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  1. Lockett doesn't miss games, but once the injury seal is broken, his level of play drops off, hence the weak second halves the last two years. the other hope here is that Shane Waldron coming over to coordinate the offense could signal more 11 personnel. thanks for checking it out!
  2. Possibly but Hooper’s 2020 is a floor for him given the uncertainty of free agency. He could always end up somewhere with a low wattage or more crowded passing game. If the Chargers sign him long term that’s probably a win for Aaron but Henry didn’t have a high weekly ceiling last year even though Ekeler was out for a good part of the year
  3. Sorry I’m here - I’m fine with waiting til 16, but if y’all don’t want to wait I’ll take Kittle
  4. Hey Folks! I'm trying something new moving this over to a new platform called Opiner Please submit your question here
  5. Thanks for the questions sorry i couldnt get to everything this week, good luck and most of all enjoy the games!!
  6. because you are good at so many other things and no one gets to be good at everything
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