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  1. I think you might be misreading his post, MOP. Read the last sentence of the post. If it was worded: "Not a single target because Trev isn't allowed to throw to players standing on the sideline?", does that sound any different to you? I don't think he's calling out/insulting Lawrence at all? Maybe I'm wrong.
  2. 153.1, sitting just inside 1800. Edwards to go, with room for him to crack the lineup. Betting analytics site I use favors U52 tonight. We'll see... Rodgers, Hunt, Cobb, Andrews, Prater...thank you for your Week 4 contributions. Everyone participating in this Contest should read one of my favorite Stephen King short stories: 'The Long Walk'. Apropos.
  3. FYP (capital 'J') The younger set around here would really benefit from viewing video clips of those who set the stage for the stars of today, if they haven't already. OJ Simpson was quite aptly nicknamed 'The Juice' and his O-Line 'The Electric Company'. Very worth taking a walk down memory lane.
  4. Need to get out of Atlanta with a W in the worst way. If we can win that game ( it sucks writing 'if' when it comes to the Falcons (sorry, Falcons fans), but it's a road game, which ups the challenge, and with how we look currently, anything's possible), I see a plausible pathway to defeating the Saints here at home to get to 3-2, but boy does it look daunting after that...the only good thing about facing the Chiefs is that it's here, and is a 2nd consecutive home game. At Packers is horrible, At Broncos is never easy, and they actually look decent. Only thing good about facing the Bucs is that it's here, and we're coming out of our Bye Week. Ron's homecoming at Carolina isn't going to be a cakewalk. Only thing good about facing Seahawks is that it's here, but it's primetime MNF. At Vegas won't be easy. Then we have those 5 straight Divisional games. Based on how we played the Giants, that's anybody's guess. Think we're good enough to split with Eagles. Don't look good enough to beat Cowboys. Going into Training Camp, given the schedule we earned courtesy of 2020, I felt a realistic goal was to achieve the same record in 2021 (7-8 wins) was a reasonable expectation, and reason for optimism. Big things coming in 2022. Now that we're in it, I'm struggling to find 7, let alone 8, wins. That sucks.
  5. Question for any LeagueSafe users. Transitioned a local $$$ League LeagueSafe for this Season. Seems like LeagueSafe automatically sets up a date by which League dues must be pait (today, 09/29/2021) or they automatically apply a late fee. We did not know about this when we joined. To the best of my knowledge (this was handled by an Exec Comm Member and the League Treasurer - I have too much on my plate to deal with it firsthand), we had no knowledge of this going in. Hmm... Our Members agreed to give LeagueSafe a tryout this year, and prior to signing up. The agreement we had was that everyone have League dues paid by the week prior to the trade deadline. This is a 20+ year local, we all know each other, there's no problem with $, it's just that we're all getting spread out over the area and collecting/distributing is getting to be a PITA, so we're trying to centralize everything. Because of our relationships, the usual modus operendi was to both collect and distribute at the end of the Season, so even collecting by the trade deadline is a big change, much less 09/29/21. Anyone have any idea how to get rid of what appears to be a LeagueSafe autosetting that charges that late fee if Members haven't paid by today? It totally flies against everything our League is about, and several Members are annoyed because it wasn't something we knew about when we agreed to give LeagueSafe a tryout. Thanks!
  6. I wonder how many entries the James White injury is going to affect...With Gus Edwards already out for the Season, I'm potentially down to 5 RB for the forseeable future. One of my 5 remaining is Rhamondre. Maybe some good can come out of that. Chubb/Hunt/Sermon/Bernard/Rhamondre left standing. Will continue to hold out hope Sermon lives up to the hype, and the Bucs develop the same appreciation for Gio that I have, after seeing, in-game, what he's capable of bringing to the offense. 24-man Rooster: Brady/Rodgers Chubb/Hunt/Sermon/Bernard/Stevenson...JWhite(?). GEdwardsX Godwin/Gallup(?)/AntBrown/Rondale/ESanders/Cobb/Pringle/BEdwards Andrews/Cook/Everett Myers/Prater Ravens/Browns
  7. Very frustrating. I hold multiple shares, but was only compelled to start him in 1 League last night. Targeted him in many a Draft with a RB-heavy blueprint, as a value play committee member. Unfortunately for me, another WR in that bucket was Gallup. Thankfully most of the others are holding their own thus far (Mike Williams, Marvin Jones, JuJu, Boyd). Long way to go, hope we see an uptick in usage as the Season plays out.
  8. I'm streaming qb on one of my National Contest Teams, and I very much enjoyed Darnold notching close to 30 points last night. So far in 2021, even in 1QB Leagues, Darnold's performance is absolutely relevant. Many things change year-to-year in FF. Really feel for Tyrod Taylor. Heck of a run of bad luck for what seems to be a pretty stand-up guy. Hoping he sees more time under center for the Texans after he heals up, as he seemed to be off to a decent start.
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