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  1. Here's a confirmed case of voter fraud and you'll never guess who he voted for! DENVER (AP) — A Colorado man suspected in the death of his wife who disappeared on Mother’s Day 2020 is also accused of submitting a fraudulent vote on her behalf for Donald Trump in November’s presidential election, newly released court documents show. Barry Morphew told investigators he mailed the ballot on behalf of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, to help Trump win, saying “all these other guys are cheating,” and that he thought his wife would have voted for Trump anyway, according to an arrest warrant affi
  2. Not liking this permanent ban for WetDream.
  3. Huh, now see I was told in here and other places that Donald did NOT egg them on, so.......huh.
  4. Cleaning it up as the original Brietbart News story had R-rated words in there.
  5. Awwwww, poor widdle proud boys go betrayed by their fearless little leader......all that cosplay, dressing up as army men for nothing! Dang.
  6. Not really. I had yesterday pegged entirely wrong. But, let's finish Friday green, yo!
  7. I helped rescue some baby ducks out of a storm drain this morning. Momma duck was in distress when I drove by, figured her little babies fell through the grates so I called the cops and we got them out safely. Figured that sort of good karma would fuel a nice green day for me. Eat a giant bag of dildos, karma.
  8. Saw them in the Gorge in '97 but was tripping balls and memories are fuzzy. Hoping to get a clearer memory from this one. Man, it's nice to be able to see concerts again! Wife is going with me - got a sitter for an overnight with the kids.
  9. This is their attempt to throw the 'peaceful protests' of this summer back in the left's face. They know what happened on Jan 6th but it's a game - the left refuses to address the violence of the protests in the cities so the right will return fire so the left can feel their frustration. It's childish but this is politics today. Don't let it rile you up; that's the intended goal.
  10. We open red again tomorrow, much agony will follow, woeful posts in here but by the time the east coast crowd starts eating Ramen for lunch because 3-Martini lunches are no longer in the budget, stocks will reverse course and finish green. Friday will be a bigly up day and we'll all go into the weekend feeling like Judge Smails.
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