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  1. Rumor is Pace was talking to Denver about the 9 spot but turned down a trade that was the 20th, a second, third, and next years first. That was the kind of Pace overpayment that was scary. Turning it down and still landing Fields makes me feel better about Pace. Seems like he's learned his lessons- although maybe McCaskey/Phillips nixed it.
  2. Im happier with this as i think about it. Expensive but if it works its cheap. Done deal, sunk money, this guy looks like a winner.
  3. If hes a franchise QB, sure. If not, sets the franchise back another two years. So...
  4. Screw Pace.. this was the scenario where a QB drops and they STILL manage to overpay. Not surprising. Just disappointing.
  5. This is the crux of it. I think its extra first round picks to move up and get any of these guys because of the multiple bidders. If any of them fall to 15 or so, maybe something more reasonable could be done. That being said, i dont buy there are 5 elite QB prospects in this draft. I think its a relic of league need and covid screwing up college season and the combine. Whoever the Bears have a crack at, if anyone, would probably have been a rated second rounder any other year. If somebody falls to 20, fine. If they try to move up... well thats so Ryan Pace I cant even deal with it.
  6. My problem is this whole thing is starting to feel like Pace is waiting to see who falls enough for him to move up and claim this was the guy they wanted all along. Moving up is going to be expensive this year, and I hate the idea that (whatever they will claim) they just want one of the top 5 so they can say they got him. Theyll retcon their decision making process later to claim THIS guy was the one and only choice all along, but in reality it doesn't matter.
  7. Bears could have gotten Teddy B for 3 million this year and a 6th round pick... 🤬
  8. Id rather see them trade down than trade up, unless it was only a couple slots and didnt involve an additional 1st. There is one native first round pick on this team, two if you count Mack. You cant keep trading away future starters to plug holes.
  9. The problem is, in that scenario you can throw the book out the window. You might have 8 teams trying to move up and throwing picks at Carolina like candy. To go from 20 to 8 in this draft is going to be Two 1st, just to start with. Because you've got 5 QBs that are perceived as franchises (which is ridiculous but apparently believed) and that means you have 3-4 players falling out of the top 10 at other positions that are blue chip talent. If the Bears could move up to 8 for a 2nd and a 3rd I would do it right now, today, in a heartbeat- not to draft a QB, but to draft an ELITE tackle or WR.
  10. Kiper's a moron. He loves being the contrarian and thats why he has his job. Maybe this unprecedented QB run is a smokescreen but I dont think so. If nothing else these things tend to take on lives of their own- team start trading up because they believe they have to. Which btw sounds like a very Pace thing to do.
  11. For me, this is the best draft the Bears could hope for. If they go OT, QB, CB, Im happy. Is Mond a second round pick? In this draft, I suppose he is. I like the quick release, for me thats a 'must have' in the current NFL. I'd MUCH rather overpay in the 2nd than trade up in the first for a boatload of picks on a prospect that may not pan out either. Mond makes a lot of sense, he's sort of the aniti-Mitch Trubiski. Everything he is is on tape, you know what youre getting and just have to decide if you can develop him from there. That being said, if there is some great value at anothe
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