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  1. Why not in dynasty? I mean is he going to find a better spot than where he is now? He's opposite Bosa and half the time playing as a LB designated as a DL. You don't get much better than that. They aren't a franchise that brings players back with deals the players like, and he's not really franchise tag worthy, is he?
  2. And he's in a contract year. Droppable at this point?
  3. Can anyone tell me what's going on with Melvin Ingram? Back in the day he was like an OLB with a DE designation - but now I'm luck if he gets 2 tackles in a game.
  4. Have no idea what the second part says. I’m saying that at some point between (at least) last Fall and this past race that someone from NASCAR at least checked on and went into the garage stalls to verify they were still in good order and were able to be used for that race. This would be especially true if there hasn’t been any race/event there in 9 months. As another poster asked above, if this were in fact a coincidence, it’s roughly a 2% chance that he would have been randomly assigned that particular stall. A week after the banning of the Confederate flag and during all the current
  5. FBI statement says that his stall was the only one with the pull rope tied that way. If so (with 40+ stalls), fair to ask if this was in fact a coincidence or not?
  6. I know I'm like 3 day and 4 pages behind on this, but the above back and forth popped up for me when I did a search for the Obamacare thread. As you likely remember, I sell health insurance as a life and health agent. When talking about health insurance, and attempting to sell it, the two biggest groups of people that I get the biggest resistance from is younger folks (especially now with the ACA where younger folks are priced much higher than they used to be), and people from other countries (where by and large "health insurance" doesn't exist). Now you're combining those two groups, a
  7. The 20M added to Medicaid don't pay much of anything. And most people have subsidized silver plans (that also have CSRs - cost sharing reductions, which lower the deductible and OOP costs). Here in VA, of the entire BCBS ACA individual block, I think like 85% of them are on exchange and getting at least premiums subsidies, and of those well over 75% are getting CSRs as well (so they have to be on a silver tier plan for that). 75% of 85% is roughly 2/3rds of people, getting not only premium subsidies, but also CSR subsides.
  8. Yes, some people got some stuff for free. Overturning it would take that away. It's rare that the government takes back something it has been giving out.
  9. In my specific example, yes I guess it would be. But that wasn't his promise of something new and "TRRRIFIC" as Tony the Tiger would say.
  10. Again, his promise was a repeal and replace. I'm just asking about repeal. More people would be helped rather than harmed by repeal only (assume the market reverts back to what it was) - but repeal only wasn't his promise.
  11. Political fallout. It would be taking coverage away from people who now have it (which is the same thing the ACA did, actually).
  12. Repeal wouldn't be better - at least for the private insurance market? Serious question.
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