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  1. Quality work by the WSJ showing they estimate Texans paid a combined $28 billion more for electricity since 2004 than consumers in other states without choice. It also seems like the retail market has devolved into an unregulated duopoly. https://www.wsj.com/articles/texas-electric-bills-were-28-billion-higher-under-deregulation-11614162780
  2. I know Simoni is a genius, but I think he overthought this one. Surrendering 65-70% of the possession to that Chelsea squad is criminal especially when Giroud has been so clinical this year.
  3. I mean who doesn't love Enes. Dude is a rock and never flops. Granted he's never in position to make a play defensively....
  4. i mean if you are going to have a scorching hawt take, at least make it interesting please. I mean Dame Lilliard is a regression to the mean away from just being average in clutch situations. Dude's just lucky right now.
  5. If we can't get results with something like the below, we have problems. Lewis - Ebossie Lennon- Yueill - Williamson - Parks Vines - Sands - Glad- Robinson That doesn't even have the higher upside MLS guys like Bassett, Busio, Clark, Ferreira, etc or any foreign-based guys. Even without those guys, this is a deep team of MLS regular contributors.
  6. So California residents do have a pretty viable choice in solar power.
  7. I would just say I don't know if it is so much greed, but the belief of not wanting to increase direct costs on the citizens.
  8. I mean the parts of the state (El Paso and much of the East) not part of ERCOT seem to be fine, so it's pretty clearly policy decisions made by both the politicians in government and the ERCOT administrators. They had ample warning in 2011 and chose not to spend the resources to upgrade their grid.
  9. I mean it certainly appears at a minimum ERCOT dropped the ball after 2011: https://news.yahoo.com/parts-texas-not-ercot-power-080159059.html
  10. Perhaps who aren't familiar with NYCFC's work....
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