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  1. Followup question, if Winston is still the starter, how do they keep Jackson on this team? Then again, its the Bucks.
  2. And, amazingly, he's left a lot of points and yards on the table. Say what you want, the kids improving. In fits and starts, but he's starting to see things as they develop. He plays better in the second half, which I think demonstrates he comes out jumpy and calms down as the game goes on. That should go away and I think the long ball issue is having confidence to put some air under the ball rather than try to throw it on a rope. He's putting nice touch on the short and intermediate throws now and it looks great. If he can take that next step and start throwing guys open down field, watch out.
  3. Is Gordon planning on making plays on any balls that dont come directly to him?
  4. Trubisky had one interception. Staring his receiver down and then throwing it into double coverage in the endzone. He started really flat but picked it up nicely. Made a couple other bad decisions he got away with, but overall i think he had a decent game. This team puts up 28 points they should win every time. If Osweiller didnt throw the ball directly to Fuller twice it would have been even worse. I haven't seen that bad a defensive performance out of the Bears in a while.
  5. Mack has been dropping back in coverage A LOT today. Confusing.
  6. I think this next game against the Dolphins is going to tell us a lot about the Bears. Having the bye week, they SHOULD come out with another great game plan and run over Miami. But theyre a young team, and it wouldnt be surprising if they lost some focus during the break and came out flat. Thats not the end of the world, but would pump the breaks on just how ready they are for the big time. Hopefully they pick up were they left off, of course, and I think that would say a lot about the coaching and team leadership. Mitch was obviously lights out, but man the O-line kept him clean against Tampa. Theres no way Miami lets him stand back there and pick them apart. It will be interesting to see if the lights really went on for him. Finding the right guy and putting touch on his passes made all the difference. Lets see if he can do it under duress.
  7. Thats what hes known for. If nothing else he need to break up the int possibility. Cant wait for the ball to come to him there.
  8. It was underthrown a bit but Robinson has to go up for that ball.
  9. By his logic nows the perfect time to trade Mack for draft picks to replace Trubisky. Stock at all time high.
  10. Dorsett down. First good news of the game for the Pats.
  11. problem is a journeyman makes you good enough to lose in the playoffs. They are all in on Trubisky making them a Super Bowl contender. which is the right approach in my mind. He might fail, but you went big. The Bears have spent a couple decades being good enough to lose.
  12. Without Wilson over trying, they are Buffalo.
  13. I saw two passes that he out some touch on (the Cohen lob and the Miller TD). He needs to build on that. He can make those nice touch passes on the move, but hasnt been able to in the pocket. Seems like nerves to me (hence happy feet). I wonder how much damage the Fox regime did to this kids instincts.
  14. Something i've noticed about Mitch so far- he can put the ball in spots where his receivers can make a play on it, which is good, but you dont see him throwing guys open or throwing to a spot very well or often (hence that missed touchdown down the sideline to Robinson). I hope that comes with experience, but if he just isnt seeing the field that way, thats a big problem.
  15. One other thing- if the Mack trade hadnt happened, the biggest topic of conversation today would be 'where was Roquan Smith'? They needed his speed and quickness when the Pack went into that quick pass offense, thats exactly why you draft him.
  16. You want to extend Trubisky in the middle of his rookie contract? No one player is 'the solution'. But Mack is the reason they didnt lose that game by 20.
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