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  1. Well, if its the explosive diarrhea it looked like it might have been, whadya gonna do?
  2. That's a man thats gotta poop. Maybe Cleveland slipped him the ol brown bottle trick.
  3. Landry just slipped, seen a couple others. Baker looks a little tentative on his cuts.
  4. NFL oks garbage fields all the time. Otherwise the Bears would never play a home game.
  5. They can swap out the actual cleats from those shoes, I assume they will at half.
  6. Franchises should be fined if their fields are garbage, too much money involved. Go get freaking field turf.
  7. Old school reference to Fragile Freddy. Respect.
  8. First and goal at the two, Montgomery on the sideline. Never change Nagy.
  9. Hes learning from Jimmy Graham. How to be a stiff with suspect hands.
  10. Nobody in the NFL is bad enough to be this sloppy against. Basically begging the Eagles to step up and win this game.
  11. I think weve seen enough of the David Moore show.
  12. You got Chris Carson, who looks fresh and explosive, and thats your play calling?
  13. Worst part is how confused Trubisky looked after the int. Buddy, you threw into straight up double coverage and it never looked liked anything else. Mooney never had a chance. Mitchy does not see the field.
  14. Im sure they would but Josh McCown is a replacement level backup QB. There arent 32 of them waiting for phone calls.
  15. Only the NFL could justify playing the games Sunday but canceling practices next week.
  16. Needed to get the ball out sooner, before he broke open. But thats top level QB ####
  17. If its me I want that clock running down to 2 minutes more than the 5 yard loss.
  18. If you were going to call a timeout there anyway, its a no brainer challenge.
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