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  1. Per the U20 goalie discussion https://twitter.com/mattdoyle76/status/1439637749041180675?s=21
  2. FWIW here is the 2019 U17 WC roster (which got motor boated in the WC). Outside of Che, we still don't have anyone that's a bonafide CB (it looks like almost all the defenders on that roster have transitioned to fullbacks at this point and may have been outside backs even back then), so I don't really know how'd you really build a roster at this point. https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2019/10/head-coach-raphael-wicky-names-usa-roster-for-2019-fifa-u17-world-cup-in-brazil
  3. No idea if he's top, but Jeff Dewsnup is a 17 HG for SLC playing in the USL. I don't know how the cutoffs will work, but the previous earliest shutout holder in the USL, Aaron Cervantes, is 19 and with Rangers now. Cervantes is a '02, so I think he's qualifies, but don't know for sure. How good either guy is, I don't know.
  4. I mean it is the home, so I get that piece of it. A lot of these national parks you need reservations to enter with Covid and that certainly true of Yosemite where at a minimum you need say reservations to even get into the park. Yosemite’s cell service is absolute crap as well. There were also a bunch of fires in that area around that time and at one point California shut down all the state parks.
  5. Interesting. So assuming the full team is having camps/friendlies and Reyna, Musah, and Pepi pass, this would seem like the perfect time to see what Clark, Cowell, Che, Scally, Nyeman, and Aaronson the younger have. I'd also be tempted to call in Pepi if he's still in MLS to ensure qualification.
  6. I figured as much. I do know he has a UK passport and there was apparently enough Euro interest already that they didn't want to get Reyna'd again.
  7. I have no idea if this kid is USMNT eligible as he was born in England and moved here when he was 3, but NYCFC signed a 14 year old LB on a homegrown contract. https://www.nycfc.com/news/new-york-city-fc-signs-academy-product-christian-mcfarlane-to-homegrown-contract
  8. My favorite part is the second view of the second goal. Adams is already raising his arms before everyone else as he sees the cross coming in.
  9. Fwiw…here’s an excellent tactical breakdown of the Honduran match. The Honduran backline shape really broke down after their subs. It seems we got very lucky the top three pressers got into man on man pressing situations. The MO against us is to simply bypass the MF which seems CONCACAF has figured out to do with 4 in the back whether we play a 3-5-2 or 4-3-3. The 4-3-3 at least puts an extra MFer in place to either press or provide cover. https://soccerdetail.com/2021/09/10/world-cup-qualifying-honduras-1-4-usa-tactical-analysis/amp/?__twitter_impression=true tdlr: the outside backs stayed too wide and Honduras bypassed the press and we’re able to turn in face 2 MFs which is what you don’t want to have happen. Really poor setup from GgG.
  10. I’m so glad the state had to spend close to $300 million dollars on this Republican farce. Money not well spent.
  11. watke's branching out: https://twitter.com/FIFATALENTSCOUT/status/1437853655776956416
  12. and it's Mexico....and it's a weighted lottery through USSF (or whatever org is doing it). This is one of these cases where the attempt is to ensure it really is American fans that really want to go and price is one of the levers that gets pulled among others.
  13. I actually like the October - March plan especially if the WC goes to 64 (which we all know it will). At that point having extensive breaks so we play minnows isn't exactly the most interesting thing anyway. My dream is get to 64 and make 8 groups of 8 done over the summer (each team plays the other once) with a 16-team knockout tournament in October.
  14. I mean they have to be right in that point since he didn’t get by him in that turn. Once he doesn’t get past, Lewis’s natural line doesn’t give Max room and it’s incumbent on Max to then back out before entering turn 2. He didn’t.
  15. They’re basically saying Max shouldn’t have tried to pass in Turn 1 and that by doing so he didn’t give himself enough room in Turn 2 knowing Lewis was there and had position.
  16. They have a hard on since he can play the 8 in the single pivot.
  17. This is why I want to see Pepi up top in the 4-3-3 against a real team. The big issue we were having pre-Hondurian second half is that once we went wide, teams could overload that side and feel comfortable they weren't going to get consistently exploited leaving a CB 1v1 against Sargent/Pefok. Pepi's sense of space and movement in the box should theoretically eliminate that comfort and force the opposition into some much tougher decisions. Do you really want to leave him 1v1 when a moment from CP or Dest could allow them to get him the ball in the box especially when said movement has a higher likelihood of giving them a pass to make? If not, then you can't overload and we have much more time and space to be on the ball and frankly look good (this is also why I still think Dike can work since he similarly can force the same type of decision).
  18. I'll just say that Mexico got really unlucky against us (especially when Moreno went out in the second match since he was the main distributor out of the back) and that these other teams are fairly pedestrian. To your point, this will work in CONCACAF fairly consistently, I'm just dubious it will in a World Cup setting. It's also possible (well at least I'm hoping it is) that GGG's mindset is put a system in place that ensures qualification given the compressed schedule and then deal with changing tactics later.
  19. I also add if we are always forced to changed our tactical lineups to meet how the other team is playing (direct v non-direct) we're going to have a decent number of disgusting looking games. If we aren't skilled or athletic enough to deal with directness out of the 4-3-3 than frankly we shouldn't be playing it. This is like the inverse of Chelsea right now who always woll out the 3-4-2-1 which no one can break down in any manner of play.
  20. The only caveat to that is most top European teams press these days in some form or fashion. One of the outgrowths of having a core in Europe was suppose to be our ability to do that. And frankly, I think that was the one great strength of this team in this window. Whoever the top three are work well together in instigating the press and generally the outside backs know when to get aggressive (except for Bello). I think the non-Weston "8s" leave more than a little to be desired here though. I'll also add that Mexico with Tata doesn't like to deal with our press and as a result has gotten much more direct against us. ELS and Canada were equally direct while Honduras ultimately tried to play through it and tired themselves out. This is one of the reasons while it's fantastic we won, until we really figure out how to deal with directness (especially long switches of the field) on defense, there will still be bumps (and I don't think we've figured that out at all). While I think the 3-4-3 was an attempt to combat it, it's really not clear if that switch forced Honduras not to go direct or if they weren't going to go the direct route anyway.
  21. Lletget was farther back and has the armband on which makes him easier to spot on the '80s quality video.
  22. Donovan had a few interesting thoughts in the Wahl podcast today. He thought a whole bunch of the initial setup was “which guys could go 90 if needed” and then trying to meld a formation to that 11 (ie Yedlin couldn’t go 90). Essentially you still only have 5 subs so 5 of the guys will have to 90 and that effectively means you have to play some of the defenders out of position to get them on the field. I don’t know if I necessarily 100% buy that, but he thought either Acosta or Adams said they could play 90 starting in their initial position, but not the other. He also thought that was why they left Sands in since he was the only non-Yueill MF who hadn’t played 90. He also thought fitness was the biggest issue in general with Honduras taking commercial flights everywhere and essentially running out of gas at the 60 minute mark and was careful to heap tons of praise on the US (essentially this was Honduras just losing the match versus the US winning). I did have to laugh, I guess at some point Donovan coached Adams one of the MLS homegrown all-star games and texted Marsch that Adams should be tested at RB. Marsch in no uncertain terms told him to buzz off and that he was a central midfielder. Shows how important having a good coach when you’re 15-17 matters.
  23. It's his signature move at midfield where the card isn't really expected to be given. He gives that foul last night in the Bundesliga, it's almost always an automatic card with the ball already moved by the Hondurian past him. FWIW, I think we're also playing the results here. Let me preface this by saying I think Robinson played well, but both he and McKenzie didn't need to both be covering the near post run on the goal and then he totally lost his mark on that Hondurian header Turner stopped with the diving save in the second half.
  24. In retrospect, he should have just brought the guy down and taken the presumable yellow, but the Hondurian had already moved the ball past him with his first touch. It was either a yellow (well, a yellow in Europe) or let the play go. If there's one area we really want to criticize guys on its understanding CONCACAF reffing is different than Big 5 reffing. I don't know if that's a yellow last night, but it's certainly a yellow in Europe which you don't really want to take at the 25 minute mark. I know Sands played like crap, but at least he's willing to take the cynical foul to bust up play. We're still very naive in this regard especially in relation to the CONCACAF refs (and that goes for Euro and MLS guys equally).
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