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  1. 09/12/21 vs Chargers, 1pm Solid opponent, we'll probably have to play a near-flawless game, to win. At least we get them at 10am West Coast time, however, it being Week 1, it's conceivable they could arrive a few days early, and adjust to the time change...come to think of it, they'll likely start prepping for that situation immediately, so it's probably a minor factor at best. 50/50 we start the 2021 Season with a win. I cannot confirm this, but think I heard earlier it leaked that Week 2 we play the Giants on RNF, so, short week, Divisional game...at least it's we're home, and I think w
  2. That's 6 out of 17 games, though, and the way I'm projecting it, 2 of 3 WC Teams, along with the Division Champ are post-season bound. Every one of those NFCW Teams may not be better than the Cowboys on offense, but they're all better on defense, and more balanced overall than any Team in the NFCE. I try very hard not to be a 'homer', but the WFTskins are really trying to put something together here for 2021. I'll be the first to admit that putting trust in Fitzpatrick is potentially a 50/50 proposition, but in adding Samuel, Humphries and the potential of Dyami Brown, they've exponential
  3. Not to hijack, but...Mike Davis? After how things shook out in the NFL Draft, that guy has the potential to reallly outperform his ADP.
  4. Boy, do we ever need a wartime consigliori right about now. Nary a one to be found in this administration, unfortunately. In waaaay over their heads.
  5. Cowboys, Panthers, Giants, Broncos, Cardinals are the 5 Teams eligible to be featured. I think the show could do better...
  6. WFTskins notch a 7-9 Division-winning auto-berth into the 2020 NFL Playoffs, and escape Hard Knocks yet again. Shame.
  7. I currently hold the 1.02 in a 14-Team SF Dyn League. Almost 100% chance Lawrence is going 1.01. We have weird scoring. 1 PPR, but with benchmarks (long story): TE starts at 3rd catch, RB at 4th and WR at 5th. Player has to be very impactful in the passing offense during their game to get rewarded with PPR, basically. So much so, it's almost non-PPR, haha. I have my pick of Pitts, Chase, anyone not named Lawrence, but at this moment, I firmly believe that Javonte Williams is going to be have the best career of any popular skill-position player in this class, even though he's going to
  8. :sigh: Brian Hill signs with the Titans. Probably my #1 guy on the street that I thought might be brought in to replace Stagnant Peyton...
  9. Keep your eyes on RB CJ Marable. Kid can play. Might have something there.
  10. The Love pick, IMHO, was a cute attempt to play the 'have your cake, and eat it too' game. Based on how I was raised, and my personal and business experiences in life, t's my firm belief that anyone who has both feet firmly planted in the real world knows that that's not how life works. At some point in the life of a resource, you make a hard choice - fish or cut bait. In the case of Rodgers, you either ride him until the wheels fall off, maximize the effectiveness of said ride, and deal with the suck that's going to come after he falls off the cliff...or move on prior to the decline, and it's
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