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  1. You must have some Roster to have to make a decision between cutting Jones and adding Sermon. You must have had something else churning around at the bottom you could have let go, to bring the potential Sermon brings to the table, on board.
  2. That roughing call was utter crap. If that's how the NFL wants to call it, I'm done. I can find better things to do with my time.
  3. I'm basing my current WW decision on experience dealing with the Shanahan's for the entire lifespan of father and son's Coaching careers. Once in very long while, a RB comes along like a Terell Davis or a Clinton Portis, who is capable of handling most of the pie. When that guy comes along, he eats. I'm not 100% saying Sermon is that guy, but IMHO, he profiles as the closest thing to it that this backfield has seen in the Kyle Shanahan regime. He's the only RB worth a significant investment, IMHO. I wholly and completely believe Sermon did something knuckleheaded; that Sunday was punative; and that whatever it was, it's water under the bridge, and Shanahan/Sermon are moving forward, and Sermon will be featured sooner than later. When he is, it's my opinion that he will seize the job, and the job will be the lion's share of statistical output from the RB room. I'm not spending a dime on Elijah Mitchell, right or wrong. If anyone in any of my Leagues drops Sermon, I'll go to great lengths to acquire him. While everyone is spending on Mitchell and Hasty, I will spend pennies on Jeff Wilson, where he's available, but only if he goes for pennies. It is a system that yields results, and Elijah Mitchell has some foundational skills that lend themselves to the system. Great. Sermon does as well, and his profile, IMHO, is the most likely to yield a featured back. I might be wrong, but that's where I stand, but I'm OK with it.
  4. Week 1 MNF road favorites are 7-17 ATS, which includes a subset of 3-16 when favored by less than 6.
  5. Having watched in it's entirety as the Chargers dismantled my vaunted WFTskins defense, I'm fairly certain the Chargers were simply using one of the oldest Coaching axioms in the proverbial book on Sunday - if you find something that works effectively, early in the game, use it relentlessly until your opponent proves they can stop it. The Chargers O-Line rendered the WFTskins pass rush relatively impotent, and attacked the secondary repeatedly, with great success. Why subject Ekeler to any needless wear-and-tear? Ekeler will get his. I'm just glad he salvaged a productive day, in what I thought was going to be a tough spot. He was a must-start where I had him (Draft capital). Unfortunately for me, Mike Williams, IMHO, was not. I had an overall very nice Week 1, but oh, what it might have been. West Coast Team travelling East for a 1pm start, I'm still convinced is an NFL/betting angle, but maybe less of a FF one than I weigh it. Not for the life of me, did I see that game play out the way it did.
  6. I think he was talking about Kittle (vs Hock) (SF@Det)
  7. I was very distracted leading up to the Thursday night game kickoff, was waiting on Bloom's tiers to add one more data point, and things just didn't go my way. I was already leaning in this direction, and seeing where Bloom tiered him would have given me the nudge to dive over the cliff: Ty'Son over Zeke. Now I'm locked in to Zeke's putrid effort, but still have to consider Ty'Son as my other flex RB is Trey Sermon (Mixon as RB2), in an old-school, TD heavy, non-ppr League. I think the only reason this is a debate for me is because I missed my chance to switch Zeke out for him. The 49'ers should pound the Lions, and as soon as they're up, they should bubble-wrap Mostert and give the shiny new toy a real workout...but...
  8. Team #9, drafted Wednesday 09/08, from the 3rd Position. Got my share of Dalvin Cook, as Kelce went at #2. Across my 9 Drafts, I was randomly given 1, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12. 2 McCaffrey's, 1 Cook, 1 Kamara, 1 Elliott, 1 Adams, 2 Tyreek's and 1 Ekeler. My least favorite 'upper-tier' Players were Kelce and Henry and I was able to dodge both. Did not want to draft a Team based on Waller or Diggs, either. Regret I was not able to land a foundational share of Aaron Jones, or a 2nd Round Najee Harris. Avoided Saquon and Gibson. Very happy to have landed a 2nd Round Ridley and Hopkins where I didn't go 2nd Round RB. Avoided Metcalf (trying to land Lockett later. Landed 2-3 shares of him). Seems like I have a bunch of Taylor, Chubb, Mixon and Helaire. Good Luck, everybody! Murray/5, Fields/13 Cook/1, Michel/8, JmWilliams/9, Fournette/10, Mattison/11, DrWilliams/17 Hopkins/2, Lamb/3, Boyd/6, Shenault/7, MV-S/14, QWatkins/19, DJax/20 Andrews/4, Everett/12, JuJohnson/18 Buccaneers/15, Tucker/16'
  9. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2021/9/10/22667250/report-michael-gallup-suffered-calf-strain-against-buccaneers-expected-to-miss-3-5-weeks
  10. Jason Garrett would have run the ball repeatedly, successful or not (which judging by the way the elite Bucs run defense has handled other elite RB's in recent history, would have been, at best marginally successful), and the Cowboys would likely have lost last night, and possibly by the spread. Cowboys were a massive underdog last night, and were in the game until the very last play. McCarthy used the portion of his elite offense that was keeping them neck-and-neck with an equally elite offense and better defense, on the road, season-opener, prime-time. Part of good coaching is using what works effectively until the other Team proves they can stop it...and the Bucs were not able to stop it. Much respect for McGovern. The only weak link on that line last night was Conner Williams, and the 'boys were able to minimize his shortcomings, and for the most part, keep Dak clean so he could keep carving up the Bucs secondary. I don't have an issue with his game-planning, at all. What the Cowboys accomplised last night, even in a losing effort, was no mean feat.
  11. Guys, it's Week 1. Everyone on both sides of the field looked rusty and unprepared to play live snaps that count for 60 minutes. I'd bet dollars to donuts that after Arians/Brady decompress from almost losing what should have been a handy win last night, they are going straight to the drawing board and figuring out some things, which will likely include involving Bernard more in the offense at the expense of Fournette/Rojo, as well as motioning him out of the backfield into the slot as a defacto 4th WR. Don't lose sight of what a MASSIVE offensive aggregate can potentially be launched by the Bucs. It can arguably be the biggest pie in the NFL bakery. There's upside with Gio - Arians/Brady are not going to tolerate last night's performance from the RB room. Last night was almost the perfect launching pad for him to be more involved as they have 10 days to prep for Week 2 hosting the Falcons. Hold to see what comes out of the practice reports this week. IMHO, we're going to hear/see good things that lead to a cheap-to-mid-price investment paying out a profit.
  12. I'm quite bullish on the Dallas pass offense, including Gallup, but not on Gallup tonight. The way I see things scripting, Tony Pollard is going to be a sneaky flex play. I think the Bucs go up early, and Cowboys are chasing a 2-digit margin all night, en route to a spread-covering defeat. As the game goes on, Pollard enters the game as a motion back into the slot, and Dak just mauls him with targets, as the Bucs just hang back and complicate looks to the WR. Given that they will be chasing points, and that Pollard is a superior dynamic option to Jarwin/Schultz, McCarthy gets the ball in his hands hoping for a splash play mixed in with a the dink-and-dunk, IMHO.
  13. Team #8, drafted Tuesday 09/07, from the 4th position. Dodged the Kelce start, which I wanted nothing to do with. Just don't like how the builds play out. Herbert/8, Darnold/18 Kamara/1, Chubb/2, CEH/3, Jacobs/5, Bernard/11, Hyde/16, AxCollins/20 Evans/4, RAnderson/6, JJS-S/7, Gallup/9, BEdwards/13, ESanders/14, Cobb/17 Everett/10, JCook/12 Rams/15, Gould/19
  14. Wong Teaser...and, controversially, I like the under here.
  15. Lamb is overrated. Cooper is underrated. Gallup is very underrated. Zeke will get his regardless. Sure, Pollard will get his, too, but the aggregate is a massive pie, quite possibly 2nd to only the Bucs. There's a realistic scenario where Zeke can live up to his ADP, and all 3 WR can finish in the Top 24...and I don't mean Gallup finishes as WR24, either. Well within the Top 24. IMHO, IMHO, IMHO.
  16. I didn't necessarily want either Jalen Hurts or DeVonta Smith in my Draft last night (12-Teams/20 Rounds, 7-8 solid Players, big $$$), but they fell so far, I was compelled. Very generous QB scoring (League was founded in 1987, and rules are largely still from that era)...I took Smith at 11.08 as my WR5, and Hurts at 13.08, because, well...what else was I supposed to do?
  17. Team #7, drafted Sunday night, 09/05, as the lead-off hitter. Hope what looks like lucky now, holds true when the stats start to count! Ryan/14, Darnold/18 McCaffrey/1, Mixon/2, CEH/3, Jamaal/8, Drake/10, NHines/11 Godwin/4, Lockett/5, JJS-S/6, AB/7, Mooney/12, BEdwards/13, AJGreen/17 Tonyan/9, Ertz/15, JuJohnson/20 Steelers/16, Gould/19 Got so busy scooping value, kinda forgot about QB! Doesn't matter, IMHO, easily addressed via waivers, as necessary.
  18. Ronald Jones is JAG. Leonard Fournette is whatever is one step above JAG. JAG+. Every now and then, the Football Gods smile on us peons, and gift us with the ideal Player intersecting with the ideal situation. IMHO, the Bucs are a perfect match for Giovani Bernard, and, barring injury, we're in for a real treat come Thursday night, and 16 weeks to follow. If Gio doesn't break down, I predict Lenny and Rojo cheering a lot from the sidelines, and Gio multi-tasking his way inside the Top 24. Solid FF RB2. That's the hill I'm planting my flag on. YMMV. PS: The offensive statistical aggregates that the Bucs are going to generate are going to be absolutely mind-numbing. There's plenty of pie to go around when the pie is H-U-G-E HUGE.
  19. IMHO, by Season's end, barring injury (to him, or others), Gio could wind up being a lot more than a 3rd-down RB. If reports coming out of Training Camp are accurate, he already is. He's hands-down a better pass-blocker than either Fournette or Jones (he's graded as being a better pass blocker than almost all NFL RB's, I believe I've read), and the Bucs aren't only going to pass on 3rd down. With those WR/TE's there's going to be a lot of space to run, and it's not like he can't be an effective runner, either, especially given room. When he's on the field, he's the likely 'best' RB at disguising what the Bucs are likely to do when the ball is snapped, as Fournette's receiving chops are somewhat limited to certain things, and Jones isn't much of a receiving back, at all. There's not necessarily a 'tell' when Gio is in the formation. Providing the ankle checks out and isn't a nagging thing, there's certainly a path towards production that far exceeds his ADP. Again, IMHO.
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