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  1. That is exactly what the Bears offense does to you, you play defense for thirty seconds and then you're returning a punt.
  2. That is exactly what the Bears defense does to you, you're having a nice smooth drive and all the sudden you're punting.
  3. Exactly. I'm not championing Montgomery, I'm making a point about the situation. Anybody who wants to slam the waiver wire on Lamar Miller ought to take the into consideration (which, for the record, avoiding negative plays has been a strength of his as well). You cant earn fantasy points if you arent on the field, and you wont stay on the field if you dont make the coaches happy. Nobody is very happy owning Bears running backs this season, and I doubt that will change. But RBs still cost a premium, especially during bye weeks and with injuries mounting. Having an educated guess about what Mo
  4. Bears run blocking is atrocious. Montgomery isn't elite, but one thing he does very, very well is avoid negative plays. If you watch how often he's hit in the backfield or has no semblance of a hole but still eeks out a yard or two... that really important. 2nd and 8 is far different than 2nd and 12. For this struggling offense, Monty might actually be a decent fit.
  5. Why the #### is there still concrete on the sidelines of NFL fields?
  6. Defense doing what they need. Offense has to get aggressive. Too many throw away Nagy plays, horizontal passing plays and rushing plays that just seem like he's checking them off his list.
  7. Maholmes just dropped a dime 65 yards in the air. But penalty.
  8. Christ those yellow shoes Kelce. I'm gonna be seeing phantom flags all game.
  9. Even if he did, its dumb. Nagy just has to be the smartest kid in the room.
  10. If Brady wins this game, imo its a firing offense for Nagy. Inexcusable.
  11. I'm not saying Montgomery is great, but he gets hit in the backfield a lot, and usually eeks out positive yardage. That's important.
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