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  1. Mack in for two plays, two pressures and forces a holding flag. Yuuup.
  2. All those chances to win the game on the last drive... and Ryan never gave his receivers a chance to make a play. That explains a lot about him. You cant just keep throwing everything out of the back of the endzone, at some point you have to give Julio Jones a shot to out-leap the defenders or Ertz to box them out and make catch. He was playing to avoid a mistake, not to put a knife in the Eagles hearts.
  3. a savvy GM drafts a QB every year in the first round, in case the last years sucks.
  4. So much criticism of Pace comes down to 'The Bears have always been a disaster and therefore whatever Pace does must be a disaster.'
  5. Not this year. Not next year. Oh, not the year after. And... in the long run, were all dead.
  6. this was a talented 1st round. Bears getting Fuller, could have done a lot worse.
  7. 6 years. Niiiice. Pace has pulled off a coup. If you think of what this roster looked like a couple years ago conpared to now... wow.
  8. Assuming he takes a flight and not a covered wagon, yes. Playbook? Hes a defensive end- 'Go get Aaron Rodgers' is perfectly acceptable for game 1.
  9. Thats fair, but i dont think many Bears fans think they are the best team in the division. But they are definitely in the conversation now, and i think a playoff birth is realistic, but not by any means a sure thing.
  10. I rescind my argument that this is still a rebuilding year. This team should challenge in the division now.
  11. I don't think you can overstate Macks impact on this defense. Hes the missing piece. People forget how disruptive Akeem Hicks has been, and half the time he's been the only real threat on that line. Now offenses are going to have to pick their poisons. And if Floyd can stay on the field... there is just no way you can scheme with blocking against 3 pass rushers like that. This should be something very special.
  12. You draft a top first rounder PRAYING you get a guy like this. And the Bears wont be drafting in the top 5 any time soon, so its moot.
  13. This has got to be contingent on signing Mack to a long term deal, right?
  14. Taylor Gabriel is his immediate problem. I like Miller a ton, but he's going to be fighting for snaps. Factor in White (who's been playing pretty well and would be a big red zone threat) and maybe Wims, and god help us but Bellamy always manages to be on the field somehow. Plus you have 2 pretty good pass catching tight ends... oh and Cohen. There are just a lot of mouths to feed on an offense that might not be very efficient anyway. If Miller is going to have any real fantasy value outside of best ball leagues, he has to beat out Grabriel, and thats no lock. Miller has a way higher ceiling, but rookies make mistakes, and mistakes lead to turnovers. Nagy may want to ease him in this season, and with all these options, thats just not a recipe for fantasy success in my mind.
  15. Its difficult to ignore players getting injured when the health of players is a big part of the game you are playing.
  16. I don't feel strongly one way of the other that theyre keeping Trubisky off the field these last two weeks. After the injury scares in game 2, I can appreciate the idea that the Bears offense is going to show up healthy and intact game 1, regular season, and to hell with preseason 'this is kinda real kinda not' craziness. Yeah he needs the snaps, but i think its debatable how useful preseason snaps are. That being said, I think the Trubisky honeymoon window with the fans and pundits is a lot smaller than it appears. Its not that he needs to go out and put up elite stats and win 12 games, but he has to start showing something more than just the occasional flash. If we see 2 or 3 games of 'meh', now that he has had the whole offseason of prep and all these new weapons, the heat is going to turn up REAL fast. Maybe i have a selective memory, but I cant think of many elite QBs that started out really mediocre for two seasons and then flourished into a gamebreaker (im sure there are examples). At this point in his development, I'd rather see a bunch of Ints but also a bunch of big plays down the field, rather than a sub 60% completion percentage but reasonable turnover numbers. It seems like Nagy thinks that too, but we will see.
  17. Pump the brakes. 7th round pick had two great pre-season games. Comparisons to Randy Moss may be premature.
  18. Well, it depends on how much contract you're potentially willing to eat. A few years ago i had to do the dance under contract (new equipment is the only time i accept a contract), I had a few month left, a hundred bucks to cancel or something like that, so i disconnected anyway, the fee showed up on the last bill but i just called back as a normal cancelled customer and got the great deal. I seem to recall not having to pay the fee after it all shook out. Or to put it more simply- once you've cancelled and they are trying to win you back, the old contract isnt putting holds on the good offers.
  19. Called back the 870 number. She initially said there were no Ticket offers showing up, put me on hold, came back with free Max plus $60 off for the year, no commitment. Good enough. Never had to actually disconnect.
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