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  1. The camera work on that return was one of the coolest things ive seen in a while.
  2. Bears lucky with that safety, keeps the offense off the field.
  3. Why do I feel like this ends with "No I was still right, because he SHOULD have done what I said he would definitely do."
  4. No source connected to Mahomes or the Chiefs is saying that or anything like it.
  5. You have no idea if that is true. This article is from an anonymous alleged doctor that hasnt treated Mahomes, hasnt seen the imaging. He assumes the medial patellofemoral ligament is torn, and there is no evidence of that. The word is there is no ligament damage, the MPFL could have been stretched but remained intact, which fits with a 3 week return.
  6. "Most times for professional athletes, this requires surgery, as the kneecap becomes unstable"
  7. Facts not in evidence. The reports are saying no additional damage to the knee, if the ligaments are intact, what are they gonna operate on? Its essentially a bad sprain.
  8. So much for all the arm chair doctors declaring HE DEFINITELY NEEDS SURGERY.
  9. Well there you go. He clearly was hobbled. They called a running play in a situation that wasnt necessary. If your tailback has a bum elbow you dont call a half back pass in the second quarter and have him throw the ball. Its just unnecessary and the risk isnt worth the reward.
  10. Sigh... His knee was where it was based on how he was running, on a bad ankle he couldn't push off on properly in a play predicated on pushing through the pile.
  11. Theres no evidence hes torn any ligaments at all. Wait for the MRI.
  12. Im watching a guy trying to drive with his legs on a bad wheel and looking awkward. Of course the ankle influenced it, if you cant plant your foot with confidence your entire gait changes.
  13. Is it POSSIBLE not being able to push off on one foot properly could lead to an issue on the other leg?
  14. Cool. Bears gave up 24 today, not 38, and turnovers set up some of that. Great defenses have off days.
  15. Giving up 24 points when your offense turns the ball over twice and has about a million penalties isnt 'terrible'. Its not great but if thats your off game...
  16. Look, this team is what it is. They arent great and they aren't terrible. The defense is elite, but they arent perfect. Losing Hicks was a blow, especially to the run D. Chase is a career backup. The O line isnt very good, but can perform well in the right circumstances. Mitch isnt great, but he could have won today picking up a couple extra first downs with his legs, because it was a close game against an improving team that had a great gameplan, and having to travel a couple thousand miles introduces some new variables. But being very capable of beating the Raiders isnt super bragable.
  17. Oline is mediocre at best. Chase is what we should have assumed he was. Raiders arent a bad team. Bears will go as far as their defense can take then, meaning being perfect all the time and also scoring points. Weve seen this movie before in Chicago.
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