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  1. For Chemical Italian.... 21.14 Mike Soroka - SP - ATL 22.01 Jeimer Candelario - 1B/3B - DET
  2. Wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to create a GME/AMC/Reddit STONKS thread like we did for CYDY. IMHO.
  3. Agreed. In fact, I blame this book for rampant drug use today. If the character never succumbed to the peer pressure and held firm at "no" we'd no doubt be living in a drug free utopia today.
  4. Well, yeah. I mean, the while team is moving to Portland soon, so.....
  6. Just when I'm done and I'm too lazy to use a sponge and water to clean it before putting it in the dishwasher. Peanut butter is a tricky animal. I should know better by now. I'm like in a fog currently.
  7. Whoops. Sorry. I am a little stoned this morning. Baking Bad until 1am last night and I liked the spoon clean thinking "how much THC could possibly be on this thing". 19.13 David Price - SP - LAD
  8. I should just hire Rene to run my closer position each summer. That guy is gold.
  9. It was a gamble. I know it was super super early, but I drafted a young pup named Acuna in the 10th round in 2018 and he had a great season once he was called up. Different players and different teams (Braves sucked then IIRC) but maybe he makes the team or gets called up in June and is great. I know this: Of the 30 or so 'closers' who have been drafted thus far, 50% of them will not be closers by Sept. Bet on that. At least with Franco I have something to look forward to. Maybe. I suck every year in this thing. Might as well keep the trend alive.
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