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  1. Really hoping one of the top 4 QBs slips to 7 so teams will try to trade up. Starting to get worried they'll all be gone. If the Lions can't trade back, I'm realizing they may have to take a WR. The choice of players at other positions doesn't seem to warrant a top 10 pick.
  2. Recently picked him up. Now's the time to scoop up 2nd or 3rd year TEs who haven't drawn much attention yet.
  3. Seems about right. He should be valued as a mid to high first now though. I would be surprised if the Packers franchise Jones. If Dillon was coming into this situation as a rookie, with Jones gone, he'd be a top 5 pick. As it is, Dillon has already looked good at the NFL level and popped off when they gave him 20 carries. I think his ADP will be late second, early 3rd by the time the season starts.
  4. Lol I think some people are overstating it a bit for a laugh. I'm hanging onto him at least until I see where he lands. Like you said, if he winds up on Buffalo or Pittsburgh, things could line up for him to get goal line carries and even last year he was still effective at punching the ball in. That's worth a roster spot. More than likely he won't be worth one before the season is over however.
  5. Interesting point about a rift in one party causing a realignment of policies, which would facilitate less animosity between the two parties. Makes logical sense. I'm curious what a realignment of Republican policies would end up looking like.
  6. Some debate on sports talk radio if the Carolina offer was better because we'd get the high first this year. It can be debated, but I'd still much rather have two firsts and the third, wherever the two firsts end up. The Lions will not be good in 2021. To me, it makes logical sense to develop the young players we have, punt the season, and start cooking in 2022. Everything about this deal lines up with a solid rebuilding plan.
  7. Even if this were true, does one pushing hate and the other pushing compassion for those less fortunate make a difference or no? They're both equally bad?
  8. I just think the timing is working out perfectly for the Lions. Several QBs are aging out of the league (Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, Rivers) or showed they're unreliable for whatever reason (Goff, Wentz, Garropolo, Dak, Haskins, etc.). There's a long list of solid, ready-to-win teams who need a legit QB.
  9. I think Stafford is going to get a 1st and at least two more picks or a player. People are undervaluing how many teams are absolutely desperate for a QB of his caliber. There aren't any other options that are nearly as good - and despite many who would equate Stafford to Ryan, no, I don't think Ryan is nearly as good. Watson is obviously far younger and a superior talent, but his price tag is going to be outrageous. I have a feeling Stafford is going to net a haul and it's going to happen pretty quickly.
  10. This almost makes me wonder if we should keep Stafford lol. After holding him while 15 HOF QBs were in their prime, we're dealing him now when he's one of the last few good QBs left in the league.
  11. Another reason I think many Lions fans are at least willing to give Campbell and Holmes a shot is because their personalities are night and day from Patricia/Quinn. I'm guilty of it. Patricia/Quinn were more miserable to live through than any of the clowns we had before them. Literally everything about them was dour and embarrassing.
  12. This seems like what is happening. Nobody outside of Lions fans would bother to listen to that whole thing. I get laughing at the meathead talking about biting kneecaps off. But first, I think players do respond to that kind of attitude, even if only because it's more entertaining than the alternative. The obvious Vrable comparison seems apt for any Lions fan who isn't totally jaded and checked out. Second, I just appreciate that he was willing to try and engage Detroiters and admitted what everyone knows - he'll need good coordinators and smart people around him to tell him when he's wr
  13. LOL this Campbell press conference is getting me pumped up. I know that's this guy's deal, can't believe it's working on me.
  14. Are you trying to say what happened a couple weeks ago isn't a big deal? What is the point of trying to compare it to other things? What are you trying to win or prove? I know many Trump supporters are doing this - I just don't understand it. Is there something a democrat can say to make you stop?
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