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  1. I've got him in a league that gives 5 bonus points for 100 yards rushing/receiving. Dude was 2 rushing yards shy and 11 receiving yards shy of the elusive double bonus....gonna be fun watching him each week
  2. For reference, Watson currently suggests I do the following (1QB league): I give Lockett & Tony Jones Jr -- I get Gibson & Darrynton Evans. Whoooo don't I wish? I give Mike Williams & Damien Harris -- I get Jefferson & Waddle. LOL in my dreams I give Chubb & Jones Jr -- I get Metcalf and Steelers DST. Ok so not too crazy, Chubb for Metcalf could be a thing in a real league I give Lockett & Ruggs -- I get Eskridge & Najee. There it is. Now we're back to selling a dime and a nickel for a 50c piece again... I give Sutton & Damien Harris -- I get Hardman & CEH. So Mike Williams & Harris can buy me Jefferson AND Waddle, but Sutton & Harris can only get me CEH? ok sure
  3. I don't play in Superflex so can't say for certain what Winston's value is, but it does look like you can afford to give him up fairly easily. I don't think the offer above would be considered an overpay, but I don't know if it's enough either
  4. So I learned the other day that on the ESPN platform, when one of the Watson suggested trades gets submitted to you, it tells you that it was from Watson. If anyone still uses ESPN you'll know that Watson comes up with some horrific ideas...Had this gem land in my inbox: Nico Collins and Austin Hooper for Dallas Goedert
  5. 12 team PPR, 1 QB, no TEP I gave: Goedert + 2022 2nd (mid-late) I got: Claypool Finally got someone to bite on one of the TEs I've been hauling around all year. Still have Pitts, Higbee, and Juwan at TE so plenty of ammo there
  6. Went for 81/100 in my 12 team, 25 player dynasty this morning
  7. Putting in bids on Mitchell in a couple leagues, but mostly this is my favorite time to watch and see who gets dropped for the Week 1 waiver darlings...can move up in waiver order by staying put, then collecting what other people drop
  8. I am 100% on board with trading Michel away and getting as much as you can for him, but wait until he shows a good game and I think you'll be able to get more than 2 thirds.
  9. For a 14 team league that's a good squad. Obviously TE is your weakness, but I like the depth at RB and WR, and I think Matt Ryan is going to be a solid low end QB1. May end up playing the matchups if Tua takes a step this year. I'm not a Tua fan personally, but he could improve for sure, and if so then I think you're better off for it. Hopefully health stays with you and you can pick up a TE or maybe trade for one along the way because that's the hole in your roster, but in a 14 team a lot of other owners have that same hole so not really all that worried. The Kelce/Waller/Kittle teams end up with a hole at RB or WR in that deep a league, so everyone's got one somewhere...
  10. If it has to be those two then Waddle and Callaway. Can't start Javonte unless we get some report that he's going to be the starter, see the majority of the snaps, have a certain % of the carries, etc.
  11. I took Najee over Mixon myself, twice. Like @Gally said, stick with your choice.
  12. Gio needs one injury to have flex-worthy value Jones needs one injury to have RB2 (maaaaybe low RB1) value Lance needs to take over the starting job, and either out perform Brady or have Brady get injured to start for you. Drop Lance
  13. Good trade and very nice squad. I think you have the wrong QB in ( ) but either way you're sitting pretty
  14. Purpose of the thread devolved in my head as I read down the replies I guess. I'm the guy who would rather have my own elite handcuff rather than someone else's. Nabbed Jones in two leagues yesterday, in one of them I have no elite backs so happy to hold the lotto ticket. In the other I've sent an offer of Jones for Dillon to the Kamara owner, so I can try and use Dillon as a trade piece to make a deal with the Jones owner who has Pitts (my real target)
  15. If I've got CMC, Cook, Kamara, Zeke, or Jones, I want their cuff. If I don't have any of those specific backs, then I still want their cuffs and I don't want any of my own cuffs.
  16. Haven't been able to land him in any redrafts yet...so far in 3 drafts he's gone as the 4th TE off the board every time, usually in the 4th round.
  17. I still commish the very first league I ever played in. Have joined a few more over the years (one of which I really wish I was the commish because the one we have is basically a mute, but never mind). Get a good group of leaguemates and the job is easy...
  18. It'll hunt. But all 8 will hunt, at least at this point. It's a run of the mill team in an 8 man. But compared to @smbkrypt24's auction team, it's terrible
  19. I play in an 8 team league with some friends, it's a fun one. I'm used to seeing stacked teams, but this squad here takes it to a whole new level. I'd love to see your auction results from the whole draft if you can PM it to me. This dog here will DEFINITELY lead the pack. For reference, this is what the 1.01 got me in an 8 team 1QB draft. We start 1/2/3/1/3, non-PPR so I flex all RBs if I can Dak CMC, Najee, Carson, Damien, Edmonds, Conner, Drake Ridley, Woods, Golladay, CDavis, Waddle Kittle
  20. I'm mostly a "let the chips fall where they may". Despite having some pretty horrific luck in one league, I've managed to win the ship in every other league I'm in at least once so overall it evens out. I'm in 5 leagues, but I do try not to have the same player on more than 2 or 3 teams just for injury avoidance. Couple years ago I was all in on Aaron Rodgers, drafted him in 3 leagues and then traded for him in a 4th league, and the very next week he broke his collarbone. Sucks to have your playoff hopes in 4-5 leagues just wiped completely away in one fell swoop. Voted option 2 just for that.
  21. Now THAT'S what I call going zero-RB. I'm high on Javonte but afraid you might be playing the "which SF RB should I start" with so many flexes to fill out. Unless you're starting all 6 WRs every week you're going to have a hole in your roster. Will hunt IF Mostert/Sermon clarifies itself somehow
  22. Oops...They went B2B near the turn, not in the turn. 4.11 and 4.12 to be exact
  23. 12 teams, I had 7th pick. Mahomes/CMC/Cook/AK/Henry/Zeke first 6 picks so I took Allen. Almost landed Chubb in the 2nd but got sniped so took Diggs. Almost landed Gibson in the 3rd but got sniped so took AJB. This league tends to go RB heavy even though it's SF but I knew that going in so didn't really have a problem with the QB/WR/WR start. Wanted to land Hock or Pitts in the 5th but they went B2B at the 4/5 turn so oh well.
  24. 12 team SF - 1PPR, all TDs 6 pts Allen, Tannehill, Carr Diggs, AJB, Cooks, CSamuel, Ruggs Swift, Gus, Carter, Conner, Drake, Ty'ron Fant Sanders Tampa DST Didn't intend to go semi-zero RB (Swift in the 4th was my first RB) but kept getting sniped from both directions. Are my RBs enough?
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