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  1. My only saving grace from starting KC d is that my opponent is starting Washington D. Pray for me!
  2. GB was dropped in my league. I’m thinking of grabbing them as a hold all season as they look really good.
  3. TE is definitely not deep this year compared to other positions. You can pick up any of 5-7 qbs off the waiver any given week and get 17+ pts from them...WRs are so plentiful that guys who right now are on pace for approx 1000 yds receiving are an afterthought on the wire. See preston williams. RBs are tough, but obviously more plentiful than TE bc most leagues require us to start at least 2-2 rbs and people manage to find viable ones to start. But TE...man...after kelce, kittle, ertz, Andrews, Engram and now Waller...it's a TOTAL crap shoot. You can get a TE off the wire to give you 6-1
  4. The only thing that doesn’t make him a top 5 te rt now is that through 3 games he hasn’t scored a TD. But I’m sure they will come. Maybe he finishes the year with 5-7 tds but if he keeps up this pace he might eclipse 1000 yds receiving barring injury. What a ww find for so many of us. TE is by far the hardest position to hit on outside of the top 3 guys. Waller has been steady Eddie. Seems to have a 6 reception 60-70 yards weekly floor and an uncapped ceiling.
  5. This might be a complete nothingburger BC we all know Trubisky has looked gawd awful first 2 weeks of the season, BUUUUT... if you’re in a league that allows you to grab him rt now off the FA wore in advance of tonight’s game and you have a player you planned on dropping for this week’s waiver claims, AND, if you’re like me without a stud qb (I have mayfield and dalton) you might want to drop that player and speculatively add Trubisky now in advance of tonight’s game. Yes he has sucked ####. However, he did play against the packers and the broncos, and thus far they have shown to
  6. PERFECT example of a phenomena called "recency bias". Everyone is so indoctrinated into the "ross is a bust" mindframe, that they cannot wrap their arms around how this guy could be lighting up the league rt now. They are disregarding his college production, draft capital, elite skillset, new coaching staff, new offensive scheme and his role in it...plus the production in weeks 1 and 2. He's a smallish injury prone guy, but no more than a guy like Marquise Brown...so if you're excited about Brown you should be equally excited about Ross, who is only 23. His rookie season was essentially re
  7. I gave a late round 2019 first for him before the 2019 season started. Was betting on college production, draft capital, rebound from injury plagued rookie year. Thought I got completely hosed back then. I am fairly certain that the guy who traded Ross to me back then was rubbing his tummy and thinking he raped me. And now I am betting that guys wishes he had Ross back on his team. sometimes it takes players a few years to break out in the nfl. with Ross it was a complicated mixture of factors causing him to bust in years 1 and 2: 1) injuries 2) incompetent coaching
  8. He’s on my bench tonight. I want to see it all translate into real points in a real game before I put him back in I think.
  9. Definitely do not drop. Not yet. If would take me at least 4-5 games like this for me to do that. Trust the process. He’s a phenomenal talent. I have him on my bench in favor of ty Williams , Godwin Hilton. And metcalf or rojo rt now. I’m taking a wait and see. I think he can get right this week vs tb. But I’m ok with him doing that on my bench.
  10. What about his performance seemed clumsy to you? He’s a very talented TE in an offense that puts an emphasis on the te. He may not have history but last year gruden made Jared cook a household name. Waller was heavily involved and caught every ball thrown his way. He was a beast. I’m likely starting him over OJ Howard this week. That’s more situational for me. I hate Thursday games and I also have Winston and Godwin. And possibly Curtis Samuel going in that game. Have to hedge a bit. But the fact that I’m even contemplating sitting Howard for this guy in week 2 should tell you
  11. What in the wide wide world of sports happened to Cleveland D yesterday?
  12. I love that so many people aren’t buying into this. It will make it easier for me to snag him off waivers this week. He was a monster in college. Talent is not the issue with Ross. He oozes that. Injuries, confidence, and an inept coaching staff have been his problems. He is now healthy, his confidence is now back, and the new coaching staff knows how to use him. His qb clearly sees the potential, this the 12 targets. I need everyone to keep sleeping until after. Wednesday please! Lol
  13. Glad I stuck with him in both dyno leagues. Unfortunately dropped him in redraft when I heard his role for this week was uncertain.
  14. Why does that mean that Trubisky can’t rush for 500 yards? Having a good rb is great, but you can have both. In fact a Mobile qb who takes off and can pass stresses the defense and opens rushing lanes for the RBs look at what his Edwards did late last year with a very mobile Lamar Jackson.
  15. He looked disgustingly horrible. I own him in both my dynasty leagues (holding) and drafted him as my qb2 in my redraft (drooped his ### for Waller on Friday). I don’t think he will be that bad all year however I found his seeming lack of development very concerning Thursday night. It could be that he didn’t play in preseason and was rusty or had opening night jitters. But it was concerning. I think (hope?) this will be the worst game he plays this season. Jury’s out
  16. Can you give me a rational reason why he can’t do it again?
  17. I don't know why anyone would consider a young QB that rushes for 500+ yards per year and is still developing similar to the statue that is Joe Flacco. Trubisky only played 14 games last year, and in his first season in a new offensive system he threw for 3223 yards, 24 TDs, 66% completion rate, and he tacked on 421 yards rushing with another 3 tds. So, 27 total TDs, and if you score passing yards 1pt for every 20 yards, then his rush yards equated to another 842 yards passing, which would have put him at over 4000 passing yards and 27 total TDs. Trubisky is one of the better running
  18. I just traded AB for trubisky, Mark Ingram, a 2020 1st rd and 2nd rd pick. Agreed on his trajectory. He was actually a solid fantasy qb last year and looks to be taking a step forward in year 2 in nagy’s system
  19. Is he droppable in dynasty at this point? I’m thinking yes. Green stil has a few years in him. Boyd is now firmly ahead of him. We are talking about the wr3 on the bengals here. When he’s on the field, many times he looks lost. He looks like he lacks passion. He gives up on routes. Almost like he really doesn’t want to be out there. And that’s when he’s not injured which has been most of his career thus far. I’m close to giving up on him.
  20. Ankle injury. Gd please make it not serious. Last season it was ankle injuries that wrecked him.
  21. Absolute STUD. can only imagine the damage he’s do with a real qb and a more innovative OC.
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