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  1. The only lead we have is they phoned a friend to report a creepy guy and considered moving sites. We have nothing else. It's been a month. Were they sexually assaulted? Robbed? Just seems strange to me considering where it happened and who it happened to.
  2. Very true. She is the only missing person in this country right now, so definitely needs to be the dominant headline.
  3. Mostly the former. There's a Washington Post headline asking the same question but it's behind a paywall.
  4. Just find it bizarre that an unsolved double murder in a place where murder is virtually unheard of doesn't get the internet sleuths worked up like a missing pretty blonde.
  5. Would you say the coverage has been even? If not, why not? In your opinion.
  6. Right. There is a killer on the loose who murdered a couple that was camping but nevermind that, the news media has a better story to sell you.
  7. And yet.....the two women shot dead, partially nude, not far from where these two were vamping get no headlines anymore. No press. No intrigue. No coverage. ####ed up world we live in.
  8. Agreed. Here come all the posers out there who also want their 15 seconds of youtube fame. Might be why the cops aren't sharing many details at all....they will get swamped with jackwagons that want to be heard and will cloud their efforts.
  9. They are over 800 miles apart. Smokey and the Bandits couldn't do this in 5 hours. It's not like either are right off a major interstate either.
  10. So, parked their van somewhere and hiked in....he hiked out and drove home? Should be easy to prove or disprove, no? They also seemed pretty tethered to that van....
  11. It's been 25 years since I went to Yosemite but I recall a long row of entry gates to get in...with today's technology, would be easy to prove if they ever made it there, right? If not, how does he explain that?
  12. Yeah, me too. Yosemite is like 800 miles from where they were last. This whole thing stinks.
  13. Huh. I didn't know they were headed that far west. Thought I read they were going to the Tetons. I'll read more carefully.
  14. Strange that there are no updates to the married couple that were shot dead at their campsite near Arches on Aug 14 or so. Chief Wiggums running point out there?
  15. Mark Davis looks like the bastard love child of Eric Stoltz from Mask and a mushroom.
  16. Agreed, but then why not phone her mom? I mean, they seemed to be in constant communication prior. And with all the national attention on this, don't you think some of these 'others' would call authorities? Or are you suggesting there is a sinister side to this and she's with a Buffalo Bill type? This is REMOTE territory we're talking about. Cold at night now. 27 degrees in the Grand Tetons tonight.
  17. I do hope you're right, but this isn't a missing person in a city or a spot with access to water and food. 20+ days in isolation in Wyoming/Utah/Idaho (where they were) would be hard for Bear Grylls to pull off.
  18. I still can't get over how ugly this guy is. He and Mark Davis are 1A 1B in dudes with enough money to look at least a little better. Jesus.
  19. He knows she's dead and thus, time isn't on anybody's side but his. The body will turn up; another hiker will probably find it. But that better happen soon because winter is fast approaching.
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