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  1. You could have rusty Kaep with a high salary and the circus, or wait for Mariota to become available and have the same player.
  2. Nagy has been bad but he truly is in a bad spot. If they commit to the I formation running game, teams will adjust to that as well. And they dont have the personnel to REALLY run that offense where you start running the counter game pulling linemen. You can pick a fullback off the street but the line pretty much is what it is, and they arent those kind of linemen. Which is a shame because the irony is Mitch is actually pretty good in those naked bootleg plays that are a big part of that o.
  3. The success you saw today was a mediocre Eagles defense taking their foot off the gas. What you saw in the first half was the truth.
  4. Why was Shaheen on the kick return team? He can't block and cant catch, but besides that hes perfect.
  5. Gordon would be a perfect fit for the Bears. He'd pretend to get open and Trubisky would pretend he was looking for him.
  6. If your QB needs 5 years to develop, you dont have a QB. And he wont be fine.
  7. That is the perennial plan, but every time they open up the playbook, Mitch just looks completely lost. The only times he has ever looked consistently good is either running the ball frequently (which gets him hurt) and/or putting him in a fast pace where he's doing single reads. The problem with that is that everybody in the league now knows those are what he can do, and its really not hard to scheme against that. Bottom line the league caught up. Its unfortunately but the QB position requires a certain ability for the brain to do spacial reasoning at an incredibly fast pace. So even when you aren't looking somewhere, your brain knows what is happening over there. Trubisky doesnt have this AT ALL. He has trouble processing time and space when he's staring a route down, much less the backside or guys breaking open on delayed routes. Its not a question of studying the playbook, this cant be taught. You need that skill to be a great NFL QB, in fact to be even a decent NFL QB. Theres no replacements (although a guy that can run really well can get away with it for a while). The reason Nagy has cut the playbook into pieces and has Mitch looking at one side of the field is because he doesnt have a choice.
  8. Somebody has to play QB next year. You gonna draft a 2nd round QB and start him? Even if the guy has potential, you might well just ruin him in this atmosphere.
  9. My breaking point today was getting a gift fron the defense first and goal from the 4, running a jet sweep with Patterson and two passing plays. LINE UP AND RUN THE BALL WITH YOUR RUNNING BACK 4 TIMES. If you cant manage one yard per carry, you deserve to lose. Nagy just doesn't understand running the football. He had one good drive, and then got away from it again as fast as he could manage. Then post game he flat out says he didnt run a rushing play at the end because he ASSUMED THEY WOULD LOSE YARDS. Thats freaking crazy talk, what does that say to your linemen?!
  10. Mack doesnt look average, he looks triple teamed. Cant disagree with the rest.
  11. Or here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jefffedotin/2019/10/18/ortho-doc-patrick-mahomes-unique-body-type-may-have-played-role-in-injury/#51e38bf21863 https://www.si.com/nfl/chiefs/api/amp/chiefs/news/this-analysis-from-dr-david-chao-is-consistent-with-what-a-source-familiar-with-the-situation-tells-hlam9blkU0OCqsxV-F9lJQ/ All the sports medicine links I've seen divide it into surgery and nonsurgery, which certainly seems to strongly imply surgery isnt guaranteed requirement. https://health.uconn.edu/orthopedics-sports-medicine/conditions-and-treatments/where-does-it-hurt/knee/patellar-dislocation/ https://www.methodistsports.com/education/knee-education/conditions/kneecap-dislocation/ https://nyboneandjoint.com/blog/football-injuries-kneecap-patellar-dislocation/ https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0363546515576902?journalCode=ajsb The problem is its rare to get a knee dislocation without shredding a bunch of ligaments and cartilage. That didnt happen with Mahomes, so the stock answer isnt appropriate. They couldn't perform surgery now if they wanted to, theres nothing to fix. Its possible they will require some tightening up of the ligaments at some point, but thats just a possibility.
  12. Nope, its the body of work. He needed to take the next step this year and master the offense, prove he's an NFL caliber QB. He did the opposite. They have to dumb the playbook down and cut the field in half just so he can exist. Under perfect circumstances, MAYBE Nagy can scheme him into being alright, but the league caught on to Nagy and caught on to Mitch. That stuff from last year isnt going to cut it any more. Mitch can still get it done with his legs, but thats ultimately a recipe for injury (as we've seen). To be successful in this league in the long run you need to able to climb the pocket, read the defense, and get the ball to the right guy. Big arms and great running is nice, but if you dont have the other thing your time is limited.
  13. Theres no reason to believe he needs surgery, now or in the offseason.
  14. Nagy cant just switch to a power run game, even if he was inclined to (or mentally wired to). The roster is built for his version of the Andy Reid passing attack. There isn't a fullback on the roster. There isnt a tight end that can block down the line. The O-Line is meh, with a rookie center in over is head already, and they havent practiced that kind of scheme. Yes the Bears need to run more, but make no mistake, Trubisky sucking and Nagys offense looking bush league are fatal flaws this season. They went all in on this thing working. If they cant make it go, there is no plan B.
  15. With due regard to Kurt, you also have to ask if Nagys growth as a playcaller, OC, and head coach has been hampered by having to spoonfeed Mitch.
  16. Thats been done. He's also cut the field in half for him so he's only looking in one direction. You cant dumb things down any further. The only times Trubisky has sometimes looked good are when he's in two minute style offense where he can make one read and throw the ball. You cant play a whole game like that, you'll kill your defense worse than they already are.
  17. Thats fine, im not a Darnold apologist. The reality is sample size matters. Peyton Manning threw 28 ints his first season. Point is you gotta draw the line somewhere. Three seasons deep seems reasonable.
  18. Less quick answer, im not interested in comparing Trubisky to other players that wont be Bears. Hes not good enough, thats it. He doesn't see the field and cant run an offense without his head coach literally in his ear. Hes got another 10 games or so to prove differently, but its not going to happen. He seems like a nice kid, but he doesnt have the football accumen or instincts to be a real NFL QB, and trying to design an offense to hide that worked as long as it was going to work. Next season its a blank slate, bring in somebody, draft a mid-late round project and see who steps up.
  19. Quick answer, Mitch has played in 31 NFL games, Darnold has played in 15.
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