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  1. As long as the shoulder checks out, Tyrell the Gazelle would be an excellent complimentary outside piece to almost any Team with a dominant Alpha WR1. A year of being forced to operate as a miscast WR1 for the Raiders after the Antonio Brown fiasco should have, at least in theory, enhanced his ability to compete against #2 or lesser CB's. I love to root for undrafted guys who cross that barrier like him, and Preston Williams. I'd love to see him wind up on a Team with a QB who could chuck it. Paired with Adams, Diggs, Tyreek (if Watkins walks)...across from AR-15 if he winds up in the right sp
  2. Anyone care to speculate on how much value Melvin Gordon has left?
  3. Darnold could be an enticing target for a QB-needy team like Washington, who is reportedly interested in dealing for Darnold. It would be stunning if a team -- Washington or otherwise -- offered anything more than a second round pick for Darnold. Reading those 2 sentences above caused me to have a traumatic flashback to the Bruce years, which aren't too far in the past for me to still feel the multiple gut punches that have left lasting bruises and pain. That, and the fact that even with Bruce gone, The Danny's still the Owner, so there's still no telling what shenanigans might ensue.
  4. Wouldn't mind that signing, if within reason, assets-wise. I don't think that Heinicke or Kyle Allen are more than temporary solutions at QB. I don't think Mariota is either, but adding him to the Team would please me in 2 ways. 1. Taylor, Kyle and Marcus are all relatively the same thing, from a skills perspective, as in what kind of qb they are. That's excellent for continuity of the offense, in the sense that in the case of injury or poor play, the guy coming in from the sidelines brings relatively the same guy to the field. It makes no sense to me how some Teams/Coaching Staffs have r
  5. Somewhat off-topic, but I think it's neat: Brother of Packers WR Equanimeous, and they have another brother, Osiris, who is a WR at Stanford. I haven't dug much into this, but it appears that Amon-Ra is the youngest, but Osiris redshirted his freshman year, and has one more year of eligibility. Father is an accomplished bodybuilder: a 3-time Mr. World and former Mr. Universe, as far as I can tell. However these guys wind up their NFL careers, that's a heck of an athletic family, with at least a stellar collegiate football legacy. I don't know jack about them, but I applaud their athletic accom
  6. Yeah, I was just researching this, and it appears to be a tradition, at least...but, man, that Bucs/Pats matchup is so...JUICY!!! It makes me wonder if the NFL won't at least approach the Bucs about the idea...although it's pretty much a certainty that opening night of the NFL is going to already be a ratings bonanza, regardless, so it could make sense to save that matchup to run opposite a major event on the calendar of one of the other networks.
  7. Is it a given they'll be playing a home game in Week 1? Is that 'a thing' (if it is, I get it, and I like the idea of the Super Bowl Champion playing their 1st game of the new Season in front of their home crowd)? In case it's not set in stone, then for the sake of discussion, 2021 non-Divisional road opponents include: WFTskins, Eagles, Bears, Rams, Patriots, Jets, and possibly one of the Ravens, Colts or Raiders (one of these 3 could possibly be a home opponent OR a road opponent), if the NFL likely goes through with a 17-game, 18-week schedule for the 2021 Season. Week 1 reigning
  8. Great signing, and sound business decision. Didn't break the bank, and there's a lot of 'good will' intangible ripple-effect benefits connected with what looks like a front office who knows the upside of 'doing right by a guy' in the right time and place. We haven't had a lot of those over the past 2 decades. My scars fuel my skepticism, but it sure would be swell if this were the direction the Team was headed in.
  9. Here we go: 2021 UFA's: RG Brandon Scherff DE Ryan Kerrigan CB Ronald Darby LB Kevin Pierre-Louis PK Dustin Hopkins LB Reuben Foster RT David Sharpe Edge Ryan Anderson LS Nick Sundberg RB Lamar Miller LB Mychal Kendricks CB Fabian Moreau LB Jared Norris TE Jeremy Sprinkle RFA's: QB Taylor Heinicke WR Robert Foster WR Cam Sims CB Danny Johnson ERFA: QB Kyle Allen What say you fellas?
  10. I absolutely believe Riverboat Ron would have gone for it...and I want to believe that if he failed to convert, Del Rio would have said 'F it', and brought the house on every down, no matter what play the Bucs called. Run blitz, pass blitz, blitz blitz, whatever, because with nothing to lose, why not? Would have loved to have seen the scenario play out, no matter the outcome.
  11. Anyone in here have anything positive to say about Jalen Reagor and his dynasty outlook moving forward? I wish I was asking for a friend, but I'm not...
  12. If Stafford is the key to unlocking the full capability of McVay's offense, there's a distinct possibility that it could produce 3 1000-yard WR. I think Stafford will do his part. If Reynolds leaves via Free Agency, Jefferson slots in as the #3 WR at worst, and outside of lucking into a Day 3 selection outperforming his draft position, there's a massive gap between whatever other WR they roster, and Kupp, Woods and Jefferson. I think it's a given Reynolds gets an offer the Rams aren't willing to match. If either Kupp or Woods misses time due to injury, the sky's the limit.
  13. Based on how I think this Thread is going to play out, you probably could just as easily have asked: 'Who's better, Matt Stafford or Kyler Murray?' ... šŸ˜‰
  14. I'll go in-depth into this when I have more time, but if anyone is asking me to believe that adding Watson to THIS Team (the current personnel), playing THIS schedule (2021, including the 17th game v the Bills)...I have to be shown the 11 wins. 11 wins guarantees a playoff berth in the 6 (now 7) team playoff format. 10 wins does not, and less than 10 is a crapshoot. Less than 10 10, and maybe even 10 wins requires winning the Division as well, rather like a parlay vs a straight bet. So, show me 11 wins. To keep everyone from donning their rose-colored glasses, and being honest, there are
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