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  1. Dude, this rule describes this EXACT situation ""When a pass is ruled incomplete, either team can challenge that it was a catch and fumble...etc". The rules says if the ball isnt recovered you CANT challenge that it was a catch. Am i taking crazy pills here?
  2. "When a pass is ruled incomplete, either team can challenge that it was a catch and fumble and that they gained possession of the ball, if there is a clear recovery. The replay official can also initiate a review of this play if it occurs after the two-minute warning or during overtime. If there is video evidence of a clear recovery by either team, the ball will be awarded to that team at the spot of the recovery, but no advance will be allowed. On fourth down or inside two minutes, the ball will be brought back to the spot of the fumble if recovered beyond it. If there is no video evidence o
  3. from the NFL rule book: ""If there is no video evidence of a clear recovery or the ball going out of bounds, the ruling of incomplete stands." Doesnt get more definitive than that imo. https://abc7chicago.com/sports/catch-fumble-rule-says-incomplete-pass-for-bears/5026324/
  4. It doesnt matter because the ref called it incomplete and nobody jumped on the ball. Theres a rule that specifically addresses that, it CAN'T be reviewed under that circumstance, period, full stop. At that point its just like any other play that cant be reviewed- it cant be because the rule says it cant be.
  5. Right, the bottom line is it was called incomplete and should not have been reviewed. The ref should have said "The ruling on the field was incomplete pass. By rule, because there was no clear recovery, the play is not subject to review."
  6. Apparently that is indeed the rule when the ball is never recovered on a completed pass that is fumbled. Its crazy but there you go. That being said, how any team isnt coached to jump on every loose ball on every single play no matter what is beyond me. That and touch the guy with the ball if hes laying on the ground. Simple habits but they cost teams every week. Edit: more accurately, the play was initially ruled incomplete, and the rule says if there is not clear recovery the play cant be reviewed at all.
  7. Im shocked at the people bad mouthing the Bears as a bad 12-4 team. They beat the Rams and crushed their division. The Eagles are the freaking SB Champions and have gotten hot late. Eagles also just gotten healthy on defense, a very good defense with Fletcher Cox on it. And they lost by a missed fieldgoal that should have been made. Its a bad beat for a young team with no playoff experience. It sucks but to imply the Bears arent for real is absurd.
  8. They threw to the endzone on 3rd down and kicked on 4th with 13 seconds left, im not sure what else they could have done.
  9. In a perfect world, I agree..The problem is any kicker on the street mid season isnt an NFL caliber kicker. Pick your poison. The failure was evaluating Parkey in the first place.
  10. I thought there were a couple 4th and shorts around midfield in the firsr half they would have gone for in the regular season. Stage gets bigger and the gambling gets real.
  11. I thought Nagys playcalling was conservative, especially in the first half. That being said, super bowl champs, you kick a very makeable fieldgoal and move on. You dont have a kicker, this is what happens.
  12. The weirdest thing about the Rooney rule is how bent out of shape people get about it when they are never going to be in line for a job in the NFL.
  13. Thats how the Blackhawks straightened out Patrick Kane years ago. He was becoming a massive distraction to the team and the GM sat him down and told him the coddling days were over, next stop was to trade him and it wasn't going to be to LA or NYC, it was going to be the worst team in the smallest market they could think of. Havent had many problems with Kane since (the rest of the team is another story).
  14. They gotta run something. Sure it wont have bells and whistles, but theyll get a look at some things. Oline will play.
  15. Agreed. The Vikings are a tough matchup and they'll have gotten a good look at the Nagy offense twice. Way rather see Philly or Seattle. If the Eagles lose its irrelevant though.
  16. The playoffs will tell the story of how the Chiefs proceed, I would think. Expectations are sky high. If they struggle running the ball, or have fumbling issues, all bets are off.
  17. If Butler was still playing for NE, Belichick would have him on the sideline watching the Pats lose.
  18. The problem is Josh Allen is the best running back on the Bills by a lot... 😁
  19. If the Panthers offense showed the slightest hint of a pulse last night, things would be a lot more interesting in the bye hunt right now. I think the Bears win out but I doubt the Saints AND the Rams will, and the Bears would have the better division record. Anyway, I think theres still a good shot the Rams puke up another loss, they look rattled. I guess the bigger takeaway is the Rams and Saints look very beatable right now. The Saints have been very fortunate to pull out some wins in games they should have lost lately, that offense looks more pedestrian than dominating. I like t
  20. KC defense isnt built for the post season. Chargers though..
  21. The weather adds another wrinkle. High winds and freezing rain. Should mean good sledding for Williams, but who knows.
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