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  1. That pattern leading Cohen out of bounds at the line of scrimmage has got to go.
  2. Ill just wait for the Bears to lose and you'll agree with me
  3. Not miss wide open guys 4 or 5 times? Not underthrow Miller on a walk in TD? Not make his guys go up for balls and take big hits when a competent QB hits them in stride or in the chest? These arent extravagant expectations.
  4. Hes been good by mitch standards. But not good. And the receivers have been awful, true, but those things arent mutually exclusive.
  5. Youre gonna wanna watch the tape. Maybe youre so numb to Mitch wildly missing open receivers its not registering, which i sympathize with.
  6. That throw was a simple pitch and catch and Mitch put it where his guy couldn't quite get to it but very easily could have been destroyed going for it. Mitch has made a few good throws but hes also made some god awful throws. Does he look better than usual? Sure, extremely low bar.
  7. Then he almost gets his only tight end killed.
  8. Do they measure uncatchable balls that werent intentionally thrown away? And is it called the Trubisky Factor?
  9. Did KC bring in Matt Moore off the street because they are racist or because they felt he was at least as good and wouldnt be a distraction? Josh Mckown, Sam Bradford, Marc Sanchez... These are guys also on the street that could be legitimate replacement level QBs in the NFL but are unemployed. When were talking about 'a guy hopefully good enough not to totally embarrass you', which is what we're talking about, the supply exceeds the demand. So why risk your franchise becoming a lightning rod unrelated to football?
  10. He also fumbled 40 times and lost 28 of them. Hes sacked on almost 10% of his drop backs. His knock is he holds the ball too long and doesn't read the field well. And if you start talking about crappy teams you have to ask if there were other crappy teams in the NFL youre comparing him to. Newsflash, the teams that might look at Kaepernick right now are going to be bad teams. If that's what they can expect him to look like with subpar talent, whats the point? He plays like a replacement level backup, you can get a replacement level backup off the street without creating a circus in your locker room.
  11. This is exactly my point- yes by the letter of the law assault is assault... and by the letter of the law there are probably a dozen assaults every single week in the NFL. It does matter that no one was injured, it does matter that no one is seeking to press charges, because these are some of the factors a prosecutor uses to determine whether to proceed with a prosecution.
  12. This is exactly right. If you want to pretend the law is the law and its always universally enforced, you'd have to explain why there aren't arrests after every football and hockey game ever played. Whistle blows, one guy pushes another, go make an arrest. Obviously thats not the way the world works, and nobody want it to be.
  13. Point of order- does anybody have a single example of a prosecution of an assault that happens in a professional sporting event where the blow never actually connected? Yes, hockey players have been prosecuted for tomahawking a guy with their stick. Have they ever been prosecuted for swinging their stick and missing? Or even connecting but not injuring the victim? Has a pitcher ever been charged for throwing at a batters head but missing? Or hitting him in the back? I think its important to step back and understand that the absolute letter of the law has never been applied in professional sports and never will be. Law enforcement doesnt want to be called on to adjudicate this stuff, and the Leagues certainly dont want that either.
  14. So you are suggesting the NFL would welcome a criminal prosecution of something that happened in one of their games based on the fact that they moved quickly to handle to handle it in house? Interesting read. And as to Rudolphs lawyer, well lets just see if that case gets off the ground... or if you hear another word out of his mouth once Rudolphs employers have a chance to confer with him. They will not charge him. Than can charge him, but its not going to happen. If you disagree, i'm open to a wager.
  15. I didnt say there was no reason to prosecute. I said there would be no prosecution. That isnt the same thing.
  16. Certainly, there is such a thing as prosecutorial discretion, which without a shadow of a doubt will be invoked to pass on the prosecution of a case of assault where no injuries were sustained, the victim refuses to cooperate, and a multi billion dollar corporation with a major branch in your city wants badly to go away. I believe that is how the law will work in this case, and in any such case outside of Utopia Law School.
  17. Thats incredibly naive. And the NHL doesnt have anything near the clout of the NFL. That aside, nobody was hurt. Yes IN THEORY they could still prosecute, but thats just not how the world works.
  18. True, but I'm sure they would want to see how much rust there is. He's 32 years old, guys start losing a step. That being said, I dont think teams are very interested. Despite the recent lovefest over Kaeps career, the numbers are pretty mediocre to bad. He had a great early couple seasons, then really fell off. His td/int ratio is the only thing that really stands out positively, but he fumbled a crazy amount, which offsets a lot of that (Kaep held the ball way to long and took a ton of sacks which leads to fumbles). Why would you pay a veteran to show up late in the season at essentially replacement level for a guy you're benching, circus aside? And its going to cause distractions in your locker room one way or the other. The truth is if Kaepernick was a top 15/20 type talent, he'd have a job already. But he's replacement level talent, so why take that with all the potential baggage when you can just go get a guy.
  19. Exactly, in theory youre right. In practice, prosecutor isnt going to go forward without cooperation and in the face of NFL pressure to knock it off. And Garrett isnt going to sue, again NFL and Steelers wont let that happen, its a distraction.
  20. There isnt going to be a prosecution, who's interest would that serve? NFL wants to adjudicate this and make it go away as quickly as possible. If somebody was hurt, sure, but the last the NFL wants is law enforcement to become part of the game.
  21. Defense looks very average of late, and from jump not late in the game.
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