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  1. I was just offered this trade I receive Barkley, Tyreek, and Valdes-Scantling I send Godwin/OBJ/Tevin Coleman You can sign 2 to 5 players to a contract (up to 3 years, contract goes up by $5 each year), $100 auction budget 12 teams, Start QRRWWWT K D PPR My team: D. Watson D. Cook, A. Jones, T. Coleman, R. Freeman, A. Mattison M. Thomas, OBJ, C. Godwin, E. Sanders, M. Gallup M. Andrews, H. Henry (1.5 ppr) Godwin would cost me $14 next year, OBJ would cost $21 I can't sign Barkley (is in last year of contract), Tyreek would be $29
  2. I have thought of this idea and it would have to have a majority vote from everyone in the league IMO for this to happen because some teams are that much deeper than other teams. I suppose that's the cost of expanding. Roster size is 24 per owner. Start QQWWWRRTFKD
  3. A league that I am in is looking to expand from 10 to 12. Wasn't sure if anyone here had any experience with dynasty league expansions or any ideas that I could bounce of the commish. 2QB dyno, PPR. Not sure if that matters at all.
  4. I like the idea of moving a player a year early rather than a year late because of players values falling off a cliff. nuk is 5 years younger than those guys with a stud young qb at the helm. Do I really want to trade away julio and aj who just helped me win a championship? Not particularly but I see Nuk or Odell as a right price type player to justify a move like that.
  5. Rank these trade offer opportunities: This is for a 2QB dyno that I am. I am the defending champ but I am trying to trade away Julio/AJ Green a year or 2 early before it is a year or 2 late. Would you do any of the trades listed (1, 2 or all 3) or would you pass because DHOP is just that unmovable of a player. Rosters and starting lineup requirements are as listed below: PPR: 2QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1RWT FLEX My Roster: QB: Cam Newton, Jimmy Garoppalo, Dak Prescott, Andy Dalton RB: Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Jerrick McKinnon, Mark Ingram
  6. I just took part in this one I get AB, Enunwa, 2018 3rd I give L.Miller, Diggs, 2018 1st, and 1.06 this year Team Now: QB: Ryan, Cousins, Dak WR: Evans, ODB, Antonio, Enunwa, Mike Floyd (puke), DGB (more puke) RB: Blount (little puke), Lacy (potential puke), Dixon (suspension puke), Hightower, Ivory (puke all over myself) TE: Reed, Fiedorowicz Still have 1.08 in the draft this year. Prob target best available RB
  7. 12 Teams - PPR - Start Q WWW RR T and W/R/T flex I get Antonio Brown, Enunwa, 2018 3rd I give L.Miller, Diggs, 2018 1st, and 1.06 this year Current Team: QB: Ryan, Cousins, Dak WR: Evans, ODB, Diggs, Mike Floyd (puke), DGB (more puke) RB: Lamar Miller, Blount (little puke), Lacy (fatty puke), Dixon (suspension puke), Hightower, Ivory (puke all over myself) TE: Reed, Fiedorowicz This would leave my RB core EXTREMELY thin, but having arguably the best 3 WRs in the league. I made the playoffs last year but lost in the first round. I hav
  8. To piggyback on the Ty Montgomery train PPR Start QRRWWWT(w/r)(q/w/r/t) Not involved Team A receives: Sammy Watkins Breshard Perriman Team B receives: Ty Montgomery Randall Cobb Kenneth Dixon Team A has gotten lucky (5-2) and realizes that bc his team isn't very good. Team B is a contending team looking for depth
  9. 12 Team PPR Start QRRWWWT Team A Trades: Mike Evans 2017 1st (1.08 to 1.12 range) Team B Trades: Antonio Brown Jordan Reed 2017 4th (mid range) Team B always looking to acquire future picks and his team is competitive. Has Hunter Henry and Kelce also at TE Team A also has a competitive team with Barnidge/Pitta as his TEs
  10. This just went down Start QRRWWWT(F)(SuperF) PPR Team A receives: Sammy Watkins Breshad Perriman Nelson Agholer Team B receives: Deandre Hopkins Team A is rebuilding while Team B thinks Hopkins will put him over the top and make him a championship contender, he has Julio/AJ (not involved)
  11. 12 Teams. PPR Start QRRWWWT Lamar Miller 2.02 for Jameis Winston Gary Barnidge 2017 1st Round Pick (probably 1.09 to 1.12 range)
  12. sent 25. i was only in for 1 buyin. no rebuys.
  13. where is everybody tonight? Sat night, where are all the drunkies. Im definitely feeling it...
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