your home projects? You can't have it both ways.
  10. I guess we are seeing why some people stockpile ammo. With some stores being deemed non essential, gun owners are finding it difficult to buy any ammo. Much less stockpile it. The 2nd Amendment is going to get a boost once we get past this pandemic.
  11. I posted lot's of helpful things on this "fine" message board over the last 10 years. In return, I was told "I should find another board to post on". Were you disheartened by that comment? I guess not. So, I've taken that advice and now post helpful things on other fine message boards. You can't have it both ways. Sorry that's hard for you to understand.
  12. Link? I said I found a new board to post. I have 17k posts here in 10 years. I've had less than 10 in the last few months. In case you don't understand the math, that means I'm not posting here as much as I have in the past. Is the board better for it? Maybe. I'm not here to share things to help others. An example would be my thoughts on the coronavirus in mid January. If I was contributing to the board, I would have posted that I moved my money out of the market months ago. I drop in from time to time to point out the hypocrisy of the moderation and the idiocies of opinions on things like gun ownership and hoarding ammo. We are living the reasons why we are the country that we are. Sorry to disappoint you. I'm still alive and kicking.
  13. Sorry you see it this way. I believe you are wrong. You don't have to be psychic to figure it out. You have this weird expectation of people here. It's either too much or too little. The impossible Goldilocks where nothing is "just right".
  14. The problem with the bolded is that Joe wants people to help moderate. Except when they moderate too much. Then he wants them to shut up. He wants an impossible balance and takes it out on posters when it doesn't work. You're not paying attention. My post wasn't about aliases. It as about poor moderation and expectations by Joe.
  15. Isn't ignoring known aliases being coy? Your moderators know who the aliases are. It's not an difficult to see someone show up with a 1 or 2 post count and immediately reference a long standing personal joke.
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