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  1. Why not in dynasty? I mean is he going to find a better spot than where he is now? He's opposite Bosa and half the time playing as a LB designated as a DL. You don't get much better than that. They aren't a franchise that brings players back with deals the players like, and he's not really franchise tag worthy, is he?
  2. And he's in a contract year. Droppable at this point?
  3. Can anyone tell me what's going on with Melvin Ingram? Back in the day he was like an OLB with a DE designation - but now I'm luck if he gets 2 tackles in a game.
  4. He didn't "start", but was in on the second offensive play for the Bucs.
  5. This is a dynasty league, keep in mind. Kelce is I think 5/6 years older than Engram. Cooper is a WR1/2 with Dak.
  6. rebuilding team A trades away Travis Kelce likely playoff bound team B trades away Amari Cooper and Evan Engram
  7. I know you never bench your studs - but the next two weeks would have been very tough matchups for him, and his bye is in there too. The other three weeks were great matchups, though.
  8. Keep in mind he has a bye (with the current schedule) week 6. Pretend he's got a 3 week injury at this point (if your league has a 15 day IR spot or something).
  9. not sure I would, especially if it's from a strong team. He could easily have 1,000+ rushing with 10+ TDs this year, and would be a free agent next year.
  10. I didn't bench either. Chinn is on my practice squad (and thus not taking up a normal roster spot). After Chubb's great game on Thursday I had some breathing room and didn't think it was needed (and it wasn't, I'll win tonight assuming the Raiders TE doesn't score 50+). I wanted to see another week of Chinn's usage. Anyone have a breakdown?
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