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  1. Wowwww Fuller got cut for cap space. That is unforgivable. Wtf.
  2. If Pace trades 2 firsts and a third or anything like that to move up and get the 4th QB in this draft he should be run out of town on a rail. There is what economist would call an irrational bubble on QB value right now. In the last 10 years there are an average of 3 QBs taken in the first round. This year there may be 3 taken in the first 3 picks and almost certainly 5 in the first 15. There might be 6 or 7 QBs in the first round this year and thats crazy. Is this a banner, unprecedented year for QB talent? I dont think so, although it does seems to be a strong year. Whatever the c
  3. Mac Jones will go top 15, maybe top 10. QBs are insanely valued this year. Smart move is to let a tackle or edge rusher fall to the Bears. But Pace, being Pace, will probably trade future picks to move up for a guy that would be a reach at 20 any other year.
  4. I think this is probably true, but Paces history of overpaying for draft moves and trouble evaluating QBs is scary. QBs are being mocked extraordinarily high this draft compared to history, thats troubling. We arent talking about Pace trading massive assets to get the consensus QB1, generational talent. Were talking about him trading massive resources to move up and get the third or fourth or fifth QB that a couple years ago would be a second or third round prospect. This all lines up playing into Paces weaknesses, and the whole NFL is well aware of it.
  5. Both took haircuts to play for great franchises. Nobody is going to bet on themself with this offense around them.
  6. Sure, but we dont know if Watson or Wilson were REALLY available, or available with what the Bears had to offer. My point is, imagine a world where Watson and Wilson rumors didnt exist... who would you expect the Bears to end up starting this year? Its either a rookie or somebody that looks a lot like Dalton... or worse. They are in a horrible position, theres no getting around it. Were all entranced with some miracle that nets us an established franchise QB, but that just doesnt mean there was ever a realistic scenerio where that was going to happen. It is what it is, where in the same place
  7. Thats hyperbole. 10 millions isnt an issue. Thats what you pay a guy you expect to start. Fitzmagic got 10 million to do do what he always does. 1 year, hes a placeholder. Its unispired but its certainly better than doing long term damage with draft picks.
  8. This is what everybody needs to understand about the Bears- the GM is on the last year of his contract. Smart franchises would never let a GM do that- either reup or move him out. Pace has absolutely nothing to lose. So why not trade away three years of draft picks? The 2021 pick MIGHT help you keep your job... the 2022 and 2023 picks certainly wont. And if you were really machiavellian, you might conclude that trading away all the draft picks for several years makes the GM job incredibly undesirable and force the McCaskeys to either keep you or hire some desperate nobody. Pace can be that d
  9. Twitter is going crazy with Wilson to Chicago speculation last night. The books seem to be signaling something is imminent. Is it possible???
  10. You can't avoid busts, drafting is an imperfect science. The Bears have ignored all of these draft concepts repeatedly: - Realize anybody can bust, so don't overpay or fall in love with prospects. Let the draft come to you. - Realize its a numbers game, and continually develop young QBs you think could potentially be a starter. You could find a gem at any part of the draft, but you wont if you never draft any. - Be willing to be wrong. If its not working, move on. These all have one common concept- get yourself as many bites at the apple as you can. Pace did exactly the
  11. Thats the move, and Pace and Nagy hand picked Foles, they ought to have to choke on him. If Wentz thought he was too good to come to Chicago, its a joke to think Carr let alone Watson would agree to a trade here. The franchise has become a leaguewide joke. Thats what happens when theres no leadership from ownership and the lunatics get the keys to the asylum. Why would any QB want to come here when the GM would trade away all the picks that could build a team around you, both tackles suck, and your only weapon at receiver isnt signed? Huge chance everyone gets fired next year and some des
  12. Jim Rome reporting Wentz wants no part of Chicago. Lol. Wentz. Another reason keeping Pace and Nagy hurts this franchise, they are a laughing stock.
  13. Can the Bears cap handle trading for Watson and tagging Robinson? Because if not, why would Watson ever agree to a trade to Houston North?
  14. Disgraceful. Bears from the top down have a tell: everything they tell you is important to them and they value is what they are the most insecure about. And they run from their insecurities rather than address them. Thats the culture and it runs at all levels from George on down.
  15. I would honestly have told Miller to clean out his locker on his way down the tunnel.
  16. Nagy wanted Foles. Thought he could run his system at a high enough level to win a Superbowl. It was, and is, clear that Trubisky isnt consistently good enough to do that, so you roll the dice. Nagy was wrong about Foles, or his system, or both, and he will likely pay for it with his job.
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