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  1. Time for "Would You Rather?" Would you rather have Trubisky or.... Marcus Mariota? Tyrod Taylor? Phillip Rivers? Eli Manning? Nick Foles? Jameis Winston? Case Keenum? AJ McCarron? Teddy Bridgewater? Josh McCown? Ryan Tannehill? Alex Smith? Cam Newton? Chase Daniel? There are probably a few more, but these are the ones that come to mind.
  2. Looks like the Bears should sign Driscoll during the off season.
  3. I spent a little time looking at QB's and where they were drafted. Even those that were acquired either through trade or free agency. This Wiki page is a good start I didn't do the full analysis, but most Superbowl QB's (winners or losers) were acquired through the draft. Notables that didn't, Foles, was drafted by Philly, but spent time with other teams before returning to Philly. Manning (Denver), cut by Indy. But only because Indy drafted Luck. Dilfer (Baltimore), drafted by TB. Kurt Warner (St Louis and Arizona) Hasselbeck (Seattle) drafted by GB. It
  4. The team is still trying to win. If Haskin can show improvement and the team wins, then it will erase that lack of confidence. Fans, players and coaches don't care how the player gets there. They just want to win.
  5. I guess we disagree on whether or not Bridgewater is a long term answer that includes multiple trips deep into the playoffs. That will also come at a high cost that is more difficult to overcome if he fails. Whereas a rookie QB doesn't hamstring the rest of your roster from a salary standpoint. I guess I see many of these veteran options as settling for just okay. I'm tired of watching the Packers have superstars at the QB position for decades at a time. Those just aren't found very often through free agency. They are found every year in the draft.
  6. Not sure what you mean? Haskins is going to get his shot the rest of the season. At this point, the jury is still out. Before you say, it's not. Nobody would have said that Minshew, or Brissett, or Allen would have had the success they've had. Until they got their shot. Even Bridgewater falls into this category.
  7. Then he shouldn't be on the roster. You've backed yourself into a corner by wanting Bridgewater. He hasn't done anything since the last few years (I know, he was injured). But, stepping in an winning with the Saints is much different from leading the Bears. Coaching and O line are not even close to the same.
  8. I don't have anything to back it up, but my gut tells me Teddy regresses after he gets his payday. There always seems to be a 2nd round QB that outplays his draft position. How many 1st rounders are there going to be this year? How many teams are needing a QB? Cincinnati Miami Tennessee Tampa Bay Indy?
  9. They aren't good at signing QB's either. At least with drafting a QB, you don't have to pay them huge money until you know what you've got. Paying Teddy or Andy $20 mil a year for 3-4 years (with some guaranteed money) makes it difficult to add other players.
  10. I don't want to sign Bridgewater or Dalton, unless you can get them on a one year deal. I don't want either of them on a long term contract. Do the same thing they did prior to Trubisky. Bring in a veteran short term, and find a qb in the draft.
  11. At least the Packers are getting thumped by the Chargers. I'm a glass half full kind of guy.
  12. Agreed Foles was 3rd rounder. Brissett was a 3rd rounder. Jimmy G was a 2nd rounder. Kirk Cousins was a 4th rounder. Case Keenum was undrafted. Ryan Fitzpatrick was a 7th rounder. We know Brady was a 7th rounder. These are just some of the starting QB's in this league this year that are playing better than Trubisky. (sans Foles and Keenum) We can find a starting QB in later rounds.
  13. No more of a lottery than the Bears history of taking QB in the first round. My point was that we dont need a 1st round pick to find a QB. Other teams have done it. Well, if you have good scouts and a good gm.
  14. Look around the league. You don't need to take a QB with a first or even a second round pick. Plenty of guys starting (and winning) that were taken later.
  15. I said years ago that we need to concentrate on the offensive line and quarterback in every draft and free agency. You only need to look at the Packers to see how it's done. They have what seems like a constant revolving door at other positions, but their offensive line is always able to give Rodgers time to find an open mediocre receiver. Keep adding linemen until you have depth to weather the inevitable injuries. A mediocre QB that is allowed to stand in the pocket for 7-10 seconds will have a much better chance at success. It doesn't take a 1st round pick to find a pro bowl QB. Teams
  16. This. The organization owns this. Did they not want to pay for the extra per diem?
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