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  1. basically had a wide open header at 6 yards and skyed it.
  2. I seriously wonder how many BOATLOADS of money are being thrown at Infantino by the Qatar's of the world. If you don't have any of UEFA on board save maybe Russia, what are you left with? https://apnews.com/article/soccer-sports-2020-tokyo-olympics-world-cup-gianni-infantino-852c9b3684c356a427985173752ad5d0
  3. In general, the goal for any of these 18-20 years should be to transfer to either a knock-out quality CL team (they play so many matches and the training is generally so good that if they have quality, they will get chances) or one of the lesser CL group stage teams that are preeminent in their country (Ajax, Benfica, Salzburg, etc). You're the asset there that they are trying develop and that development is independent of their need for immediate results and bottom line today. I frankly still don't really get the move to somewhere without top-tier coaching if you can avoid it. Coaches and clubs are fighting for their jobs and the clubs status in the league, your direct development be damned. Yes, they can still sell you on, but that amount is dwarfed by other incentives directly tied to immediate results.
  4. except Busio would never have ended up there as a deep-lying playmaker in Gregg’s system…that position on the field is reserved for the two 8s.
  5. He was really effective and being a winger hid his defensive foibles since Roberto essentially never overlapped. Because there was no overlap, they effectively used him as a dummy on the right to suck up pressure and draw Valencia over and then have him start the switch it to the other side of the field. He seems like an auto-start for them at this point somewhere on the right side.
  6. To be fair, John Roberts beat him to the punch. https://twitter.com/johnrobertsFox/status/1450089604040769536?s=20
  7. I'll just say that making coaching decisions on results instead of process is a path that leads to suboptimal results and that the way Gregg runs the 4-3-3 is nothing like how the Liverpool's of the world run it.
  8. Let me put it this way, I think we can all agree if Acosta is our 6 we most likely aren't progressing past the round of 16 in the WC. Short of grinding out a Mexican GC/NC type result, we most likely aren't progressing past the round of 16 with Gregg. No disrespect to the guy, but top tier Euro/COMNEBOL coaches will tactically put us in a box. I'm a dopey Internet guy that can see what we're doing and how to stymy us with the right players and tactics. If I can see, they certainly can.
  9. This is the heart of the problem. We're effectively maximizing the 9 getting on the ball last instead of our two world class wings.
  10. We’ll see. I don’t think the it’s possible to get Pepi involved with this setup as the entire point of it is for the CF to get on the end of a cross. That is apparently ok in MLS, it doesn’t fly at high end European or National team soccer. Basically this looks like it’ll be good enough for CONCACAF (the Octo is really weak this year), but it won’t work past that level. I mean ask yourself this, why would you systematically want CP, Reyna, or Dest in that area of the field?
  11. For some context on what I'm saying this is the all touch map. We're in the area between the touchline and 18 entirely too much and not around the top of the box enough (that halo in front of the 18 is startling). https://twitter.com/PaulCarr/status/1448467791754014720?s=20 For some comparison, pull up the touches from the chalkboard for 'Pool-City two weekends ago. Granted these are all-world teams, but they're hardly ever in those corners on offense. https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1549604/Live/England-Premier-League-2021-2022-Liverpool-Manchester-City
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