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  1. Got sick of the same ole circular firing squad dynamic ‘round politics and such. I’m back to test the NFL chatter and maybe/possibly wade back into the PSF but likely not.
  2. What a joke. If that wasnt called a fumble it also would’ve stood.
  3. I’m so sick of this. Every single year. Oline is trash.
  4. Oh I agree. He has top 5 accuracy and football IQ and bottom 5 pocket awareness. So frustrating.
  5. jfc so many flags 2 and 28. 3 and 25. Can’t compete like that.
  6. What’s the record for the least amount of offensive yards in the first half of a football game? These two teams are trying their best to break it.
  7. Unfortunately. Poor product so far on both sides.
  8. Vikings with more penalty yards in the game than they will have on offense at the end of the quarter most likely.
  9. Havent been back in a long time. Name the charity and the price and I’ll pay up this weekend. To be fair DJT tried to help me win this one at the end lol.
  10. Watching the local news coverage here with a deep pit in my stomach. Although I don’t live in the city of Minneapolis I’m 10 miles out and the city has gone through enough the last year.
  11. The right is OBSESSED with hating her. Super weird.
  12. This is an insanely poor idea. Progressive taxation is an absolute must unless you tax capital gains and asset transfer much higher.
  13. At least he’s talking about a plan. He inherited absolutely no plan because the previous guy in charge was busy convincing the jocks at school that he should’ve won the prom king vote and matched down to the cafeteria to throw #### around. After the grown ups cleaned up the mess they had to actually get to work.
  14. We act as if automation is a necessity because corporations will always find ways to cut costs. We act as if small landlords will inevitably fail and large real estate holding companies will buy them out. We hand ring over the fact that when wages increase companies will just increase profits instead of looking at other areas of their budget to retain margins while paying their employees more. Listen, the market only does these things because the public lets them. We can choose to pay people more for menial labor and holdback automation if ultimately that’s in the best interest of our economy. We can pass a universal basic income if we want to let automation run roughshod over 20% of the jobs in the economy and tax the production side to pay for it. We can do whatever the hell we want from a public policy perspective because we run our society. What drives me nuts is that for a significant portion of the conservative base, with which I used to be in lockstep, feel that defending corporations’ ability to make profit is more important than protecting workers opportunities to make living wages. We can set the rules of the new economy and through incentives and tax breaks and additional taxes levied we can impact behavior. Ultimately the rich elites need the vast under classes to at least be satisfied with their lives so they don’t revolt. I’m afraid without significant shift of public policy far to the left we will never see a 1950s era large middle class in this country.
  15. Income tax isn’t the only tax. Hope that helps. Rich people (meaning high net worth, not just high income) can earn money ‘cheaper’ through capital gains, asset appreciation etc. We tax income too much and asset transfer not enough IMO.
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