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  1. Just run past Skryne seems like a viable plan all day today.
  2. Did he signal for that fair catch before the ball got punted or what ?
  3. Agree mostly but the play calling has changed, much more one read passes, which is Mitchs confort zone. Its a weird situation because Mitch likes a fast paced offense but Mitch needs Nagy to look over the defense for him presnap. Seems theyve ababdoned the latter and embraced the former.
  4. Here's the silver lining of this season- i dont think it was intentional but for better or worse Nagy has given us a pretty full diagnostic of Trubisky. Yes, under the right circumstances and using his legs a lot, he can perform very well. On the other hand, we also know EXACTLY what he will look like if he ever sprains an ankle, or a defense schemes effectively to keep him in the pocket.
  5. It was a pointless playcall, youre man handling the defense. Break them. Fooling them is just not necessary.
  6. Patterson is a full grown man. Miller watching him run, throw a block kid.
  7. Had a spy on him too, looked him off and he bit. Nice.
  8. I finally bailed on them this year. Didn't have the energy and youtubetv has Cobra Kai.
  9. Everybody seems to think so. He was the fastest to 40k yards which people seem to think matters.
  10. Does anyone recall a quarterback sneak being called this season with less than a yard to go? I don't, and that is just weird.
  11. Whether we like it or not, he's going to the Hall of Fame. For the same reason Stafford is, recency bias on top of a long career. Lets face it, its the Hall of Very Good.
  12. 🤦‍♂️The leaving time on the clock at the end proved the refs hate the patriots. Or neither.
  13. Put him in a never ending foam party. But just his dumb head is above the foam. I would watch that.
  14. Gronk telling stories about Brady messing with the balls in practice. This is gettin lit.
  15. Disagree, hes wearing a turtle neck so i feel like he must be intelligent.
  16. Serious stupid question- in those last play of game, nothing to lose situations, do guys allow themselves to be tackled without even trying to toss the ball up for grabs just to keep the fumble off their stat sheet?
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