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  1. getting too conservative here. Gotta get points or youre gonna lose. Air it out, go down swinging.
  2. i hate that call, dont care if it got the first down.
  3. Gotta get Robinson back involved, stretch the field.
  4. Fullers coverage was fine. No over top help, got pushed off, perfect throw, perfect catch. Not much he could do.
  5. Randall Cobb thinking, i dont get paid enough for this...
  6. Omg I haven't seen a defensive player take over a game like this since Urlacher in that Arizona game.
  7. Taking him for xray? Thats not good. Could be a bone.
  8. Im ok with going on 4th, not enough teams do it according to the stats nerds. Plus Rodgers is in the tent. Worth the gamble. Just execute better than that!
  9. Id rather see a hardcount there if youre gonna use a timeout. Waste.
  10. He's been all over the field though. Now that he doesn't have to be your big speed rusher, Fangio can use his versality and athleticism in a lot more ways.
  11. First misfire for Trubisky. Robinson just broke Kings ankles.
  12. Oh yeah America, did you know about Akiem Hicks? That was a triple team he bullrushed,for the record.
  13. Wooo! This game could not have started better for the Bears. Really impressive all around.
  14. Mack in for two plays, two pressures and forces a holding flag. Yuuup.
  15. All those chances to win the game on the last drive... and Ryan never gave his receivers a chance to make a play. That explains a lot about him. You cant just keep throwing everything out of the back of the endzone, at some point you have to give Julio Jones a shot to out-leap the defenders or Ertz to box them out and make catch. He was playing to avoid a mistake, not to put a knife in the Eagles hearts.
  16. a savvy GM drafts a QB every year in the first round, in case the last years sucks.
  17. So much criticism of Pace comes down to 'The Bears have always been a disaster and therefore whatever Pace does must be a disaster.'
  18. Not this year. Not next year. Oh, not the year after. And... in the long run, were all dead.
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