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  1. Then argue with the officials, not the rule. I think a lot of you young bucks don't remember the early 2000s when Roy Williams broke 4 guys legs in one season with horse collars. Used to be called the Roy Williams Rule.
  2. When guys legs start getting broken having their hair pulled, we can talk.
  3. Complete lack of discipline on Seattle defense letting Cardinals back in this game. Stupid stuff.
  4. I dont care who you are, if you surprise your spouse with a new car you're a ####.
  5. Jordan Howard is available, we'll, not for tonight but overall https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1328413003667083265?s=20
  6. Trubisky. Lol. Seriously it will probably be a spaghetti at the wall situation, but expect Patterson to see more carries than he should. Nagy doesn't want to run the ball anyway so it's a great excuse, but they do love seeing Patterson run into a wall of tacklers two yards deep in the backfield, so im sure they'll do that a little more than usual.
  7. If you can get Mooney as insurance for AR, hes a good start if AR can't go Monday night. I'd even play Miller in a pinch.
  8. I feel pretty confident he suits up. He's been practicing if limited and the guy is a good soldier. That being said, he might not see a full workload, so buyer beware.
  9. He whiffed on a blitz pickup and got Russ sacked pretty stiffly. That's not great.
  10. Arob went straight down to a knee on the sideline, refs made the right call.
  11. Why do punt returners decide not to field them and then just stand there and let them take a random bounce a foot away from their legs?
  12. It's the one thing he does really well. You need 1 yard, Montgomery gets you 2. You need 3 yards, Montgomery gets you 2.
  13. You haven't been watching this inexplicable Bears season apparently.
  14. Everybody was jumping on the pile, blow the whistle lame brains.
  15. Glad Jackson is back on the sideline. Just had an OBJ flashback.
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