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  1. Billionaire owes multi millionaire some money. Who cares?
  2. Sample size my dude. If you want to look at single games, he managed to lose to the Giants last year somehow.
  3. Honestly I think Alex Smith could win multiple championships with this team if he were healthy. He already knows the system.
  4. Good to here Mitch wont miss an extended amount of time. I still dont think he's going to be good enough, but the Bears need to find out and the worst case scenario is going into another season without a really good idea of what they have. Its good to see Daniel step up and do well, but we shouldnt get too excieted. Right now everybody on the schedule is pulling their Chase Daniel tape, and he's just not good enough to be the answer. Yeah, he may be better than Trubisky from the pocket in some respects right now (nice to see him looking the entire field over and finding 3rd and 4th option
  5. Cohen and Monty have had footing problems on this field today. Might just be a case of not trusting to plant too hard.
  6. Plus having a D line this deep is huge. Didnt miss a beat without Hicks. Sure Mack makes everybody better, but these guys down the roster are GOOD.
  7. Breaking news- Soldier Field turf is still trash. Embarassing.
  8. I think potentially he can. Whats going to make it tough is that every team in the league now knows that as long as you scheme to keep him in the pocket, he's probably not going to hurt you. Trubisky is a good runner and a good athlete, but lets not confuse him with Lamar Jackson. He isn't going to break a lot of plays with his feet if the pass rush is geared to keeping him inside the tackles and a spy is watching him on passing downs. The bottom line is you cant be successful in this league in the long term if you cant be accurate in the pocket. Smoke and mirrors can work for a while, but ult
  9. Theres gotta be something going on there, no? Just a bad bruise or?
  10. With confidence. Confidence my other choices are hot garbage.
  11. He started 12 games his rookie season, dont give me that. Why does everyone have to do backflips to over exaggerate Trubiskys inexperience?
  12. Ok I agree he could turn this thing around, I just think its more likely that we see and improvement to mediocrity rather than solid improvement to 'good'. I think its very unlikely they win anything approaching 12 games due to the schedule, making the playoffs is plausible but I dont think its very likely in the least. They lost a home playoff game to a very meh wildcard team, and the only reason it came down to the final fieldgoal is that the quarterback looked like a deer in the headlights until the final drive of the game. Much like Sunday played out. Thats not sustainable. I'm sayin
  13. Thats a two way street- if he doesnt bring in someone and we burn another season with a QB that doesnt have it, he's guaranteed to be on the street. Bears ownership is pretty patient, and Pace has a lot of other successes to point to- if he brought in somebody next year and the Bears went deep into the playoffs, i'd argue all would be forgiven.
  14. First let me reiterate that I think Mitch should absolute get this entire season to prove he's the guy. But next season? You really want to give a guy 4 complete season to prove he MIGHT be good enough to start? This inexperience argument has got to expire at some point right? Trubisky has 28 NFL starts and 13 in college (plus coming off the bench), thats 41 starts across which is comparable to most 2nd year QBs starting right now: Josh Allen 26 college + 13 NFL = 39 Lamar Jackson 34 College 9 NFL = 43 Sam Darnold 24 college 14 NFL = 38 Baker Mayfield 44 college 14 NF
  15. For this season, there isnt any choice. Next year, if this keeps up, it would be insane not to toss the keys to a new face and see if they look better. Yes, id prefer a name brand QB, but they dont grow on trees. Even a castoff or over the hill guy might be a better option, and if they can come in cold to a new offense and beat Trubisky out in 2020, wouldnt that tell you enough? Mitch cant see the field and that wont change. Jury rigging an entire offense to mitigate that massive problem may be necessary right now, but its not good enough to win a superbowl with. This is far from e
  16. I dont think he's the guaranteed the starter next season if it goes like this. I think its very likely the Bears bring in a free agent QB they think can take them to the SB, and draft another developmental QB, and they have an open competition (whether they phrase it that way or not). Personally I'd rather see what Teddy B or Case Keenum or even Eli could do with this offense than putting more time into the Mitch show.
  17. Thanks. The masturbation stuff is getting all the headlines, the rape is like a buried lead.
  18. Sounds like sexual assault but is there a rape allegation? Edit- didnt mean this to minimize sexual assault, which is a heinous crime. Was wondering if there are additional events.
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