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  1. I dont know if this defense can cover anybody, but theyre gonna get after the quarterback like crazy and make running difficult. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.
  2. When you cant make the Bear wide receiver stable.... after the best of them goes down. Poor dude.
  3. He's always been well served by his assistants. Theres something valuable to that, i suppose.
  4. Ok, thats indefensible. The decision, not the screen pass, that was very defensible.
  5. Bears said they wanted him to prepare for the game as though he were the starter. Makes sense to me.
  6. Trubisky gets hit and breaks his shoulder and all the same voices would be #####ing about throwing him out there with a bunch of soon to be used car salesmen protecting him in an utterly meaningless game.
  7. The scary part for me is that when he does get back theres no guarantee that he's 'right'.
  8. I'd be careful- once the season starts you're locked in with the Ticket at full price under contract.
  9. I wouldn't describe Hunt as agile. Tarik Cohen is agile. Hunt has a nice cut move at full speed. I'd say he's a classic one cut back, which works in this offense. He doesn't have the top end speed to house that, but it's still interesting. I think his pass catching could be the most impressive part of his game, but he's got to master pass blocking to own that spot. I find the guy really interesting, not that I think he'll be great, but he's a unique case. I don't like his value where he's going right now, but I'm interested to see how it plays out.
  10. Those holes are enormous! Good for Toledo. *Hunt does show some nice open field moves for sure.
  11. Its a good question, what does special mean. To some extent, theres a 'I know it when I see it' factor, but thats hardly fair. So- top end speed, if you can run away from defenders, you have the homerun potential. Raw power- if you can blow up the pile even with the box stacked against you, you're going to score touchdowns. Some combination of elusiveness, vision, explosiveness, and ability to break tackles. Thats hard to define, because its really more than a sum of its parts, and different guys can excel at different facets. But i think you have to be great at some of those to be great. Being very good at all of them doesnt get you there. ELITE quickness, hands, and vision in the passing game (Sproles at his best) could get you there. Anyway, those are the things I look for. Rookies are tough, most everybody looks special on the college highlight reels, thats why they were drafted. Trying to figure out if that will translate means looking for things they are great at, because the things they are just good at make them average in the NFL, at best.
  12. Its also a measure of bad tackling. which there is plenty of in Mid-American.
  13. Now hang on, i'm playing devils advocate here. I think he's probably going to be better than JAG, I dont think he's going to be special, but he doesnt need to be special to be a solid or even top end RB2. I stand by Hunt playing small. Here's a link to a bunch of runs. He's willing to hit the pile, but he doesnt move the pile like a Mashawn Lynch or even a Spencer Ware. He does have a talent for 'leaning' for extra yards, which i pointed out is just as valuable as bull rushing for it. Moreso, because it one less hit getting piled up. Will that translate to goal line work or will he run into the pile and for no gain consistently? i dont know, and i suspect that answer will have huge implications for his value. http://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2017/08/24/film-study-kareem-hunt-hard-to-tackle-part-ii/2/
  14. To play the other side of the fence- he could be a poor mans Matt Forte without the 5th gear. Slides away from big hits so he doesnt fumble or get hurt, doesnt have many negative yardage plays, versatility in the passing game. 3 down back that is a fixture/safety valve in a short yardage offense. All purpose and PPR no brainer, but wont do as well in TD only and standard leagues. A compiler without the home run (and possibly goal line) love.
  15. I dont think theres any question on opportunity, but the old saying goes 'opportunity gets you fired'. If, talent wise, he's just another guy in that backfield that gets blown up on short yardage plays, yeah he's still got value but its more like RB3 value in that mix of slop tier.
  16. Here's some devils advocate questions: What does Hunt excel at? What are his strengths? Who's a good comparison? From what I see, he's pretty good at a lot of things, but not great at anything. He's fairly big, but plays small, but he's not quick. He's got some wiggle and avoids big hits, doesnt fumble, but doesnt make guys miss either, and he's not going to run away from anybody. He doesnt run anybody over for extra yards, but he might miss the big hit and fall for extra yards. It makes sense he's a Chief, because he's a mediocre to decent talent that doesnt do anything to inspire. I'd actually compare him to Ware, but less physical. Ok, tear that apart for me please
  17. Still a flyer. Seems like Wright is gonna see a ton of targets, probly good value in PPR.
  18. that looked brutal. bad sign when they stop showing the replay.
  19. Im tired of seeing every analysis on FBG spending half the content on best ball leagues. The same thing happened every time a new fad takes off, auction, IDP, etc. I've got no problem with discussing best ball, but the vast majority of players, let alone subscribers, dont play in those leagues. Why tilt so much coverage to it? End rant.
  20. Didnt bother to push it this year, just did the normal cancellation department routine, got Max free, usual $15 off the monthly, some free HBO. Took 15 minutes.
  21. Reminder on the $200 VISA cards- they have a super short expiration date, I think mine last year was February of '17 and i didnt get my card till late September. When they expire, the money is gone (its not life a normal gift card, these are promotional so its legal).
  22. That's where things get interesting. Pace can keep Trubinksy off the field one way or another, but will he have the balls to go to the mattresses with Fox over it, if Fox is determined to play him.
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