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  1. I never liked Urban, then kind of started to when I listened to him talk as a commentator. Obviously he's a smart dude and had a system that worked at the college level. So far, with his signings and draft picks and even going back to hiring that psycho conditioning coach from Iowa, to me, this seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Expect the next coaching search to be for someone who can "tap into Lawrence's full potential" and "run a real NFL offense."
  2. I'm going to keep believing Harris finishes in the top 20 this year just because I want him to.
  3. Nor should they. Every game should be an audition for the players and a chance to evaluate for the coaches. I have a feeling this group will fight hard to win but they simply don't have enough talent yet. That's good, a top five pick is the best thing this franchise can achieve this year. If we get that we should be in business. Overall I liked the draft. Building up both lines and getting a great value at corner works for me. Holmes and company seem genuinely fired up about the guys they got and with Holmes' track record that makes me hopeful.
  4. This is what I truly believe, and I don't normally believe wild conjecture. There's nothing groundbreaking about it, just put the thought in the other owners' heads that you want the guy who you actually want them to take. Whether that had anything to do with how it played out, the important thing is every thing we needed to have happen happened.
  5. As usual the Lions didnt get much media focus but I saw the war room going nuts. I knew it was Sewell when I saw that. I dont think they thought he would be there. I wonder if they made that inquiry about Chase to make it seem like he was coveted and tilt Cincy in that direction.
  6. So happy. Everything worked out perfectly. Some may question not taking Fields but not me. A+.
  7. This is my late first round lock. If Harris is there I'll be shocked if they don't take him. Seems like destiny.
  8. Hoping it's a smokescreen. Lets them gauge the cost of #4 and drives up the perceived value of Chase. Whether Holmes really wanted to do this or not, I'm glad it didn't happen and like the fact that it gives other teams something to chew on.
  9. Thanks for the rationale. To that I would say you could also get great WR prospects in rounds 2 or 3. OL and WR seem to be two of the deeper positions. I guess the question is, where is the bigger talent gap? Is it Chase compared to 2nd round receivers or Sewell compared to 2 round o-line? I wouldn't hate getting Chase, but if I had to pick between WR or OL for this team I see OL as being far more important. I know it's one of our few "strengths" but having an elite offensive line has far greater ripple effect than a standout WR.
  10. Why is the Freep saying not to draft an OL? Of course the optimal choice is trading down. Outside of that I don't see the logic in taking a skill position player over a foundational offensive lineman.
  11. For the first time in years I'm going to be on the edge of my seat during the top ten. If Sewell makes it past Cincy I'll be excited and scared at the same time.
  12. Same. I check in on ESPN, I don't mind listening to Kiper here and there. Overall I prefer the NFLN crew for coverage all year round.
  13. QB5 could also be in demand if Jones goes to SF. Could easily see a team panic and make a huge offer if Lance is the last blue chip QB at 7, with Carolina and Denver lurking at 8 and 9. That's my best case scenario. Outside of that I want Sewell or Slater. Either would give us a rock-solid offensive line to start the rebuild - I can't imagine a better way to do it. Wouldn't bother me if any of the offensive players turn into stars. Build the line.
  14. Fair assessment and comparison. "Skittish" is a good word to describe how non-owners feel and I probably would too. Now is not the time to trade Robinson IMO. Yes his value could plummet if the Jags draft an RB, but the increase in value if they don't is worth gambling on. One difference I would note with Indy is that they had a more complete team than Jacksonville does right now. I believe Indy thought establishing a dominant run game would make them contenders. Most people are assuming the Jags know they are in a rebuild and won't "waste" a high pick on a position where players bu
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