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  1. One of the finest plays youll see on that TD catch. His ceiling might be a good bit lower without Luck but his floor is still solid WR1 territory.
  2. Same here, although sarcasm tags are in order. Nothing is too absurd to not be true today.
  3. Conspiracy theorists are gonna have to explain how BB tricked the Raiders into revoking ABs guaranteed money.
  4. Id take that action. Still a lot of mouths to feed in NE and Brady doesnt have the longball like Big Ben anymore. Top 10 though, easy.
  5. I think theres a worse problem- he doesnt see his receivers when he IS looking for them. Watching tape, even when he makes some time and is looking down field, hes missing guys literally waving their arms at him. Maybe im wrong, but some guys have brains wired to recognize whats happening on a football field at full speed with all its moving parts, and some dont. Its a spacial reasoning thing i think. My take on Trubisky until proven otherwise is he is not equipped to recognize where the ball needs to go if his first option doesn't pan out because he is not sure where his receivers are once a defense is involved.
  6. Yeah I think you have to say he looked last night like he could some day top out at Bortles. Maybe.
  7. I'm cool with the not overreacting critiques. I have no doubt this offense will look better this season. They will clean up the O-line, fix the penalties and drops, get the ball in the hands of the right weapons. But the giant red flag I cant get out of my head is that you have a 3rd year franchise quarterback that cant find receivers if his first read is covered. I dont know how you fix that. And now that everybody in the world knows that to be the case, the repercussions are staggering. The Packers entire game plan was to ignore everything else and try to guess Mitch's first read and cover that guy. They didnt care about the run, they didnt care about every other Bear having one on one with bad matchups on the backside. Seeing the field isnt something you can teach. Yes, Nagee can and will scheme to get the ball out of Mitch's hands quickly and find ways for him to throw to spots where his receivers should be to keep defenses at least a little honest. But thats just a giant bandaid. At the end of the day you just have a clever coach, great weapons, and a bad quarterback. And I dont think you can win a superbowl with a bad quarterback.
  8. "Tramon Williams said “we knew if we could get Mitchell Trubisky to play quarterback we could win.”" https://twitter.com/LilySZhao/status/1169820945344679938?s=20 Ouch.
  9. I actually think the opposite. Mitch seems to have the most success when they snap the ball immediately , and he guns it to his first option. Thats not a compliment.
  10. 3.07 yards per carry, including Mitch scrambling. Nagey made dumb calls but rushing against 8 man fronts isn't getting you the W.
  11. Sure maybe whatever. They were straight playing Robinson one on one. Daring Trubisky to beat them. And your. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, backside options become irrelevant because he aint seeing them. They could have just stopped covering the sidevof the field Trubisky wasnt facing.
  12. 100% Mitch. Nagey didnt call a great game but he couldn't call a great game. Once your QB is revealed and the D is blatently playing man, the jig is up. At this point, the whole league knows Mitch can only be effective if the presnap call will beat the defense and they snap it right away. Cuz he is going to his presnap read or taking a sack. His vision is nonexistent and I don't think thats fixable. Maybe Nagey schemes him to some wins, but who cares? Can you imagine what Belichick would do to him in a big game?
  13. Miller is hurt and wasn't on the field. Cohen probably had more touches than anybody else. This was all on Trubisky, once it became obvious he couldnt read a defense it was wide open for Packers D. Gonna be a long ride.
  14. Why does pulling a pizza halfway done out of the oven create such a terrible product?
  15. Dont like that declined penalty, Bears gotta find a way to keep their offense off the field.
  16. Imo, they dont understand the power of lining up on 3rd and 1 and blowing the other guys off the ball for a new set of downs. Psychologically, its intimidating in a way that tricking your way to a first down never can be.
  17. I said it in the Bears thread, but- Im afraid Mitch has everything a quarterback needs, except locating the right guy to throw it to. Which is bad.
  18. By my count, Mitch has one completion on maybe 3 targets on anything past his first read. He just has not been seeing the field. Plays are there.
  19. Not if the guy under center doesn't scare you.
  20. Felt like the confidence went out of the building after that last Trubisky series.
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