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  1. Holy cow somebody just likes lighting FAAB on fire. Two people, if you ask me. I dropped Engram in our 12 team dynasty about a month ago, no TE premium though, and he got picked up for $3/$100. For $97 to be a good spend, he has to 1) get traded 2) to a good team 3) prove he can catch the ball 4) get at least 5 targets a game 5) put up 6TDs/yr minimum I don't play in any TE premium leagues, but I just don't see a realistic path to fantasy usage unless its a league that starts 2 TEs maybe. That's a ton of things that have to happen, which is ultimately what led me to drop him (to take a flyer on Parham).
  2. I think for the moment you have him ranked correctly in that list. Could maybe make the argument for him over Waddle but I wouldn't today. I grabbed him in one league where I'm maybe the only guy not pummeled with the Week 7 byes, and there Sutton is my WR3, so I'm really hoping over the next couple weeks there becomes a clear picture of where he fits in the Denver WR pecking order because I don't want to carry both all year and constantly have to choose which to flex every week.
  3. Has anyone dropped this guy yet, and if so for who? QB22 on the year so far, behind guys like Heinicke, Darnold, even dink and dunk Teddy and Jameis with no receivers are ahead of him. He's 6 points better than Goff on the year. When they're in the RZ, there's not a snowball's chance in hell he's going to throw the thing, and why should he when Henry is running roughshod over everyone.
  4. Is Tannehill even allowed to throw TD's anymore? Is there a clause in his contract that says he must hand-off 5 TDs to Henry before he's allowed to throw for one? I guess he did get the one rushing TD himself, sorry Henry owners for robbing you of one more...For a couple years now all I've heard about is how good Tannehill has been, such a value as a cheap QB1, not a flashy name but always puts up points, etc etc. I feel lied to...
  5. Shoulda said league size, my bad. Golladay drop is in a 10 team league, he's my WR5 and I haven't used him once this year. Not too worried about losing him. Non-PPR league so Schultz is overall TE5 I think, but point taken. Whoever designs the NFL schedule and put all the good teams on a bye the same week must hate fantasy. I only have 5 bench spots + 1 IR. If not Schultz then I either drop Buffalo (overall DST1), Keenan Allen, Najee, Dak, CMC, or Kittle (IR). I guess maybe Kittle gets the axe and CMC slides to IR, or else I go without a kicker in Week 7 (have Zuerlein on bye also so dropping him anyway).
  6. In one league I'm cutting Schultz to get another TE for Week 7 (RSJ is out there and is my target). Already have Kittle in my IR spot, and rest of the bench is clogged with byes and injuries so I do not have any better options to drop. In another I'm cutting Golladay to pick up a QB to cover Dak's bye. Short benches already and I'm not dropping Buffalo defense while they're on bye. In another I'm cutting Damien Williams to pick up a QB to cover Josh Allen's bye.
  7. I'm headed for 2-4 as a CMC owner and contemplating blowing it all up now that he's on IR, so I reached out to the Chase and Lamb owners this morning just to see. The Chase owner flat out said "untradeable", and the Lamb owner said it would take CMC plus more. I'm going to throw CMC up on the block and see what kind of offers come in, but I will say that I haven't gotten a single offer for him so far, and didn't get a single offer for him last year during his injury either...the shine has worn off. I think it can be restored but it's going to take him staying on the field for longer than 2-3 weeks in a row.
  8. From a dynasty perspective I'd say that's about right. Kelce Waller Pitts Kittle Andrews Hock Fant all above him for me so that makes Goedert the TE8. Maybe Knox continues to climb and knocks Goedert down a peg too, but somewhere in that TE6-9 teir feels right. RoS in redraft I'd probably have him as TE10, with Knox and Gronk (assuming he's back in the next 1-2 weeks) above him.
  9. me too. I remember seeing something earlier in the week about him not being spotted at practice, but I just figured veteran day of rest or something so this caught me off guard for sure. RBs dropping like flies, I tell ya. Derrick Henry and his 87 points a game and adamantium skeleton are going to win people a ton of leagues this year
  10. The guy in the office next to me came over to make sure I was ok after I loudly choked/laughed at Teeler Higginboyd.....lol well done there
  11. Count me in the boat of teams whose scoring swings wildy, and also in the "when I lose it's just barely" group. Week 1 - Good week for me, but I lose 159-161 on a MNF comeback. Week 2 - Great week for me, but a random week where my QB (Dak) got no TDs and only put up 9 points. My opponent has Gano who scores 22 (WTF?!?!) and I lose 165-167. Week 3 - Another outstanding week for me, but my opponent had a miracle combination of players and I lose again 172-175. Now I'm 0-3 on a combined ~7 pt margin. Week 4 - My team somehow fell apart. Got 1 pt from my kicker, 1 pt from my defense, WRs didn't get any TDs, started the wrong flex, wrong QB, and I scored 89 points. Lost to a guy who also #### the bed and only put up 105, so should have been an easy win for me on any normal week (typically projected ~140 pts in this league). Hate when I suck but my opponent sucks just a little bit less. Week 5 - I scored 193 points. My opponent lost Russ Wilson and had Golliday put up a zero and I cruise to an easy win 183-104. 1-4 record, second most points scored, 10th place out of 12. Love this game.
  12. Interesting fact about Seinfeld that I learned in this rewatch - in the pilot episode, the first scene where we meet Kramer, Jerry calls him Kessler. He wasn't called Kramer until episode 2.
  13. Today I learned that Columbus Day is also referred to as Indigenous Peoples' Day. And I also didn't realize that that day was yesterday until I saw this thread. They say you learn something new every day. I've learned my new thing for the day, so I'm going home. Cheers!
  14. 10 team non-PPR, I went very RB heavy (I have 9 rostered...I know, it's a problem) and now find myself in WR hell with two on bye and one hurt (start 3 WRs). Gave Damien Harris Got Michael Pittman
  15. Currently charging through S3 of Seinfeld on Netflix. This show is a lot like Friends was to me, always on in the background, I figure I had to have seen every episode multiple times, but I've always watched them out of order, just random episodes here and there as they popped up on syndicated TV. Nice to see it start to finish, and I'm finding episodes that I either never saw before or had forgotten
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