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  1. The refs screw Buffalo once by making them take a timeout to force the review, then they screw them a second time by getting the call wrong. Top level stuff guys. But then they gave them their timeout back so no harm no foul right?
  2. Well, for those going against Kamara, the good news is you can score some brownie points with the wife/SO by not watching any football this weekend
  3. I'm in that boat where I need the win, so don't think I can risk waiting on him as if he doesn't play I'm stuck between McSorley or Dalton. Currently have Goff in my lineup and if there's no "Lamar is starting news" before the Rams kickoff then I'm leaving him in there.
  4. He's had TE eligibility all season long and him filling in for Brees/Winston has always been a possibility. Kudos to those who picked him up. I can see not agreeing with that eligibility, but asking the commish to step in and remove eligibility mid season is just sour grapes.
  5. What is the point of that play? 5 seconds for 5 yards
  6. Given Henry's off the field exploits it's certainly possible that's no coincidence
  7. That was very clearly not a horse collar or facemask. I understand fans at games complaining about this stuff, but for you guys with benefit of multiple slow mo replays, come on.
  8. A pick is still OPI, so I was just responding to the "They haven’t overturned a TD with an after-the-fact offensive PI call ever" comment. I agree though, a push off would likely have to involve weaponry to get a TD called back
  9. There have been at least a couple this year, including the Vikings getting one called back against GB
  10. I think the Skins have to take Young. He's clearly the BPA at #2 and I'd much rather take my chances with him than trusting the front office (whatever that looks like at the time) to make good on the couple extra picks they'd get by trading down. If they had #3 I'd probably feel differently, and obviously if they get some sort of crazy Ricky Williams offer that changes things.
  11. 24 seconds, 3 timeout and they only need FG range. I'm expecting OT but will be pleasantly surprised if Miami holds on
  12. i understand a ref missing a facemask, but making one up is something else
  13. What am I missing? How is that not PI? And how is it not being challenged?
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