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  1. Mitch has not recognized an open Robinson at least three times. He doesn't look like hes reading defenses, just gunning it to his first option. Thats troubling.
  2. Mitch has everything except locating the open receiver. Thats... not good.
  3. Why dont you add in team scrimmages and Madden simulations too?
  4. Why is Matt Bryant not in navy and orange at this very moment?
  5. The intentions behind these rules are always totally reasonable. Its the reality of their enforcement and the unintended consequences that so often make them a train wreck. I can't tell you exactly whats going to go wrong with this, but whatever it is will look totally obvious in hindsight. I'd bet some cash this isnt the rule in 2020, whatever the next next change ends up being.
  6. Fair. But playing on a wrecking crew best defense in the league might hide a lot of warts.
  7. Let me say this about Amos though, he was a cornerstone of building this defense into what it has become. For where they drafted him, he was a home run on a bad team that needed an identity. Amos backstopped a lot of development that maybe doesn't happen otherwise. The downside of success is the Bears are so good, so strong up the middle especially, Amos skill set is just not as important for this team. The Bears are playing with house money at SS and can gamble on somebody a little more explosive. Its a great move and Amos is going to a Packers team that will really appreciate his skills. Win-win.
  8. Great outcome signing HaHa, I always liked Amos, but feel like he's benefited from the system racking up tackles (good for him, not everbody can tackle). Clinton-Dix should do just as well cleaning up but add an element of ball hawk. Net plus in my mind, and saved money without committing to a long term investment. Bears are slightly more dangerous now.
  9. The problem with that is unless you are willing to renegotiate his contract immediately, the Steelers headache just became your headache.
  10. Im not sure if Brown or the Steelers ends up looking worse at the end of all this. Probably the Steelers given its their second star that is publicly demanding a ticket out of town. I heard an interesting story on ESPN radio this morning- said a former star player (unnamed) told the reporter he was offered a coaching job with the Steelers. When he asked about players skipping practices etc, Tomlin gave him the 'as long as they produce' line. The guy said thanks for the opportunity but no thanks. That franchise is a dumpster fire.
  11. You're not following the argument. This was a side question about QBs vs basketball stars. When there are 12 guys in an NBA huddle, the best one is relatively more important than the 1 QB on a roster of 45. Even though QBs are the most important position in football. Its a question of numbers and the nature of the games. That isn't evidence that BB is more important than TB, its just making a point that a QB can't dominate a game the way a basketball superstar can, but the nature of the game. Which at least suggests that the way the 22 starters are coached COULD BE more important than QB play. I think you could make a real argument that over 20 years BB would be more successful without TB than TB would be without BB. I dont know that I agree with that argument, but its viable.
  12. No safety is worth a starting offensive tackle. Amos is a good player but his skillset is very replaceable. Hopefully in the draft. Callahan is much more valuable and versatile, hut still not worth what a legit tackleis worth. Hes gravy on that defense. Massie is protecting the franchise QB.
  13. Rasheed Wallace?! Ben Wallace?! Basketball- reference has Ben Wallace #4 that season in value over replacement. The Pistons would have has zero chance of winning a title with a replacement level player. Trent Dilfer WAS a replacement level player.
  14. Yeah but the question was comparing basketball superstars to QBs. The basketball star is more important, I think thats an objective truth. Trent Dilfer has a super bowl ring. Can you name an NBA championship team who's biggest star was in the bottom half of the league at his position?
  15. You shouldn't extrapolate and then make ranking comparisons.
  16. Lets put it this way- you take Jordan in his prime and have him play with 4 college players, its still a game. You take Brady in his prime and have him play with 21 college kids, they get blown out of the building.
  17. The correct answer is Rod Thorn. He's the GM that drafted Jordan.
  18. I didnt feel like the game was boring in the moment, but then again I like defense. The fact that the Pats did that and did it after losing Chung without missing a beat was hard to believe. Then I saw that there was exactly ONE play run in the redzone from BOTH TEAMS COMBINED. Yeah, thats crazy. Hard to fault people for finding it boring.
  19. One more time, the play COULD NOT BE, AND WASNT REVIWED. As soon as the referee ruled it incomplete and no one recovered the ball, it was an incomplete pass, for now and forever. From the NFLs point of view, it was instantly permanent. Miller, at that second, could never be ruled down by contact, because he never caught the ball, and no power of god nor man nor Goodell could change that under NFL rules. Youre arguing something equivalent to reviewing a fumble after a play is whistled dead for forward progress. IT CANT HAPPEN. The play is dead and unreviewable at that second, because you cant review forward progress calls. You also cant review incompletions where a loose ball isnt recovered. Thats it. There is no down by contact because there is no catch and no mechanism for making it a catch ever again.
  20. The very, very, very specific rule says that play could not be reviewed, just like a forward progress call cant be reviewed. You can complain about the rule, but it exists and they invoked it.
  21. Yeahh.... your goalposts are shifting. If things that didnt happen would have happened, different rules would have applied. Thanks for clearing that up.
  22. The play was ruled an incomplete pass. Hence the rule on incomplete passes and the circumstances they can be reversed is relevant. Not the rules on things that didnt happen.
  23. If you can find one poster to agree with you, i will conceed you arent irretrievably, inconsolably, utterly, nuts on this subject.
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