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  1. If Tannehill could throw the ball 70 yards in the air, that would matter.
  2. Belichick putting Gronk on the field for that hail mary, easy. Mainly because Tannehill cant throw the ball 70 yards in the air for Gronk to knock down.
  3. Gronk has no business out there on defense in his condition, at this point in his career. Classic Belichick smartest guy in the room nonsense.
  4. Is it me or are there a ridiculous amount of commercials in this game?
  5. Its simple. The cheating and domestic abuse stuff has cost them zero dollars. The kneeling stuff was looking to get expensive.
  6. Well... the playoffs currently lead through some combination of Gurley, Kamara/Ingram, and Elliott. If somebody doesn't teach Eddie Jackson to tackle running backs, its gonna be a real short trip through the playoffs.
  7. I hope so. If they lose this week the Packers game looms very large. Yeah, the Packers are bad, but its a pissed off Aaron Rodgers with nothin to lose. I can see a very real path to a decisive game against the Vikings in Minnesota coming off a 1-3 run. And i don't love that.
  8. Comishes gotta make tough calls sometimes. Anybody that pipes up about how black and white everything is (or should be) hasn't done the job... or hasnt done it as well as they probably think they have.
  9. Schedule doesn't get any easier in the next few weeks. I hope they bounce back strong, a losing streak is a bad look around now.
  10. nice drive. upshot of this game may be forcing Nagey to run the ball.
  11. Friend, show me the decision that provides immunity from prosecution for assault for recipients of fighting words. Ill hang up and wait for my answer.
  12. Right but that isnt the context in question. The fighting words doctrine allows the government to prosecute people who use them, it doesnt give every civilian in the vicinity the right to pound the speaker into the gutter.
  13. When the girl tries out for the Chiefs her actions will become relevant to this story, until then, they dont matter.
  14. Doesnt mean you can beat the crap out of her, this is idiotic. Hes a world class athlete, he could easily have badly hurt or killed her. Walk the #### away, its not hard.
  15. Its not hockey in the 1980s, instigating isnt a thing. Especially when he walks back around the corner.
  16. If it was Mahomes, the video would have sold for a lot more to a very different client and we never would have seen it.
  17. The Chiefs are too good to risk dealing with this going on and on with appeals and law suits.
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