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  2. His value is at his highest but what would you be able to get for him? In my opinion, I would hold since he is legit and should produce no matter where he goes. He has running, receiving and blocking skills in every aspect and we saw on Monday night he is a ALL-AROUND back. He caught a bunch of passes and gets the redzone work. I have him in my dynasty league but no way am I selling right now unless I get blown away. Too many are hung up on pre-draft value. Foster will easily be a top-10 pick next year. Don't trade him unless you get top-10 value in return.
  3. Probably worth a high 2d rounder or late first rounder. He has opportunity, but he strikes me as an Earnest Graham clone.
  4. Not busting balls here, but Alexander had some skinny legs back in college.They weren't skinny, that's just the white socks tricking you.
  5. The more I think about it, the more I think this argument doesn't work. Both Gardner and Robinson (and possibly Terrell; I don't quite remember why he flopped) failed because of character problems. Specifically, Gardner thought he was "all that" before he really was and lost his focus, and Robinson had major alcohol and drug problems. Even if one could sense such character problems before they affect the player's performance, the requisite evidence would not appear on game tape or in a player's measurables. In all likelihood, absent their respective character problems, both Gardner and Robinso
  6. I don't agree that his upside is higher than the rest of that group. Neither did the 32 NFL teams who all passed on him in a 255 player draft that saw 27 receivers drafted.At risk of sounding like a broken record, I think the knee-jerk impulse to suddenly elevate Alexander above guys who have had stronger portfolios over the past 5+ months is a shining example of the kind of "what have you done for me lately" approach to dynasty leagues that I oppose. He caught 4 passes for 72 yards in one game. So what? He didn't even make the active roster before the season started. The Rams liked him so muc
  7. Regarding Danario Alexander, I share the injury concerns, but I think dynasty owners are right to be excited here. Alexander is the only receiver on that roster--healthy or injured--with the potential to mature into a prototypical WR1. He has the size and the speed. Mark Clayton is good, but he isn't a WR to build a team around. He is a good second receiver. Gilyard and Amendola are slot options. Robinson and Gibson are trash. Alexander could be "the guy" if he can mature with Bradford and stay healthy. If he isn't, I fully expect the Rams to bring in someone who can be "the guy" within a yea
  8. I clicked and i didn't see you naked.

  9. I've been going to see my FIL twice a week for the last 3 months or so because he has been so miserable since having to leave the assisted living place. He has to get dialysis MWF and is wiped out on those days which is why I would go Tue/Thur and sometimes the whole family on Saturday or Sunday. I stopped by Tuesday and he was curled up in the fetal position just shaking. He is completely out of it now not knowing where he is and has lost all concept of time. Mrs. SLB has finally realised that her Daddy is going to die soon and is in the "anger" stage which I am catching the full brunt of
  10. That's awful. Pales in comparison to my problems, although I am probably handling mine worse.
  11. Because he's old, because he looked slow in Buffalo, because that history of two top fantasy WRs in Cincy dates back to before Carson's arm got blown to smithereens, and because Cedric Benson isn't going to completely fall off a cliff.Rudi was a good fantasy back when they had Housh and Ocho a couple years back. I guess the big question is Palmer's arm, but then it doesn't make sense to be high on Ocho and down on Owens.I don't buy that Owens is out of gas because no receiver from Buffalo has performed fantasy-wise since Jim Kelly played.
  12. I'm curious SSOG, why are you so down on Owens given the recent history of two top fantasy WRs in Cincinatti?
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