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  1. People remember what you do in the first week of February. This is why you're a loser Fox.
  2. I will say this- I still have an open mind on Pace, and dont think you can totally judge a GM for at least 3 years because thats just the nature of developing a football team when youre starting with a dumpster fire. However, I was just thinking about how awful the Saints looked at the end of Pace's term as director of player personnel, and what they look like now talent wise. Gotta admit thats not a good sign.
  3. Im sick if hearing how the Bears organization is so diseased, everything they do is doomed to failure. if thats the case, bail out. Why complain about the allegedly inevitable? when all the McCaskeys die out, come on back, but that wont be for decades.
  4. You could argue bringing in crap kickers in a rebuilding year is a stroke of brilliance to preserve your draft position.
  5. To be fair, George Hallas was the coach for about half that time.
  6. How you rank him lower in ppr? He's averaging like 4 catches a game.
  7. he just looks slow in his decision making. hope that improves with experience but starting to think this is just him. doesnt mean he cant be good with great help around him, but im seeing joe flacco.
  8. This isnt an 8-2 team even if Vince Lombardi was coaching them. This is a team of mediocre talent that occasionally outperforms but usually underperforms. Like most of the NFL. Yes they have bad coaches, but most of the NFL has bad coaches. The Bears are just tragically average, at best.
  9. If players don't know the playbook week 11, it's the playbooks fault, not the players. It's the coaches job to get the best players on the field, not the best plays.
  10. For me, the salt in the wounds is seeing Shaheen catch that nice play action TD, or Howard on a nice screen pass. You see this once a game and it like- where has his been, and why does it go away in the second half?! It's not rocket surgery, just competent play calling- the plays are 30 years old. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, you have a great running game, use those West Coast staples and you will at least look competent.
  11. Challenge call, results in losing the ball. Peak John Fox.
  12. Watson is a totally different player, and history hasn't been kind to QBs that rely on their athleticism that much. League catches up with them, forces them to play in the pocket, a series of knicks and injuries they lose a step, you've got the next RG3. Trubisky is in the Steve Young mold, which is good, if he can live up to it. But it takes longer to develop for sure.
  13. 2 minutes, 2 time outs, 2 downs to get a yard, they throw twice turn it over on downs. I'm done with Loggins, he is the worst in the league.
  14. What's it say about Shaheen that millers out, games on the line, some guy named Brown is out there.
  15. Trubisky has a bad habit or ending his drop and sort of bouncing on his heels instead of cocking and throwing. Clearly he's figuring out defenses and trying to survey the field, but he holds the ball too long and it's a bad habit to be in. He looks worlds better when he has the presnap read and just makes the throw.
  16. There are a world of outcomes, but a limited number of ways to manage a game. Fox is going to win as many games as possible and this is how he believes he can do it. He's 2-1 with Mitch. One would expect the playbook to open up both as the kid improved and game situation dictates. For the moment, it's been demonstrably effective, and it's hard to argue with success. Personally think winning is unimportant this season and developing Trubisky is paramount. I still have hopes that there are plenty of games this season, and by seasons end it will be a very different offense. Teams rarely, almost never have an opportunity to bring along a QB this deliberately. IF it works, how can you argue with it? From a 'you ain't getting this kid good enough to take you to a Superbowl this season, so get over it' point of view, taking time makes sense to me and I don't care that he won't be ready to go into a shootout with New Orleans if the D comes back to earth.
  17. Would you guys rather see: 1)Trubisky put up yesterdays stat line and the Bears win. 2)Trubisky throw for, say, 250y 2td, 3 turnovers and lose by 10. Honestly curious.
  18. We can agree theyve won the last two games. We can agree rookie QBs with terrible receivers turn the ball over. We can agree turning the ball over makes you lose games. My point is, there is a very good case that minimizing what your rookie QB does is the best way to maximize wins. That might mean you get your doors blown off in other games, but if you objective is to eek out as many wins as possible, that isnt really relevant. Moreover, its a long season. If this is what we see in week 15, i'll be a lot more upset. Right now, i dont really care. But i am confused by the complaints that the Bears arent winning enough and also that they arent letting their rookie sling the ball all over the field when their defense is smothering opponents.
  19. You can argue winning games is the most important thing and tanking a season to let your franchise QB develop is sacrilege. You can argue letting the rookie QB open up and throw the ball all over the field (and very very likely turn the ball over multiple times) is more important than winning. But I dont see how you can argue both.
  20. Well and good, but NOW every other team in the league certainly have an entirely valid reason to want no part of his circus. Is it a legitimate worry that the day Kaepernick gets benched his girlfriend goes full blow SJW on the franchise? Its certainly a very real possibility. Why would anyone put their business in that position on purpose?
  21. Yeah cant argue with that. The first couple series last week were dynamic and he looked great. No idea why they got away from the play action and sprint outs.
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