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  1. On a slow developing counter play that allowed Montgomery to get hit in the backfield. Nagy has zero belief they can line up behind this offensive line, hand it to Montgomery on a dive and push the pile back one yard. Maybe hes right but i dont believe weve ever seen it tried. Always gotta be some half assed trickeration involved in Nagys schemes.
  2. True but what does barely beating the Giants accomplish?
  3. Remember how the saying in the old days used to be on a pass play 3 things can happen and 2 of them are bad? Nagy believes that about running the ball.
  4. You can have Chase Daniel if you want him.
  5. Actually was Whitehair on further review.
  6. It was the guard with the foul, not the tackle, announcers looking at wrong player. It was pretty clear cut.
  7. I get the feeling the Bears receivers have been trained that if they aren't the first read they arent getting thrown to, and theyre dogging it.
  8. Honestly, i dont hate that throw by Mitch. Ogletree made a tremendous play on the ball or it was a TD.
  9. So Kaepernick couldnt have said, "No thank you, I'm not interested in playing football?" if thats how he felt? One of the things that bothers me about this discussion is the lack of agency imparted on Colin Kaepernick. As though things just keep happening to him and he couldnt possibly have made other decisions. I'm not saying he should have made different decisions, I'm saying there is a level of condescension in not letting him own his actions. He made decisions, there were consquences, fair consequences of unfair consequences, or some mix of both. I don't know that he regrets anything,
  10. Because the guy made himself a liability to the business that employed him. Which is pretty much what would happen to most people.
  11. None of that is relevant to Kaepernick's situation. If he is making political demonstrations IT WILL be a firestorm of publicity. I'm not here to argue the fairness of that fact. If you're looking to hire him, you will question whether he will be doing lockerroom interviews every week about non football issues. Same for his coach, same with his teammates, same with his GM. It does no matter if he claims he isnt looking for that kind of attention. He's going to get that kind of attention. Do you want that in your franchise? So are you arguing he isnt going to be a distraction, or that it w
  12. Yes. Kneeling during the national anthem created a media firestorm that did not help his football team succeed on the field at the game of football. It created a distraction. Whether the distraction was major or minor, it certainly wasn't something in the service of winning football games. If I were a GM, I would want to know if that is the kind of thing he intended to do if I hired him. Because as a GM, I would not want to spend my working hours in front of a microphone discussing that with the media, I would want to be scouting players and running the franchise in order to make the team
  13. You're suggesting Kaepernick was 100% focused on football his last season?
  14. This whole thing is about risk v reward. Sure, Kaep could show up and be a model teammate and employee. The media could, and probably would be very supportive and positive. The fan base at the end of the day wants a winner. Or... Kaepernick could show up and realizes he's got a ton of leverage and media exposure and decides football is not his total focus, being a good team member is not his top priority. Firing him becomes a potential political landmine. The locker room gets distracted. The fan base gets angry. Thats a very real risk, people can handwave it away all they want. If th
  15. The alternative is you screw up the team for the next 5 seasons. The window is closed.
  16. Trubisky is pretty cheap next season, its hard to see them bringing in a new GM, have him hire a new coach and determining what kind of QB he wants in his system, rushing to bring in 2 free agent QBs and/or draft a QB with their limited draft picks that could step in and play if necessary. In other words, the Bears are screwed just due to the timing. Its really hard to untangle all these guys without screwing over the next guys. The more I think about it, realistic way is probably to fire Pace and keep the other two. Let Nagy have Trubisky and a F/A QB compete in a throwaway next sea
  17. So the possibilities are: Pace is fired. Nagy is fired. Trubisky is fired. Pace and Nagy are fired. Pace and Trubisky are fired. Nagy and Trubkisky are fired. Everybody is fired. Nobody is fired. Votes? I think number 8 is the most likely, number 4 is the most logical, number 7 is the most effective in the long term.
  18. You mean like he's been lost in his gigantic walk in closet? I could believe that.
  19. Next year you almost have to keep him, he costs you 9 million and if you cut him that would go against the cap anyway. Theyre clearly going to have to go get a veteran to compete and that will cost you more than Mitch is making. Its actually not a terrible place to be if you're ok with Trubisky competing for the job and probably ending up the backup, plus hopefully a mid round project QB you can groom. Its the 2021 option that jumps up to over 30 million, which would be crazy, and signing Trubisky to a long term contract instead would just be lunacy.
  20. Couldn't have handled this worse. Unbelievable. Mitch isnt the answer but this just brought the circus to town in a huge way. Daniel is going to embarass Pace, Nagy ought to lose his job after the season. Probably Pace as well. The only thing holding everything together was the illusion of solidarity that Mitch was the future.
  21. Theyre gonna say he had a bad hip, but thats bull. Nagy panicked, end of story. Its interesting that this exposes the obvious lie of their confidence in Mitch. He wasnt very good tonight but he played ok and was far from the biggest problem. If you believed in him last week there's no way you believed in him less after tonight. Chase Daniel is demonstrably not the answer. Theres no upside to this move. You gotta play Mitch to find out if theres anything salvageable. You play all these stupid mind games to protect his delicate psyche for 3 years, then you pull this #### out of the bl
  22. I know the Bears wont do it but you gotta clean house from the GM down. I don't see any ability to learn from mistakes in this culture, just fake grins and false assurances masking terror.
  23. Nagy trying to save his job but just making himself look arbitrary and clueless.
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