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  1. Thanks... so you think dropping Dede and bidding to get Robinson or Samuel would be the better move then? or would u drop MVS or DK ? Last week: Marquise Brown went for 16 (others bid $12 and $6) John Ross for $16 ($16 and $8) McLaurin for 20 ($16. $12, $3)
  2. .75 PPR league - I was offered DJ Chark for Thompson or Lindsay. I need WR since I lost Tyreke Hill, I need to start 3 and had OBJ, Hill, Dede, MVS, DK Metcalf... RBs I have Ekeler, Carson, Jacobs, Lindsay (and I start 2 and a flex) so I am not using Thompson so my question is would u trade Thompson for DJ Chark, or would you drop Dede or one of my other WRs for Deebo Samuel or Demarcus Robinson or Agholor (and how much would u bid on each?)
  3. 15 points in PPR leagues tonight. Not bad for a turd.17.4 in PPR
  4. Ingram is finally about to get some value, I bet a lot of ppl pick him up this week (if he was dropped). I've been holding onto him, looks like this is the week to sell him
  5. I may be wrong, but this seems like a major turn around in opinion for you.I think it's clear that Cutler is not the type of QB that can win games for a team, carry the team on his back. Because he is a bad decision maker. However, given an exceptional defense, and a solid running game, Cutler can limit his mistakes enough to keep the team in position to win.He's not top 5, not even top 10 as an NFL QB, and failed in Martz pass happy offense. But when Martz scaled things back, took the pressure off Cutler to win with his arm, Cutler has performed decently well, and has limited the boneheaded mistakes he was previously making.Over the last 4 weeks, he has been a top 10 QB in fantasy points. Actually #8, you wouldn't believe it but he has slightly more fantasy points than Phillip Rivers over the last 4 weeks. It is what it is.
  6. Yeah as Romo owner, I am looking at QBBC, with the likes of Fitzpatrick, Vince Young, Sanchez, Henne, Cutler (he was dropped in my leagues)wk 8: Fitzpatrick vs KC, Kitna vs Jac, Cassel vs Buf, Stafford vs Waswk 9: Cutler @ Buf, Stafford @ Jets, Sanchez vs Detwk 10: Stafford @ Buf, Sanchez @ Clewk 11: Sanchez vs Hou, Young vs Waswk 12: Young @ Hou, Stafford vs NEwk 13: Young vs Jac, Henne vs Cle, Cutler @ Detwk 14: Cutler vs NE, Henne @ NYJ, Fitzpatrick vs Clewk 15: Young vs Hou, Henne vs Buf, Kitna vs Waswk 16: Fitzpatrick vs NE, Cutler vs NYJ, Henne vs Det
  7. Yep... but by far, TEN has the easiest schedule after their bye week: 10: @Mia (18th) 11: Was (5th) 12: @Hou (1st) 13: Jac (2nd) 14: Ind (24th) 15: Hou (1st) 16: @KC (15th) and these teams have the next easiest schedule in that same span (week 10-16), along with some of those opp NYG: Jac, WAS JAC: Hou, Was Chi: Det, NE, NYJ (cutler might want to keep him) CLE: JAC, BUF PIT: NE, BUF, NYJ HOU: JAC, NYJ, DEN NYJ: CLE, HOU, NE
  8. I don't know if he can keep up this pace... but I went back and looked at the teams he's faced, and he has faced a much softer schedule than he will the rest of the way... ---------------Comp/Att yds Tds Int Week 3 (@NWE) 20/28 247 2 2 Week 4 (NYJ) 12/27 128 2 0 Week 5 (JAC) 20/30 220 3 0 Week 7 (@BAL) 29/43 374 4 2 Now here are the numbers for each of those opponents and how they ranked in yds/TDs/Total Fantasy Pts allowed Most yds allowed per game to QBs NE: 291.7 (3rd most) NYJ: 243.3 (11th most) Jac: 265.1 ( 6th most) Bal: 214.7 (23rd most) Most TDs allowed per game to QBs NE: 2.0 (4th most) NYJ: 1.7 (12th most) Jac: 2.3 (2nd most) Bal: 1.1 (24th most) Most Fantasy points allowed per game to QBs NE: 26.83 (3rd most) NYJ 23.38 (6th most) Jac: 29.19 (2nd most) Bal: 17.86 (25 most) So in conclusion, 3 of the 4 teams he has faced, are 3 of the 6 that allow the most points to QBs. Fitzpatrick also had less yards than the average number of yards that those teams have allowed through 7 games. It is encouraging that he blew the numbers up against Bal which was ranked as 31st is pts allowed before week 7, allowing only 188.2 yds, .7 TDs and 13.57 fantasy pts per game. Here's how the next opp rank in fantasy pts allowed to QBs over the next weeks: 8: @KC --- 15th 9: vs Chi --- 31st 10: vs Det --- 9th 11: @ Cin --- 22nd 12: vs Pit --- 29th 13: @ Min --- 23rd 14: vs Cle --- 7th 15: @ Mia --- 18th 16: vs NE --- 3rd so the schedule does get harder for him, so we will see if he can perform just as well vs Chi, Pit, Min, but definately worth starting him vs KC, Det, Cle and NE
  9. Romo owner in both my leagues. Luckily I had Orton in one, but no back up in another. I already got him in one, and will try to get him in my 2nd to backup Orton.
  10. how do you think the Falcons D will do vs the Browns next weekend?
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