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  1. WHOA. You've really got me thinking that I'm a Remini fan myself...because I loved KoQ, but all his movies (Paul Blart, Zookeeper, the cage fighter one) just fell really flat for me. Grownups was hilarious but I think it was a case where everyone in that cast is so funny that he's elevated with them. Now I gotta give The Crew a shot dangit...
  2. What kind of league is this? SF or 1QB? I'm mulling a similar offer for Adams in one league, this is interesting data point
  3. Same with ketchup - they hand you two and almost scowl as if you're taking it directly from their child. I just lock eyes and flat out say "that covers 8 of the fries, how about a few more" You ask a Taco Bell drive thru worker for some Fire Sauce and they'll give you enough to swim in.
  4. We threw out some birdseed over the last few days for the backyard robins/cardinals/etc. with all the ice on the ground. Daughter (5) looks out the window and notices a squirrel up on the table hogging a pile of seed for himself. She runs to the door and throws it open: Her: "Get out of here you cotton-headed ninnymuggins!" Me: "Ah, leave him alone, squirrels have to eat too!" Her: "Well he already had enough, those little yellow birds barely got any! Besides, that squirrel doesn't do anything productive out there anyway!"
  5. What does your trade partner have left at QB? Had to be stacked to give up Ben and Lawrence for Hopkins...
  6. I'm not getting any work done today now...thanks @socrates!
  7. Person of Interest was a very solid show that got overlooked being on network TV IMO. Caveziel was very believable as the ex-military badass and Emerson was excellent as the quiet genius. I watched POI before Lost, so seeing him as Linus after only knowing him as Finch was really a "whoa he's got range" feeling. Definitely worth a watch
  8. There's two of these that live somewhere in the woods out back of my house, as well as a screech owl that often comes and sits on my back fence. Fun to listen to all of them when they decide to call to each other in the evenings.
  9. The need to feel like they won the trade definitely stands in the way of most people being willing to give $1 for 3 quarters. So many people look at a trade and all they see is who is getting the best player, and "if its not me then no deal". Or they have to get 10 other people to say "oh man you robbed that guy you're so smart and good at ff wow amazing genius". If it helps your team, it's worth pursuing...
  10. I'm WFH in the blizzard today. Wife went out this morning and scattered birdseed in the snow/ice on the back patio (all the feeders are frozen solid) and left a few heaps of seed on top of the patio table for the backyard birds. Within an hour there was a swarm of various chickadees/robins/cardinals/blue jays all going for it. Then about an hour after that, one fat brown squirrel jumped up on the table and comandeered a pile for himself. Then a second squirrel found it, and they took over half the table, but still shared with the birds. The squirrels mainly went for the sunflowers seeds a
  11. I'm almost exactly where you are so a quick comparison of the version I'm getting (in the US, on Amazone Prime). There's no nudity at all in the version I'm seeing. Aslaug was bathing in the river when we met her, but the camera shots of her where waist up, and she was turned with her back to the "audience". Helga definitely wasn't naked either, and Bjorn's girlfriend has been fully clothed the three times I've seen her so far. Non-nudity doesn't detract any from the story, and I don't really know the right way to say this, but it definitely feels like it's being edited out, or camer
  12. KeepTradeCut says it's fair (assuming you enter Mid 1st as the 1.08 and Early 3rd as the 3.03, as you can't specify the 1.08 or 3.03 exact pick). I think Waller for Allen is fair, and I think the 1.08 for Golladay is fine. Goedert for a 3rd is giving him away. He'd either need to take Engram instead of Goedert, or change that 3rd to a 2nd to get closer.
  13. I just want to go sip a beer at a baseball game
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