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  1. The point of who killed Tony is insignificant. Sure, it is fun to posit theories about the killer, but Chase didn't care. The point was that Tony had destroyed so many lives over the course of the series that it could have been anyone, connected or not.

    I also completely agree with Chase's sentiment that to show Tony's death would completely belittle it. Other than the instant gratification of seeing his violent demise, it would not be a powerful ending. That final scene, in my opinion, with such incredible attention to detail, is a masterpiece.

  2. I've always been somewhat impartial when it came to Robin. I usually don't agree with her personal views, but they never bothered me. After hearing her and Howard criticize the staff for not coming in during Sandy, I've found myself not being able to stand her anymore. Her and Howard get stuck in their way of thinking, and no matter what, they are right and everyone else is wrong.She was complaining about people not coming in from outside of Manhattan to do the show and was calling for their jobs. Meanwhile, she's doing the show from her apartment and has been for months. So hypocritical and I'm glad she was called out for it.

    Came here to post this when I saw the thread was bumped.I can't believe she (and Howard) had the balls to goof on Gary....wait, who called her out on it? I didn't hear that part
    I think it was Richard that called Robin out, right? Howard brought him in the studio to ridicule him for tending to his pet guinea pig, Taco. Robin was piling on, as always, so Richard made a reference to the fact that she works from home. She flipped out, called Richard an #####, etc. Great radio. I can't stand Robin so I love the rare occasions where she is questioned. She can't handle it.
  3. Looking for FBG advice. We put an offer on a house, and got a contract, maybe a a month ago. Contingent on the sale of our current house (we just got a contract on that last night). Closing Mid-June.On April 17, exactly a month ago, we got an estimate for a loan rate. $445,000 loan amount. On the "closing cost worksheet," it looks like the starting rate is for 4.125%, and we are buying "points" to get the rate down to 3.25%. Costing us $18,356 to get those points and buy the rate down to 3.25.So the first question is, is that a good deal? I think this buys our rate down about $400/month, but I don't know. At some point, I think I remember that if we stayed in the house for at least 3 years, we get our money back from buying the points.The second question is: in the last month, have the rates gotten better? Should we shop around more? I'm so out of my league on this.

    Yes, rates have gone down quite a bit in the last month and you should absolutely shop around. Use bankrate.com or zillow.com to get an idea of the rates/fees.
  4. If I am about to enter the buying market for my first house, what is the sequence of moves?

    Do I get pre-approved by one lender first and then shop rates with numerous lenders later on once my offer is approved? Or, should I try to get pre-approved with the lender that I actually plan to go with?

  5. I got through Insanity last summer but it definitely took a toll on my knees. Ended up with some bad tendinitis that I am still rehabbing. I recommend frequent icing of the knees after workouts, particularly if you start to notice any aches and pains.

    Patellar tendinitis is a b---- to get rid of.

  6. Anyone checked out SFN lately?

    Mutt shut the site down for a while and recently reopened it with a new commitment to clean, wholesome Stern talk. Naturally, the regulars over there are not happy. Kind of funny though - they are all being sarcastically nice and polite.

  7. This has to be up there with the worst final seasons of a long-running scripted show in television history.

    Six of the season's eight episodes were squandered on storylines that didn't matter or made no sense. The season made absolutely no plot progress until episode seven. At that point, it was a race to wrap up ridiculous story arcs with even more ridiculous conclusions.

    I cannot get over Vince marrying a girl that absolutely hated him and everything he represented. They spend one day/night together, and they agree to get married? WTF?! Let's not even mention the fact that she was on the show for literally four minutes. Or the fact that she is probably not even in the top five in the Vince girlfriend power rankings.

    Sloan dispises Eric, as does her father. But she is willing to drop everything on a whim to go to Vince's wedding in France? To a girl he has known for three days? And to top it all off, she takes Eric back because of some casual convincing from his best friends?

    Furthermore, how much time and effort was used to build up the Drama cartoon/TV movie angle? All for nothing. Literally nothing. Same could be said for Turtle. Weeks of buildup, only to be concluded with Vince saving the day in a matter of seconds.

    Whomever at HBO gave the green-light to these scripts should be fired immediately. Don't blame the actors or Doug Ellin. They simply cashed in and did the bare minimum amount of work.

  8. Only one more left, thankfully. Think about the major storylines this season. They all have amounted to absolutely nothing worthwhile.

    Ari loses his wife. Big deal, his character has always been that of a work-obsessed #####. Why would we care about his marriage?

    Drama has a pilot in the works. Then Dice shows up. Then they are on strike. Now he gets the dumb pilot back again. Wow. And oh yeah, he also has a shot at a made-for-tv movie. Christ.

    E and Scott (who is depolorable) have a new business but no clients.

    Another throwaway season for Turtle. He makes another crappy business decision, but Vince bails him out. Again.

    Vince isn't working on anything whatsoever, despite the entire series being about the highs and lows of his Hollywood career. And with two episodes left, they introduce a random, semi-attractive woman who is suddenly the love of his life.

    This season is on par with the final season of Roseanne.

  9. This season has been pretty unbearable. Just a whole lot of nothing. No meaningful plot progression and no meaningful conflict. Seems like they are just mailing it in for this season to save storylines for a movie.

    And screw these 25 minute episodes. I am constantly watching the clock and saying, "Something happen! You only have three minutes left!"

  10. Slightly better this week.

    I love that they are bringing back the traditional abusive and hilarious Ari/Lloyd relationship. I also liked that Turtle had to wear the Knicks throwback gear due to the fire. Drama asking him if it was 2004 was awesome.

    Who wants to bet that part of the climax to this season will be E moving back to New York to be with Sloan?

  11. I did not enjoy this episode. Very little witty or memorable dialogue. They've also managed to make me hate both Vince and Eric's characters for the first time in the series.

    I've also always hated that Entourage is thirty minutes. It barely gives the show enough time to get off the ground. They were forced to breeze through some things that probably should have been further developed.

  12. Just finished my first week of the max workouts. I've kept up with the programs just fine, but my joints are feeling it. I've developed some tendinitis in the knees from all of the jumping. Debating whether to take a week off or if it is just my body getting accustomed to the longer, more demanding workouts.

    Found the same, so started wearing knee braces, which helped. Also, glucosamine chondroitin is your friend. With these two in combination, I have made it through two consecutive cycles.
    Cool - I'll try that as well.
  13. Just finished my first week of the max workouts. I've kept up with the programs just fine, but my joints are feeling it. I've developed some tendinitis in the knees from all of the jumping. Debating whether to take a week off or if it is just my body getting accustomed to the longer, more demanding workouts.

  14. I'm about halfway through week three.

    I started at about 6'2", 190 lbs. I have not lost any weight or any inches, but I feel like I look better. Possible?

    Regardless, I definitely feel stronger and more explosive than when I started.

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