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  1. The key to napping on a bed is to do it fully dressed (minus shoes), on top of all the covers. As soon as you get into the bed it's not a nap anymore and you'll feel terrible afterward. Best nap spot: Have to agree it's in a beach chair in the shade in the breeze. Second best: Inside of a car on a cold but sunny day. Just the right temperature balance. Worst place: on an airplane. No idea how you ingrates can sleep sitting perfectly upright with no head support, or with that donut pillow strangling your neck.
  2. I binged HoC last year during the start of COVID. The first three or four seasons were seriously great, but it became a mess at the end, and it was evident between the second to last and last season that's when all the Spacey stuff came out, and the show just flat dropped him, then pulled a GoT S8 "let's hurry up and finish this ASAP" type of move that didn't work at all. As to your question about those particular two moments/actions. The character of Hammerschmidt (the editor of the newspaper at the beginning, AKA Lt. Marrimow from The Wire) becomes the mechanism (and the main Underw
  3. Bill Whitaker as host is a jarring difference from Anderson Cooper. I felt like the game just dragged with him. He was slow with his affirmations after the contestants responded, and the contestants (especially the dude on the right) started off slow in choosing the next clue, it just made for a slow boring game all around IMO
  4. maybe, just maybe, Robinson becomes the Chubb and ETN is the Hunt? I have no Robinson shares in dynasty but just trying to send positive vibes because he helped me win 2 redraft leagues last year...
  5. This baffles me, because teams absolutely want this to happen with QB's. Dallas LOOOOVED having Dak as a 4th rounder. Seattle with Wilson too. Cheap rookies who give you a great chance to win. Why is JRob any different?
  6. MUCH happier that he landed there than with Tua in Miami. AJG leaving frees up 100+ targets from last year, and as @massraider said getting Burrow for what should be the bulk if not all of his career could be a perfect match
  7. I saw something late last night via Twitter that Meyer was quoted as saying something to the effect of "Robinson and Hyde are a dynamic 1-2 punch, and ETN as a 3rd down back gives Jax the best trio in the league". I'll see if I can find the quote. If Urban spent 1st round capital on a 3rd down back only then he's dumber than I thought. At the VERY best this becomes a wannabe Kamara/Ingram split with Hyde as depth. Of course, you never know what can happen. Seattle got Penny late in the first round in 2018, and he didn't torpedo Carson (injuries mostly prevented it I realize, bu
  8. Take MT out of it. Adams, 1.11, 2.01 for Jefferson, '22 1st. That might have a chance, but it may just be that the other owner covets Jefferson so much that it'll take a Godfather offer
  9. Opposite for me bc I saw Sopranos first (multiple times). When I finally watched Oz I couldn't buy Carmella Soprano as a CO. Hated her in Sopranos the first viewing, but grew to love her over time. Still can't help but cringe at the way she pronounces "TOW-NEEEY" 50 times an episode though
  10. WFH would be fine if my kid was in school and wasn't doing virtual. I'm firmly in the "rather be in the office" camp, I'm way more productive there. Jenny from down the hall and her stories about her kids are less of a distraction than seventy-three "Daddy look what I colored Daddy can you get me some juice Daddy I'm hungry can I have a banana Daddy can you come get this bug..." interruptions all day long
  11. I don't have the 2.03. 1.03 + 2.12 oughta get it done
  12. I know in my league the guy sitting at 1.05 is dead set on Pitts, with WR as his backup plan and he has no interest in moving up. So if Chase is gone I'm probably looking at offering my 1.03 to the 1.06 or 1.07 owner like you said. Hoping I can slide back and pick up a 2022 first for my troubles. My fear is that the best offer I get in the moment is 1.07 + 2.07. I'd probably be willing to drop to 1.08 at the very lowest, but it'd have to include next year's first plus something else. Edit: I forgot my own plans. If Chase goes 1 or 2, then the very first thing I'm doing is offerin
  13. I'm a Rich Eisen fan all the way. Didn't even realize the Gameday crew did a show, may have to check that one out along the way. No way in hell I'm watching Booger for that long
  14. All I can see when I watch Moira Rose is Kevin McAllister's mom doing an impression of Stifler's mom
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