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  1. Could, now call me crazy, just walk away and go to sleep on a huge pile of money?
  2. People are allowed to say stupid, hurtful, even evil things in this country without being locked up or legally beaten down. Do you prefer a different system?
  3. i strongly suspect the NFL moved heaven and earth to avoid seeing or acknowledging the existence of that video.
  4. if empathy isnt your thing, lets go to law- words dont justify violence. Ever. Stick with that, youll be fine.
  5. "I murdered a hooker and buried her in the desert and now the NFL is calling the cops?! Wheres the motivation to report a situation to the NFL???"
  6. Im always amused at the hot takes that the NFL is full of crap and repeating the same mistakes. Of course they are. They're less scrupulous than a tobacco company. The ones who are crazy are us for imagining they WOULDNT try to cover this up, or at least turn as blind an eye as humanly possible. Its like their concussion rule- the rule is if you're not a star you get treated one way to make the NFL look like their taking it seriously, but if you are a star you can be huffing smelling salts on the sideline with pupils the size of dinner plates like Kamara was last night and nobody is saying a word. If Hunt was a backup linebacker, he'd be suspended for life already. It is what it is.
  7. I worry about this game. The conventional wisdom that the backup QB will look even better in game 2 with some starting time under his belt is probably wrong. Now theyve got Daniel on tape and 10 days to figure out how to murder him.
  8. I'm not sure what is considered instigation to kick a 19 year old girl while she's huddled on the ground.
  9. 55% of the remaining Mahomies bit it this week 👀
  10. If Lambo could hit a 40 yard field goal i'd still be in. Ah well, was a great year. Always take 3 kickers, lesson learned.
  11. I think the Bears match up with the Saints as well as anybody, strengths vs weaknesses. I dont know that they could beat them in the dome in a playoff game, but I think it would be a dog fight.
  12. 694 out of remaining 1000 have Mahomes on their rosters. Goes down to 500. Gonna be an interesting week.
  13. The Lions at home on Thanksgiving aren't going to be a walkover.
  14. Im pleased with the Bears progress this season. But we're a Jets victory and a Bills victory away from the Dolphins/Patriots losses. They are going to lose more games they should win this season. They may win some games they shouldnt. Its the NFL, and they arent a great team yet.
  15. Followup question, if Winston is still the starter, how do they keep Jackson on this team? Then again, its the Bucks.
  16. And, amazingly, he's left a lot of points and yards on the table. Say what you want, the kids improving. In fits and starts, but he's starting to see things as they develop. He plays better in the second half, which I think demonstrates he comes out jumpy and calms down as the game goes on. That should go away and I think the long ball issue is having confidence to put some air under the ball rather than try to throw it on a rope. He's putting nice touch on the short and intermediate throws now and it looks great. If he can take that next step and start throwing guys open down field, watch out.
  17. Is Gordon planning on making plays on any balls that dont come directly to him?
  18. Trubisky had one interception. Staring his receiver down and then throwing it into double coverage in the endzone. He started really flat but picked it up nicely. Made a couple other bad decisions he got away with, but overall i think he had a decent game. This team puts up 28 points they should win every time. If Osweiller didnt throw the ball directly to Fuller twice it would have been even worse. I haven't seen that bad a defensive performance out of the Bears in a while.
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