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  1. Could have had Antoine Winfield Jr with Kmet pick, day one starter in Tampa at Safety.
  2. Brad Biggs reporting Allen Robinson demanding a trade after he cant come to a deal on an extension. Scuttlebutt is the Bears promised to get it done before the season started and he feels lied to. Get it fixed Pace. https://twitter.com/BradBiggs/status/1305960781050187778?s=20
  3. You're probably right, but we've seen the Mitch show and the Foles show is still a coming attraction, even if we pretty much know how its going to go. Here's a bad idea that has the upside of being novel- do the college thing and run both of them in and out of the game. No, it never works, and its ridiculous, but maybe each guy has a hot hand enough and it confuses defenses enough to catch lightning in a bottle. Yeah, if you have 2 QBs you don't have 1 QB. But we know we dont have 1QB, so why not?
  4. It's kinda a worse case scenario long term because now you can't bench him and everyone will remember the comeback and forget it was against the terrible Lions with a brain dead coach missing 4 DBs.
  5. Had another TD overturned cuz his knee hit at the one, another TD just off his finger tips, and what would have been a long gainer if Trubisky hit him in stride. Seems to be the Bears priority goalline target, for whatever that will be worth against better defenses. If he stays healthy he should be a legit low end starter with upside any week.
  6. Lions insist on running a defense that Trubisky excels against. Everyone else in the league has that figured out.
  7. I agree with the rest but this is wrong. It was a pretty perfect throw against good coverage and a better catch.
  8. "But dad..." "Shhh, we were beaten by the best. "
  9. Keep playing man against Trubisky, smart.
  10. Matt Patricia is a genuinely terrible coach.
  11. Welp, ive seen enough of Mitch. Hard to believe but all his vast camp improvements aren't translating to real life. Again.
  12. Picking on Fuller instead of the rookie, interesting.
  13. Lions really gonna play man defense against Trubisky instead of taking the insta-win playing zone. Never change Detroit.
  14. I understand the decision, I understand the thought process. I also understand a winning franchise wouldnt think that way. You're sacrificing valuable time, preparation, and probably wins to take a last shot at something that won't work because you convince yourself you can always go to Plan B later. That's a great way to lose a locker room.
  15. I refuse to completely judge a player based on his body of work with the Jaguars.
  16. Have you filed a complaint with your local law enforcement for attempted trade rape?
  17. Bears have dug their own grave with this though- every camp we hear about how fantastic Trubisky looks and how he's moved on to the 300 level classes in the offense.
  18. Thats probably true. Still, its grating that we're hoping Trubisky MIGHT develop the bare minimum requirements to be an effective NFL passer. Much less all the nuances and insights that the great ones have.
  19. Bo Jackson's ended his career, but his was dislocated like Tua. Carson just had a fracture so no soft tissues torn up. I think arthritis or things like that could happen but theres no way to tell.
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