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  1. Because the o-line is significantly worse this year? Exhibit A- Forte's production compared to last year. Orton isn't playing behind this O-line. For that matter, Cutler STILL has a better QB rating so far than Orton had last season, not to mention adding almost a hundred yards and a touch with his feet. Orton's been hit 15 times this season, Cutler's been hit 30... and that's not taking into account the fact that Cutler can escape far better than Orton. Are you seriously considering any Indy or NE offensive line in the last 10 years to this Bears line? Have you been watching? There are D
  2. Doesn't have much choice when Cutler is getting mugged on a 3 step drop. Throwing out the 5 and 7s is pretty much just inevitable. Anybody who thinks Orton would be better with this O-line, please explain to me how in gods name that is possible. The only thing keeping this offense alive and respectable is Cutler's ability to move around in the pocket, roll out, and run for first downs. Orton would be in a coma by now.
  3. Anybody remember when Cincy had a godawful o-line and no running game to speak of? How did Palmer look? How does he look now?
  4. Specifically, I don't think Isaac Bruce is going to get in and you will have another camp making the case for him at the same time. And Bruce has the rings and the numbers on Ward.
  5. Pick the other 4 guys that go with him. Troy Brown has 3 rings.
  6. That's a great question, but it doesn't help Ward's case. It hurts it. Carter was better at everything Ward is praised for (blocking, etc). And he's been passed over twice. What kind of HoF is going to have Hines Ward but not Chris Carter?Lets get to brass tacks as David suggests:Of the current HOF, each decade pretty much has 5 WRs that played the bulk of their careers in that decade (well the 80s has 4 and 90s 1). If that holds true, give me the 5 WRs from the 00s that go to the HOF and how Hines Ward fits into that picture.Here's your list, pick 5 WRs that played the bulk of their careers
  7. Where does that show up on the stat sheets? In five years nobody is going to remember his role in these playoffs, just the stats.Ward is a great player but he isn't HOF material imo. His numbers are FAR closer to Muhsin Muhammad than Randy Moss, that is answer enough in itself. If and when this conversation is happening in 5-10 years, there are not only going to be a slew of new HOF inductees like Harrison, Moss, TO, and Holt, but there will be a bunch of active guys like Fitzgerald, Smith, Boldin, Wayne, Andre Johnson etc that will be dwarfing Ward's stats. Its hard to bring a guy like Ward
  8. We all want to see the violence stop, but the record of gun confiscation in Canada, the UK, and Australia shows it actually increases crime, particularly violent crime, and doesnt do much to reduce crime via firearms (if at all). The states that have gone to concealed carry in the US have seen their crime rates drop faster than those that dont have it. The problem is there are people who DONT want to see the madness stop, and they are the ones who wont obey the gun laws. Instead they will have all of us at their mercy unless a cop happens to be 5 feet away. Firearms level the playing field, an
  9. I don't know, but I know that you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight.You keep a machete as protection when you are still on probation for gun charges and a violation of the probation will send you to jail.A better question is where was Sean's posse or at least some friends or security guards.Security guards sure but i think Tank Johnson might argue with you on the posse idea. The whole things just sad and its crazy to second guess a person put in a life or death situation in the dead of night- you cant expect them to act perfectly rationally (the number of people shot by cops on drug raids
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