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  1. Love Dak but rolling with Stafford over him. The Cowboys are down Gallup, running the ball effectively and keeping the opposing offense in check. Things always change but for now his situation doesn't seem ideal for fantasy production.
  2. My main hope this season was that the offensive line would actually look strong on the field and not just on paper. They look really good so far and should be even better when Decker returns. Add a legit #1 receiver and a couple respectable corners and this team suddenly looks pretty solid already. They played toe to toe with Green Bay in the first half, on the road, in a game the Packers desperately needed. To me that's a win just two games into the new regime.
  3. Agree it's bizarre people are talking about an RB that just got 23 carries and a 100 yards. It was clear James White is the man. Let the mods know to shut this thread down.
  4. The talent gap between Winston and Hill is VAST. People buy way too much into the "Payton loves Hill" narrative because he played him for four games last year. He has no reason to give Winston the keys without earning it so of course he's holding a "competition". At the end of the day the only chance the Saints have at making the post season is Winston approaching his potential. He may do it, he may not. But starting Hill is putting their season in the grave before it even begins.
  5. It blows my mind that people still think this way. Sexual assault is far more about power than sex.
  6. I take the OP's point as being that this WR pool isn't that deep and therefore the same as years past. Like the post above says there are always guys with big upside/big red flags. I like guys who have proven themselves over guys who people assume will. Give me a Cooks or Lockett who are mostly down in the rankings because people are bored by them, or at least not as enamored with compared to rookies or sophomores.
  7. I've agreed with this 100% until Watson. Everything about this has made my skin crawl. I don't want anything to do with him and would probably stop following the Lions if he was their quarterback. I realize that is an extreme minority opinion and don't fault those who disagree.
  8. I wish this wasn't true but it is. The worst situation to be in with him is having two or three other similar guys and trying to choose the right one. You will choose wrong. I look at his value as being one of the better "break glass in case of emergency" guys. If I'm competing for a playoff spot and Carson goes out for three weeks I'll know I might be able to survive using Harris. That's not nothing. I think people heavily overvalue second round picks so I wouldn't take one for what Harris offers - even if many don't consider that much.
  9. Yeah. I just know anytime someone says "You know I think NE RB might be top 20 this year..." a smoke bomb goes off and Anarchy appears, ready to slay everyone with data.
  10. You reeeally don't want anyone to like NE RBs. It's been your crusade for years.
  11. Drafting DK and AJB in the same draft is probably the greatest achievement of my life.
  12. The transition from toxic to player-friendly is so drastic I think the players left from last year's team will feel reborn. Maybe we're all just drinking the kool aid because the last regime was as bad as it gets but even if that's the case it doesn't bother me. It's been a fun offseason for once.
  13. I've never been so sure about a FF debate in my life: Jameis will be the starter and Taysom will be the same gimmick he was with Brees. Jameis is going to put up shocking numbers this season and Thomas will be a top 5 receiver.
  14. Chargers fans and fantasy owners know how good he is. Everyone else doesn't think much of him. He's always ranked 15-25 before the season and finishes top ten PPG. Similar to Chris Carson. Players who aren't drafted high generally don't interest people enough to determine how good they really are.
  15. I think the narrative that Smith is in a tier above Sermon is already weakening and Sermon will continue to rise over the summer, especially if Sermon has a great preseason and/or other SF running backs drop out of the picture.
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