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  1. Jon, I think once said you had a law degree. Can you remind me where from, when you graduated and what your area of law expertise you practice currently?
  2. So, in your opinion, he gets found guilty for underage in possession of a firearm and that's all? Do you think any other charges stick?
  3. Yeah it was. And now, the same sort of folks are going after the insurrectionists.
  4. Can we at least get them some My Pillow Guy's pillows?
  5. The internet sleuths working on finding the mostly peaceful protestors who were beckoned by capitol police to enter the building and encouraged to snap selfies at Nancy Pelosi's desk remind me of the folks who were featured in "Don't F@#* With Cats" on Netflix. I don't think this is going to end well for some of these mild mannered and well behaved freedom fighters.
  6. Should have used a LOT more of it between 2011-2014......
  7. Fun fact: Did you know that squirrel's teeth never stop growing? They live in a perpetual state of teething and it's why they can be such ##### at times.
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