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  1. Hmm, made my first call of the year. Maybe I was a bit early but i wanted to get it rolling. Noticeable differences: - The robut operator sent me straight to the cancellations department when i requested to cancel service. Didnt have to argue through the front line minion. - This threw off my patter a little bit as I always say i was just disconnected from the cancellation department, operator said she was with cancellations and i must have not gotten very far because it wasnt logged. Meh - She literally scheduled my disconnect before even trying to toss me an offer. - Offered 40 a month off the bill, and absolutely nothing else. Didnt even offset the ticket. I declined politely. Conclusions: they are definitely stingier this year on the front end, and i suspect there are some notes in my file that I havent paid for the ticket in ten years or whatever. The operator was polite enough but seemed uninvested in keeping me, which is new. Normally I would have hung up and tried my luck with a different one, but I would probably end up cancelling anyway so why waste time. And they absolutely aren't dangling the free ticket to keep you like they have in the past, at least on the front end. I'll toss an update if and when i get the deal I want, and if not (for some reason), I got no problem walking either. Edit: Oh and the cancellation process is totally different now that they want you to take the equipment to a shipping center (i #####ed about that, didnt even make a dent). Which also means they can disconnect you like instantly, which implies there wont be a time lag between cancellation and service cut off to reach a deal. I had her delay it a while to see if i got any calls, or if not i'll call the number and see what happens. Dont really want to go through a service cut off if its not necessary.
  2. But they GOT a second rounder. So they ultimately gave up a 4th, which isnt chump change, but 2nd rounders should be starters, 4th rounders you expect to ve backups/special teams. If Miller ends up a starter, its a home run.
  3. Depends if you really think Bears are a bottom 10 team next year. I don't, especially after this draft. This was the tank year, next season should be massively improved, not SB contenders, but should be vying for a playoff spot.
  4. Good teams dont need to make as many agressive moves, because they dont have gaping holes on their rosters. They traded a 2nd this year for a second next year, which is a wash. In reality he gave up a 4th but get a year ahead in development for that draft pick.
  5. Im so excited with Miller, if you believe in X factors, this kids got it. He was a walk on, got a chip on his shoulder (in a good way). Just a football player.
  6. Poor mans Larry Fitz. He's a technician with great hands, goes and gets the ball.
  7. Its really really hard to jump up 15 or 20 spots. Can you imagine the Patriots trading with the Giants? What kind of a kings ransom would it take? But if you can get up in the top 10, then you can talk to a top 5 team, theyre only moving back a couple spots. The sum of what you pay the two teams is less than you would have to pay to do the big move.
  8. Yeah thats true. But if 4 QBs actually go, Barkley, Nelson, and Chubb would all have to be gone before its even a decision imo. The draft isnt too top heavy but that because its diluted with mediocre QBs in a QB feeding frenzy, meaning a top 3 talent could legit fall to 8.
  9. Unless Pace goes completely off the reservation (which historically speaking isnt impossible), the Bears are going to get a really good football player, and possibly one of the top players in this draft. I dont think they should trade down, the blue chippers are difference makers in the NFL. Yes you need depth and lots of picks to work out for you, but those guys are much easier to otherwise acquire. The top 5 non-QBs in this draft may NEVER see the open market.
  10. If the Bears were going to have a trade partner, I think it would have already happened so the partner could parley the #8 to move up again on draft night. If a team covets one of the QBs enough to pay what theyd have to pay, they wouldnt leave it to draft night chance.
  11. They ought to have known, the Bears just paid Taylor Gabriel 6.5/year and he's never caught more than 36 balls in a season. I mean, Kenny Stills is making 8 milllion a year, Ryan Grant just got paid 5 million for a year. If anything its a little surprising Meredith didnt get more, even coming off the injury. The market for meh WRs is right around 5 a year.
  12. Its really not that much. Depending on how much is up front, 5 million a year is totally reasonable. Brandon LaFell is making 4.5/yr. The way I look at it- not only would Meredith potentially be a really strong WR2, he's also important insurance. God forbid Robinson goes down, all the sudden your receiving corp looks no better than it did last season, and thats not acceptable.
  13. Its really hard to say yes or no on this without knowing how the Saints offer is structured, but if you can get Meredith for a couple years at a reasonable price, you should. Across from Robinson, or you could move him inside... anything to give Mitch more toys to learn with. Theyve got cap space and arent going to the superbowl this year.
  14. I think they are setting themselves up for success in the draft. Wont need to go chasing. Anything on the o-line or almost anywhere on the defense will be fine as long as they are good.
  15. Burton caught 27 passes last year. The Bears were always going to roster more than 1 tight end, so how big of a downgrade could it possibly be?
  16. He's coming off a broken shoulder, so I dont see any reason he wont be ready to play. Whether he can stay healthy is another matter. I don't think the Bears gain anything by cutting him, and he probably has no trade value, so I would not be surprised to see him in camp. He may just not make the team. But its interesting thinking of him as a 4th WR, you dont expect too much and he could be a pleasant surprise. Could be a matchup problem in a spread of Robinson, Meridith, and Shaheen- not a lot of teams can roll enough DBs out to account for four 6'3+ receivers that can run.
  17. I love this move. The safe move would be paying for Landry, who, yes of course he's an upgrade (everyone is an upgrade) but in my opinion is an icing on the cake guy, not a carry the receiving corp guy. Robinson is a legit WR1 who will scare defenses and will be the guy that creates opportunities for the other receivers on the team. Robinson-Merideth may not be the most conventionally scary combo in the NFL, but the potential is there to be something special.
  18. My take: 1) Coaching hires are like draft picks, unless you arent totally off the reservation, there is no way to tell if it was a good pick until a least a couple years in. Nagy is on everybodys list, this wasnt a reach. 2) I like how decisively this went down. Shows this isnt the Bears franchise were used to agonizing over decisions until all the best guys are gone. Pace new what he wanted and he went and executed. We'll find out if it was the right guy, but much like the Trubisky pick, he pushed his chips in without hesitation, and thats what you want. If its wrong, its wrong and he'll be fired. But he isnt playing it safe and worrying about covering his ###. 3)Nagy is the right kind of coach the Bears desperately need. I dont know if he's the right guy, and nobody does. We will find out. But the Bears needed a younger guy with new ideas, familiar with how offenses are evolving in this league. A guy whos fortunes you can tie to Trubiskys makes a ton of sense. If you went defense, or someone just older and less cutting edge, sure you could try to get a hotshot OC to take up the slack, but then you have to hit on both the HC and OC, and if they OC is successful he'll get hired as an HC somewhere else and you are back to square one. Continuity wise, this makes sense. We saw how many coaches and offenses Jay went through over the years, it was ridiculous. 4)If Nagy hits, and if Trubisky hits, and if Pace does a good job, you have the ingredients for greatness, no question. Imo, thats how you build championships, by taking measured risks and building on the successes while not holding on to the fails for dear life. I have no idea if this crew will succeed, but if they do, it will be special. Thats what you want.
  19. You upgrade the line every time. Meredith is coming back and you look for help in FA, grab a WR later in draft. A great O Line makes everything better, a poor O Line doesn't matter if you have Jerry Rice out there.
  20. Same. Great to see NFL with some potential superstar replacements for Brady and Brees, to see them both go down just suuuucks.
  21. This just makes me angrier at Fox and Logins. Wait til they're desperate for their jobs to call a big boy offense.
  22. Evans been a season killer, through little fault of his own. Weird.
  23. Starting with complete and utter confidence. Woooooo!
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